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Chapter 2371: Departing Sword Sage

“Thirteen Your name is Thirteen” Hearing Huang Xiaolongs reply, the man clearly hadnt expected it.

It was as if it had never occurred to him that anyone would be namedThirteen.

Then he laughed, “Youve got some personality.”

“Could it be that you rank thirteenth in your family, and there are twelve elder siblings above you” The man asked half-jokingly.

Huang Xiaolong smiled, shaking his head slightly.

“Well, I have to say that Im very curious as to how did an early Seventh Order Venerable like you tame this Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast”

The corners of the blue-robed man\'s mouth tilted upwards slightly, probing, “Dont tell me you tamed this Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast with the force of your fist.”

Huang Xiaolong grinned at his words and responded, “How I tamed this Dual-Pupiled Profound Beast doesnt need to be explained to you.

If there is nothing else, Ill take my leave.”

The other side blanked for a second.

Obviously, he hadnt expected that Huang Xiaolong would refuse to answer him, and Huang Xiaolongs attitude was sorude!

“Leave” The man looked at Huang Xiaolong, smiling whilst not really smiling, “Little guy, do you know who I am How dare you speak to me so rudely!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head confidently, “I know that you are Departing Sword Sage, Wu Wo!”

Departing Sword Sage, Wu Wo!

One of the legendary figures of the Holy World.

The Departing Sword Sage Wu Wo was a rogue cultivator.

He didnt join any holy ground, nor was he part of any ancient clans or big families.

His achievements relied on his own efforts and diligence until he successfully stepped into True Saint Realm.

It was said the Departing Sword Sage was born with an innate sword physique and innate sword bloodline.

Thus he possessed an exceptionally strong comprehension ability in the dao of sword.

His reputation was no lesser than the Clear Snow Palaces three beauties, the Devil Palaces six Devil Princes, and the Holy Heavens chief disciple Li Chen.

The Departing Sword Sage Wu Wo was shocked that Huang Xiaolong guessed who he was in one attempt, and he was even more shocked that Huang Xiaolong dared to speak to him so, despite knowing his identity.

After all, when you were a True Saint, everyone below were ants.

With a thought, he could end that persons life!

This made the Departing Sword Sage Wu Wo take another look at Huang Xiaolong, and his eyes were filled with confusion, “You, you know I am Departing Sword Sage Wu Wo.

Since you are aware who I am, then you must have heard legends related to me.

Arent you afraid I will squash you to death with my pinky”

Huang Xiaolong laughed instead after hearing that, “Although there are people who can squash me to death with their fingers, I dont think you have that ability.”

The Departing Sword Sage Wu Wo truly was taken aback by this, but he perfectly disguised it under a faint smile, “Little guy, are you certain I can understand that you might have a defensive saint artifact to protect you.

Even so, I am confident I can kill you with one finger!”

Though a saint artifact was powerful, it also depended on the strength of the user.

A peak Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint expert could only utilize twenty to thirty percent of a saint artifacts power.

Someone like Huang Xiaolong who had advanced to Seventh Order Venerable not long ago could merely exert one percent of the saint artifacts full power, maybe less than that.

Huang Xiaolong laughed, “Thats right, I do carry a saint artifact for protection.

Then again, even if I dont use the saint artifact, you still wont be able to kill me.

How about we make a bet”

Huang Xiaolongs words tickled the Departing Sword Sages humor bone, “Little guy, how do you want to make this bet Is it going to be, if I fail to kill you, I have to promise you a request”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “If you fail to kill me, I want you to be my follower!”

The Departing Sword Sage was stunned, then burst out in sonorous laughter.

The soundwaves from his laughter struck the nearby mountains, shattering them from within.

Even the ground began to crack, and the great lakes waters below spiraled up like a tornado.

Wu Wo laughed for a long time before stopping, and then, he looked at Huang Xiaolong, smiling meaningfully as he said, “Little guy, youre quite courageous, and too ambitious for your own good.

A mere Seventh Order Venerable actually dares to tell me, a True Saint, to be your follower”

If someone who was familiar with the Departing Sword Sages presence, he would know that the Departing Sword Sage was angry at this moment.

