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Chapter 2360: The Blue Whale Race Experts Besiege

Long after Huang Xiaolong had left, the Blue Whale Races experts emerged from under the rubbles in a sorry state and staggered to Lan Meihuis side.

“Young Master, we…” One of the Blue Whale Races experts hesitated, “Why dont we report this matter to Eminent Elder Lan Ze and the others”

Lan Ze was one of the Blue Whale Races Eminent Elders.

He was also Lan Meihuis Master.

The Blue Whale Race had sent several Eminent Eldes and almost a hundred experts to the Profound River this time.

But these people were divided into five action groups.

Lan Ze and other experts were in the vicinity.

“Quickly report it!” Lan Meihui roared.

He glared hatefully in the direction Huang Xiaolong had left and cursed, “Punk, youre so dead!”

“Im going to crush you under my feet and kill you miserably!”

Just now, Huang Xiaolong had stepped on his face and pushed it into the rubbles, scraping the dirty ground.

This was the biggest humiliation he had ever suffered in his life!

No one dared to treat him like that!


On the other hand, Huang Xiaolong continued to move onward as his divine sense searched his surroundings for the origin treasures he wanted.

Before long, Huang Xiaolong suddenly stopped.

His divine sense caught a dozen auras rushing towards his location, and a few of these auras were very powerful.

All of them had locked onto him.

These are…!

Blue Whale Races top experts!

The Holy Mandate Imprint between Huang Xiaolongs brows began to shine, and his Nether Divine Pupil opened between his eyes.

Under the power of his Nether Divine Pupils, Huang Xiaolong clearly saw each of the Blue Whale Races experts coming at him.

“Lan Meihui, I gave you a chance.

Since you dont appreciate it, dont blame me.” Huang Xiaolongs gaze became icy.

Needless to ask, these Blue Whale Race experts were called over by Lan Meihui.

Originally, Huang Xiaolong hadnt planned to kill Lan Meihui or any of the Blue Whale Race experts for the sake of the Blue Whale Races Patriarch.

The Blue Whale Races Patriarch was on good terms with the Holy Heavens Mission Halls Hall Master.

But now!


The Darkness Holy Ring on Huang Xiaolongs finger glimmered, and darkness enveloped him.

In an instant, Huang Xiaolong vanished on the spot.

Right at this time, Lan Meihui and a group of Blue Whale Races experts were rushing over from a distance.

“Eldest Senior Brother, with you around, that punks dead for sure this time!” Lan Meihui said with a flattering smile at the Blue Whale Race expert beside him.

He was called Lan Kaibo.

Lan Kaibo was his Eldest Senior Brother, and he was also the strongest person amongst them.

He was a Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint.

When Lan Kaibo had received Lan Meihuis distress call, Lan Kaibo was nearby.

Hence he had rushed over with the rest of his group.

“Dont you worry! Once I capture that person, you can deal with him as you please.” Lan Kaibo reassured with a smile.

“Thank you, Eldest Senior Brother!” Lan Meihui rejoiced.

Lan Kaibos gaze deepened as he said, “However, if that person was able to injure your group easily despite being a mid-Sixth Order Venerable, his battle power is indeed shocking.

It seems like his talent is very high.

He could be a genius nurtured by some ancient races or a holy grounds Holy Prince.”

Lan Meihui didnt give two hoots about who Huang Xiaolong was.

“So what Would our Blue Whale Race be afraid of his backing”

“Ei!” Lan Kaibo suddenly exclaimed softly, “His presence disappeared all of a sudden!”

He had already locked onto Huang Xiaolong earlier, but he suddenly discovered that Huang Xiaolongs presence had vanished on the spot, and now, he could not sense Huang Xiaolong at all.

“Vanished Even Eldest Senior Brother cannot sense him” Lan Meihui yelled in shock, “He is capable of hiding from Eldest Senior Brothers detection….

Could there be a saint artifact that could hide the aura on that punks body!”

The look in Lan Kaibos eyes turned hot.

“Thats right, that must be it!”

Saint artifact!

A saint artifact!

A saint artifact that could hide a persons aura completely!

