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Chapter 2357: Scarlet Flame Holy Gate

More importantly, many of these newly arrived experts were True Saints!

Not only that, even the Holy Lands Alliances ten great holy lands and Devil Palaces experts were arriving in groups.

Huang Xiaolong was already suspicious after encountering Lin Xiaoying from the Clear Snow Palace at the Profound City.

But now, the consecutive appearances of Holy Lands Alliances and Devil Palaces experts in growing numbers raised Huang Xiaolongs suspicions further.

At a later time, even disciples from the Holy Heavens started arriving at the Profound City.

Huang Xiaolong killed several Devil Palaces experts and searched through their memories.

He finally learned the reason why so many experts were rushing to the Profound City.

It was because a Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast had appeared in the vicinity.

The Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast was one of the holy beasts found in the Holy World.

Although the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast was not in the same ranks as the Rainbow Phoenix, it was still a top-class holy beast that was second to the elite Rainbow Phoenix holy beast.

‘So, thats the reason. Huang Xiaolong mused to himself.

Although the Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast was not considered elite amongst the top-level holy beasts, it was attractive enough to draw the Clear Snow Palace, Devil Palace, Holy Lands Alliance, as well as the Holy Heavens organisations experts over.

Though Huang Xiaolong learned that a Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast had appeared in the vicinity, he didnt pay much attention to the matter.

He went on according to what he pleased, killing the Devil Palaces experts listed on the tasks he had taken, and purchasing origin treasures.

Another two months later...

Huang Xiaolong had completed the tasks of killing Devil Palaces experts, and he had also gone through the shops in Profound City.

He planned to leave the city and head to the Profound River.

But Huang Xiaolong barely left the Profound Citys gates, when his path was blocked by a group of disciples clad in crimson brocade robes.

“Scarlet Flame Holy Gate.” Huang Xiaolong recognized the origin of these disciples at a single glance from their scarlet robes.

The Scarlet Flame Holy Gate was a first-tier powerhouse in the Holy World.

They were a little lacking when compared to the Holy Heavens and Clear Snow Palace, but they stood at par with the Blue Whale Race.

“Something the matter” Huang Xiaolong asked nonchalantly.

One of the Scarlet Flame Holy Gates female disciples spoke amiably, “This Young Sir, please do not misunderstand.

We heard that you have a token from the Clear Snow Palaces Lin Xiaoying.

We only wanted to purchase that token from you.”

Huang Xiaolong understood immediately.

“Pardon me, I am not selling that token.” Huang Xiaolong answered while shaking his head.

Although the token was not of great use to him, Huang Xiaolong did not lack money.

Seeing that Huang Xiaolong refused without any hesitation, the group leaders brows wrinkled slightly in displeasure, and he said, “You really dont want to consider it first If youre willing to sell that token to us, we can give you a billion holy bills and ten grade-three holy jade stones!”

The leader of this group was clad in the Scarlet Flame Holy Gates Holy Princes brocade robe.

In truth, this Scarlet Flame Holy Gates Holy Prince simply wanted to buy that jade token that belonged to Lin Xiaoying.

This Scarlet Flame Holy Gates Holy Prince was called Chen Zifeng, and he was the personal disciple of the chief Eminent Elder of the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate.

He was also one of Lin Xiaoyings many admirers.

“I am not selling.” Huang Xiaolong repeated as he shook his head, and then added, “This jade token can ensure my safety, so forget one billion holy bills, I wont sell it even if it\'s ten billion holy bills.”

Of course, Huang Xiaolong deliberately said that.

After seeing that Huang Xiaolong was being stubborn, the Scarlet Flame Holy Gates Holy Prince Chen Zifeng was annoyed, “Have you thought it through I heard that youve offended the Blue Whale Races Lan Meihui.

Do you think Lan Meihui will spare you once youre out of the Profound City Within the Profound City, Lan Meihui might restrain himself, but once youre out of the city, Lan Meihui will definitely hunt you down!”

“Although the jade token can ensure your safety, it depends on who your enemy is as it cant scare away Lan Meihui.”

Huang Xiaolong retorted, “Whether Lan Meihui kills me or not it is none of your business.”