In truth, any True Saint expert being taunted by a Seventh Order Venerable to be his follower would be infuriated.

“What You dont dare” Huang Xiaolong remained calm, as if he did not notice the other sides killing intent.

“The mighty Departing Sword Sage Wu Wo does not have the confidence that he would be able to kill me, a Seventh Order Venerable”

The Departing Sword Sages face darkened at the drop of a hat, “Little guy, do you think that someone of my status would lower myself and make a bet with you You are a Seventh Order Venerable.

What qualifies you to make a bet with me Why should I agree to bet with you”

Huang Xiaolong didnt say a word but took out the holy herbs he had collected earlier from the Darkness Holy Ring.

“Nephrite Fruit!”

“Purple Yang Vine!”

“Exquisite Liquid!”

Watching several holy herbs being taken out from Huang Xiaolongs spatial ring one after another, as they hovered in the air around Huang Xiaolong, the Departing Sword Sage was astounded!

“...You!” He wanted to ask why Huang Xiaolong had so many holy herbs.

Huang Xiaolong went on, “As long as youre willing to make a bet and successfully kill me, these holy herbs are yours.”

The Departing Sword Sage snickered coldly, “Ill kill you now, these holy herbs are mine just the same.” Vast divine might surged out from his body, suppressing Huang Xiaolong.

But right at this time, an ancient talisman appeared above Huang Xiaolongs head, and it completely fended off Departing Sword Sage Wu Wos coercion.

“Holy grade Inextinguishable Talisman!” The Departing Sword Sage Wu Wo was astonished.

“Correct, a holy grade Inextinguishable Talisman.” Huang Xiaolong confirmed calmly as he took out several other ancient talismans.

“Escape Talisman!”

“Sealing Talisman!”

“Heart Demon Talisman!”

All of them were holy grade talismans!

The Departing Sword Sages eyes were close to falling out from their sockets to the ground.

These holy grade talismans took a lot of effort to produce.

Not to mention that the materials required were hard to find and many holy grounds True Saints did not have one in their possession, but Huang Xiaolong actually took several talismans in one go.

“Apart from the four ancient talismans, I still have over twenty talismans!” Huang Xiaolong generously informed Wu Wo, “How about it Do you still think you can kill me”

“There, there are another twenty-plus!” The Departing Sword Sages heart was about to flatline.

He almost stuttered, “You, these ancient talismans, where did you get them!”

“My luck was good.

I found the treasury of a talisman refining sect.”Huang Xiaolong ad-libbed without any pressure, “So, what do you think Will you bet with me that if you successfully kill me, not only these holy herbs are yours, even all the ancient talismans I have, all saint artifacts, and other treasures will belong to you!”

“Wait, wait, wait!” The Departing Sword Sages eyes were as wide as they could be as he spoke, “You, what did you say just now All your saint artifacts You have more than one saint artifact!” He was suddenly hit by a bout of depression.

He discovered that he was actually poorer than the little Seventh Order Venerable brat in front of him.

No, he had been living in penury!

“Thats right, I have three saint artifacts!” Huang Xiaolong nodded, flashing the Departing Sword Saint a brilliant smile as he added.

“Come on, make a bet with me, as long as you can kill me, all my things are yours, but if you fail, youre my subordinate!”

Looking at the smile on Huang Xiaolongs face, the Departing Sword Sage sensed slyness, sly as a fox! Crafty!

But looking at the eleven kinds of holy herbs, those holy grade ancient talismans, and the three saint artifacts Huang Xiaolong had mentioned, his heart was, oh, so tempted....

“You are absolutely certain, you wont use these holy grade ancient talismans or your three saint artifacts” The Departing Sword Sage asked, looking at Huang Xiaolong with dubious eyes.

“Absolutely certain, and we can swear on it.” Huang Xiaolongs smile widened slightly

“You cannot use any other treasures you have as well” The Departing Sword Sage added another concern.

“En.” Huang Xiaolongs smile widened even more, “None of my treasures will be used.”

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