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Chapter 2379: Two Great Holy Souls

A holy soul had flown out from the body of a Seventh Order Venerable kid!

A genuine holy soul!

Such a ludicrous sight had actually appeared in front of Yu Jizhang, Chen Zhi, Chen Zifeng, and the Scarlet Flame Holy Gate disciples.

But a piercing scream broke the stagnated atmosphere.

A Scarlet Flame Holy Gates disciple was buried horizontally into the ground under a profound beasts paw.

The disciples scream jolted Yu Jizhang and the others to their senses.

“You, how could you have a holy soul!” Although his senses had returned, Yu Jizhang still had a hard time accepting what he saw, and dared not believe.

“You, you are already a True Saint!”

Huang Xiaolong was indifferent, “Who made the rule that one cant have a holy soul before entering True Saint Realm”

Yu Jizhang was rendered speechless by Huang Xiaolongs question.

Thats right, who made the rule that ones soul cannot transform into a holy soul before entering True Saint Realm

“Master, save me!” Suddenly came Chen Zifengs cry for help as he desperately dodged a profound beasts attack.

If it werent for the occasional attacks from other Scarlet Flame Holy Gate disciples, hindering the profound beast, he would have died under that profound beasts claws by now.

Yu Jizhangs palms waved, sending a gust of powerful holy godforce whistling towards the profound beast.

A split second before his palm force hit the profound beast, Huang Xiaolongs dragon-natured holy soul burst out in glaring lights that turned into countless ethereal divine dragons that blocked the attack.


Yu Jizhang was enraged that Huang Xiaolong impeded him, and his eyes were spitting flames as he glared at Huang Xiaolong.

“Since you want it that way, Ill destroy your flesh first!”

Now, Yu Jizhang could be certain that even though Huang Xiaolong possessed a holy soul, Huang Xiaolong was absolutely a Seventh Order Venerable.

Therefore, there was a limit to how strong his physique was.

In his eyes, this level of physique was extremely fragile, as long as he destroyed Huang Xiaolongs physical body.

His holy soul that did not have a container wont last long after that.

“See how I destroy your body!” Yu Jizhang swung his fist at full force.

In an instant, bright burning scarlet fire turned into a sea of flames that condensed into a colossal fiery fist, slamming down on Huang Xiaolong.

Just as Yu Jizhang thought he could destroy Huang Xiaolongs physique in one strike, Huang Xiaolongs entire body disintegrated into wisps of grandmist holy spiritual aura that flew through Yu Jizhangs fiery fist.

The grandmist holy spiritual aura scattered, but it soon gathered again, reverting back to Huang Xiaolongs body.

“This, this, whats going on!” Yu Jizhangs eyes were protruding with shock, filled with undisguised disbelief.

In truth, this was the ability of the Grandmist Parasitic Medium after it entered the eleventh stage.

The Grandmist Parasitic Mediums eleventh stage allowed Huang Xiaolong to assimilate with other things.

Then, could it also assimilate with his own body

And after assimilating his own body with the grandmist holy spiritual aura, can his body revert back to the original form

Before this, Huang Xiaolong had tried out his idea and succeeded.

Thus, he had dared to take on Yu Jizhangs punch.

After successfully taking on Yu Jizhangs punch, Huang Xiaolong looked at him and sneered with contempt, “Ive taken one punch from you, so now its your turn to take a hit from me!” With that said, he directed his dragon-natured holy soul.

A thousand arms bloomed behind the dragon-natured holy soul.

The dragon-natured holy souls one thousand arms struck out simultaneously, bringing the terrifying soul force of a holy soul, like the harbinger of world destruction.

The whole Profound River seemed to roil.

Yu Jizhang ashened slightly, but pulled himself together in the nick of time as he let out a roar.

A holy soul cloaked in vibrant flames flew out from his body.

As the flames intensified, the flames swirled into fire clouds.


A thunderous explosion rang, flames shot everywhere as they dissipated, leaving deep crevices running deep into the land.

Yu Jizhang staggered from the impact, and the holy soul above his head dimmed considerably.

“You!” Yu Jizhang was furious.

He could see that Huang Xiaolongs holy soul had only transformed recently, thus he had assumed that Huang Xiaolongs holy soul wouldn\'t be very strong.