“You—!” Holy Prince Chen Zifeng was close to throwing a fit.

But the female disciple behind Chen Zifeng gently tugged at his sleeve in a timely manner and whispered urgently, “Senior Brother Chen, its the Clear Snow Palace!”

Chen Zifeng and the others turned to look and saw a group of female disciples clad in flowing white robes walking out from the Profound Citys gates.

This Clear Snow Palaces group was headed by three eye-catching young women with the beauty that conquered the world.

The three beauties of Clear Snow Palace!

Huang Xiaolong was surprised.

He knew that Lin Xiaoying was here, but he hadnt expected to see Tan Juan and Ji Xinyi as well.

Lin Xiaoying was slightly surprised when she spotted Huang Xiaolong.

“Its you!”

It looked like Huang Xiaolong had left quite an impression on her.

A helpless smile flashed across Huang Xiaolongs face as he, too, hadn\'t expected to run into Lin Xiaoying again in this kind of situation.

“I see its Senior Sisters Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, and Lin Xiaoying!” Chen Zifeng greeted with a sunny smile and cupped his fists at the three ladies.

“Chen Zifeng, what are you doing here” Lin Xiaoying questioned, and her slender finger drew a circle in the air, referring to the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate disciples surrounding Huang Xiaolong, exuding a domineering aura that was contrary to her delicate features.

Chen Zifeng waved his hands in a hurry as he tried to explain, “Senior Sister Lin Xiaoying, please dont misunderstand.

We were merely discussing something with this little brother here.”

Doubt appeared in Lin Xiaoyings face as she questioned, “Discussing something”

She turned to face Huang Xiaolong and asked, “They didnt do anything to you, did they”

Lin Xiaoying didnt know why this young man gave her a familiar feeling, but she couldnt remember where she had seen this young man before.

“No.” Huang Xiaolong answered.

“Senior Sisters, my Master is calling for us.

We shall make a move first.” Chen Zifeng said and cupped his fists at the three young women again before leading the rest of his group away in a haste.

“You want to go to the profound River” Lin Xiaoyings attention was back on Huang Xiaolong again, “Then, why dont you come with us”

Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, and other Clear Snow Palaces disciples looked at Lin Xiaoying in astonishment at her invitation.

After all, Lin Xiaoying generally did not bother to spare a second glance at these male disciples….

Honestly, Huang Xiaolong was surprised himself.

Has Lin Xiaoying seen through my disguise

While these thoughts ran through Huang Xiaolongs mind, he declined Lin Xiaoyings kind invitation.

As Huang Xiaolong declined their invitation, Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, and the other Clear Snow Palaces disciples raised their eyebrows in further surprise.

What is going on today

Lin Xiaoying extending an invitation to this young man was already shocking enough, yet this young man declined Lin Xiaoyings invitation!

Lin Xiaoying hadnt expected Huang Xiaolong to decline.

“Junior Sister Xiaoying, let us be on our way then,” said Tan Juan.

Lin Xiaoying nodded in agreement.

When she was passing by Huang Xiaolongs side, Lin Xiaoying took another look at Huang Xiaolong, and her gaze turned into a fierce glare.

Hmph! There was actually someone that would decline her invitation!

Huang Xiaolong smiled wryly at Lin Xiaoyings fierce glare, as he was certain that he had made the pretty girl remember him.

After Lin Xiaoyings group was out of sight, Huang Xiaolong and the Rainbow Phoenix also flew away.

“Junior Sister Xiaoying, you know that young man” Some distance later, Ji Xinyi couldnt stop herself from asking.

Lin Xiaoying shook her head and answered, “Ive seen him once.” Then she briefly recounted what took place with the Blue Whale Races Lan Meihui.

“Youve only seen him once” Ji Xinyi repeated in surprise, exchanging a bewildered look with Tan Juan, and emphasized, “Thats all”

Lin Xiaoying explained, “I dont know why, but I feel hes someone familiar, like Ive seen him before.”

Tan Juan nodded and her pupils sparkled, “After hearing Junior Sister Xiaoying say this, I too feel hes familiar.”

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