In so many years, he had been searching for saint artifacts to no avail, but who would have thought that one would fall into his lap in this way.

“Inform other experts of Blue Whale Race and form the Blue Whale Boundary Array encompassing one trillion radius with our location as the center.

That person must not escape!”

Lan Kaibos sonorous voice resounded, “Once the Blue Whale Boundary Array is formed, he absolutely cannot run! Even if he has a saint artifact!”

At that time, this punk will be nothing but a fish in our net!

“Yes, Eldest Senior Brother!” Lan Meihui and the rest acted quickly and informed other groups of the Blue Whale Races experts as ordered by Lan Kaibo.

Soon, blue light pillars shot upward into the void consecutively, forming a blue color boundary that resembled a cage, covering a trillion miles radius in all directions.

Once the boundary took shape, Lan Kaibo issued another order, “Search! Use every method there is, and dig that punk out!” He then hurried to the location where Huang Xiaolongs aura had disappeared.

Somewhere within the Blue Whale Boundary Array, Huang Xiaolong looked at the blue dome covering the land from within the small boundary created by the Darkness Holy Ring.

A cold sneer escaped his mouth, if he didnt have the Darkness Holy Ring, it would have been difficult for him to break the Blue Whale Boundary Array, but…!

In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong flew forward.

Roughly ten million miles up ahead, there were actually Eighth Order and Ninth Order Venerable Blue Whale Race experts flying towards him.

A while later, undulating screams echoed.

“Its Junior Brother Lan Jia and the others!” Lan Kaibo recognized the screaming voices and hurriedly rushed to them with Lan Meihui and the rest.

But by the time Lan Kaibo, Lan Meihui, and the rest reached the scene, what welcomed them were the lifeless bodies of Blue Whale Race experts lying on the ground.

“Junior Brother Lan Jia!” Lan Kaibo came to one of the dried corpses on the ground, and shock and fury warped his face.

After seeing the state of Lan Jias dried corpse, a chilling horror rose from Lan Meihuis feet straight to his heart.


Several minutes later, another wave of blood-curdling screams echoed.

On the hilly terrain, there were more dried corpses of Blue Whale Races experts.


Ten minutes later, Huang Xiaolong had subsequently killed over twenty Blue Whale Race experts.

When he sensed there were high-level half-True Saints, he used the Darkness Holy Rings power, and tore through the Blue Whale Boundary Arrays barrier and left the coral mainland.

As for Lan Meihui, because he had been sticking by Lan Kaibos side, Huang Xiaolong did not insist on killing him, and gave up on the thought for now.

After leaving this area, Huang Xiaolong continued to head towards the location Lord Long had told him about.

On the way, Huang Xiaolong passed by one coral mainland after another, slaughtering profound beasts, and inside his Darkness Holy Ring, origin treasures began to pile up high.

Four months later.

Huang Xiaolong stopped before a weird-shaped coral mainland.

This particular coral mainland was bigger than the coral mainland, where he had killed the Blue Whale Races experts.

From a distance, the coral mainland resembled a colossal beast head.

It looked as if an ancient profound beast was beheaded there, and time and water had eroded it, reducing it to this coral mainland.

‘This should be it. Huang Xiaolong thought as he looked around.

According to his Master Lord Long, he had found the Lake of Fire and Ice on this mainland.

This level was already close to ten thousand zhang underwater.

Huang Xiaolong was close to losing a complete feeling of his body, it was fortunate that he had the Darkness Holy Ring, and the Barbarian Spaces lightning bead.

Otherwise, moving an inch was a feat, much less searching for treasure similar to the lake of Fire and Ice on this coral mainland.

Despite having both the Darkness Holy Ring and Barbarian Spaces lightning bead, it was still strenuous for Huang Xiaolong to move, his movements were many times slower than normal.

Carefully manipulating the Darkness Holy Ring and Barbarian Space lightning beads protective boundaries, Huang Xiaolong slowly flew towards this particular coral mainland.

“Such rich ice and fire holy spiritual energy!” When Huang Xiaolong entered the sphere of the coral mainlands space, it was as if he had entered into a world of fire and ice.

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