Who wouldve thought, in that exchange just now, his holy soul would be the one that would suffer.

“I have already told you, its not certain whos going to die.” Huang Xiaolong scoffed.

Yu jizhang let out a rageful bellow, “Brat, youve got a big tone.

You think you can defeat me relying on the strength of your holy soul That attack should be the strongest attack your holy soul can muster, am I right”

“You probably cant attack too many times with your holy soul.

Moreover, your physique also cant stand more than a few attacks of the same degree.

You are incapable of destroying my holy physique, so, the one dying is still you!”

It was said that Yu Jizhangs eyesight was very accurate, and he was right about Huang Xiaolongs holy soul.

That attack was the strongest force Huang Xiaolongs dragon-natured holy soul could exert at this point, and Huang Xiaolong could execute that level of attack ten times at most.

Although his physique could use the grandmist holy spiritual auras assimilation, it depended on the force of attack, and number of attacks.

As time passed, it would be harder for him to revert back to his original form.

For example, after taking Yu Jizhangs attack just now, the scattered grandmist holy spiritual aura was able to gather again and revert to his body in a short time, but if he took on another hit from Yu Jizhang, the second time his grandmist holy spiritual aura scattered and gathered again, it would take twice as much time as the first time.

The third time would be four times longer, and the fourth time would be eight times longer!

Further down the road, as it took longer and longer for his body to recover, it would reach a point where his body wouldnt be able to revert back anymore.

At that time, Huang Xiaolong would lose his physical body.

“Youve got quite the eye, but youre wrong about one thing.” Huang Xiaolong calmly informed.

Before Yu Jizhangs wary eyes, another burst of golden light covered Huang Xiaolong, and these golden rays of light turned into ripples of golden rings as holy Buddhist energy spread.

“This is!” Yu Jizhangs eyes widened in surprise and horror.

His body trembled as he thought of a possibility.

Chen Zhi, Chen Zhifeng, and the others were also looking in Huang Xiaolongs direction.

What they saw was a golden figure that looked exactly like Huang Xiaolong flowing out from his body, coloring the surroundings with the luminance of golden Buddhas, and long rumbling chants of sutras rumbled in their ears.

Yu Jizhang staggered back from shock, there was terror on his face as if he was looking at the most terrifying thing.

As for Chen Zhi, Chen Zifeng, and the rest of Scarlet Flame Holy Gates disciples, their minds had already gone blank.

Even the Departing Sword Sage was agape with shock, and all his movements froze halfway.

“Two, two great holy souls!”

There was actually someone with two holy souls!

Before this, although the Departing Sword Sage knew Huang Xiaolong possessed a holy soul, he only knew about Huang Xiaolongs dragon-natured holy soul.

A Seventh Order Venerable possessing a holy soul was already unbelievable, but Huang Xiaolong actually had not one, but two holy souls!

“Kill!” While Yu Jizhang and the others were still in a daze, Huang Xiaolongs dragon-natured holy soul and golden Buddha holy soul both emitted resplendent rays.

Both holy souls executed the thousand arms holy devil, striking down on Yu Jizhangs holy soul.

Yu Jizhang was terrified, as he directed his holy soul to defend against the attack in a hurry but he was still a step too slow.

A thunderous boom rang in his ears, and in the next second, his holy soul was sent flying back.

The light from his holy soul was pitifully bleak.

Huang Xiaolongs two holy souls simultaneously attacked at full force, and even if Yu Jizhang was a mid-First Heaven True Saint, his holy soul couldnt withstand this degree of attack.

Just as Huang Xiaolong prepared for a full force second attack, Yu Jizhang had retrieved his holy soul and leaped far away while shouting, “Retreat!”

He actually fled first, abandoning Chen Zhi and other Scarlet Flame Holy Gates disciples.

However, Yu Jizhang had barely flown far, when his view darkened.

His path had been blocked by an invisible barrier.

Huang Xiaolong had activated his darkness boundary.

Before Huang Xiaolongs divine soul had successfully transformed to holy soul, the Darkness Holy Rings power was definitely insufficient to impede Yu Jizhang, whereas now, he had three holy souls power to fuel the Darkness Holy Ring.

Forget a mid-First Heaven True Saint like Yu Jizhang, many late-First Heaven True Saint wouldnt be able to break out from this boundary.

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