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Chapter 244: Breakthrough Xiantian Sixth Order!

When Huang Xiaolong said he would only be departing for the Bedlam Lands after one month, Su Yan’s face looked slightly better.

Thus, in the coming one month, Huang Xiaolong concentrated his effort on breaking through to Xiantian Sixth Order, spending his time cultivating inside Godly Mt.


Other than the Godly Xumi Art, Asura Tactics, and the Body Metamorphose Scripture, Huang Xiaolong worked at improving his Ancient Puppetry Art and Soul Mandate from the Absolute Soul Pearl, both of these were crucial to Huang Xiaolong.

Combining the Ancient Puppetry Art and Soul Mandate, Huang Xiaolong believed he would be able to control and build an expansive team made of Xiantian warriors.

With Huang Xiaolong’s current strength, he could advance to the first level of Ancient Puppetry Art in three months’ time, at that time, he would be able to refine a Xiantian Sixth Order, perhaps even Seventh Order puppet!

Not to mention, the Soul Mandate too could be used to control warriors of Sixth and Seventh Order Xiantian.

When Huang Xiaolong broke into the Saint realm in the future, perhaps he could even control a Saint realm warrior!

Time flowed like running water, twenty days quietly passed.

Huang Xiaolong divided most of the twenty days practicing within the Xumi Temple and the remaining to accompany his parents as well as his younger brother, giving advice in their cultivation.

Limited by the potential of their martial spirits, it bore almost zero chances for Huang Peng, Su Yan, and Huang Xiaohai to advance into the Xiantian realm, but Huang Xiaolong was confident he could do what others failed.

In the future, he would make sure his parent, sister, and brother would break through to Xiantian.

If Saint realm couldn’t do it, then he would strive to break through to God Realm, if that still fails, he would continue, advancing to higher realms.

Above the God Realm, there were more powerful existences!

In the last twenty days, vibrant netherworld battle qi, true dragon qi and ancient Buddhism energy surged endlessly, while above his Qi Sea, the three shaped Archdemon, Golden Dragon, and Golden Buddha became more and more condensed.

As Huang Xiaolong cultivated, breathing in and out, so did the three mandates that had taken form.

The netherworld spiritual qi, true dragon qi and ancient Buddhism energy poured down from the void.

The black and blue twin dragons hovered above Huang Xiaolong, faint echoes of dragon roars sounded endlessly and dragon scales shone with a steely glint on their huge bodies.

The twin dragons had evolved into real, solid entities.

Hovering behind Huang Xiaolong, they looked like two daunting mountains of black and blue.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong started practicing like he usually did.

Taking a drop of Geocentric Buddha Elixir, he stepped into the Ten Buddha Formation at the center of the temple hall and started practicing the Godly Xumi Art, while the Asura Tactics and the Body Metamorphose Scripture ran simultaneously.

After so many months of practicing inside the Ten Buddha Formation, Huang Xiaolong noticed there was an additional benefit, other than connecting to the Buddhism energy in the Buddha World, the Ten Buddha Formation allowed the person cultivating to enter a state of ethereal emptiness.

Entering this state, Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation seemed smoother and faster.

Every time at the end of his practice, Huang Xiaolong felt his soul and physique undergoing another cleansing, just like the sanctification ritual.

As Huang Xiaolong continued with his breathing exercise, the netherworld battle qi, true dragon qi and ancient Buddhism energy continued to course in his meridians, whereas in his Qi Sea, the three different energies were buoyant and stalwart.

Three vigorous energies crashed against the Sixth Order barrier, causing a soul splitting pain to spread over Huang Xiaolong’ body.

Huang Xiaolong knew it was time.

Swiftly gathering his focus, Huang Xiaolong did his best to suppress the pain spreading out in every inch of his body.

The tearing pain came again and again as Huang Xiaolong persisted, crashing at the Xiantian Sixth Order barrier again and again.

Entering the Xiantian realm, especially mid-levels Xiantian realm, every order advance was like an uphill battle.

The pain that came with it was ten, a hundred fold what a Houtian warrior experienced, so much that even someone as strong willed as Huang Xiaolong could barely grit his teeth and bear the soul splitting pain.

It went on for some time, and suddenly, Huang Xiaolong’s body shook as a breaking sound echoed internally.

Three different lights burst out from Huang Xiaolong’s body, filling the entire space of the Xumi Temple.

Sixth Order, he broke through!

The netherworld battle qi, true dragon qi and ancient Buddhism energy cheered into Huang Xiaolong’s Xiantian Sixth Order meridians route.

Bright lights exploded from the twin dragons hovering above, dragon scales fell off like autumn leaves and regrew as their bodies became bigger.

Huang Xiaolong’s twin dragon martial spirits evolved every time he broke through a Xiantian Order.

Huang Xiaolong continued running the Godly Xumi Art, Asura Tactics, and the Body Metamorphose Scripture, stopping only when the signs of breakthrough stabilized.

Submerging his spiritual sense to check his body’s condition, Huang Xiaolong was overjoyed, he advanced! Reaching Xiantian Sixth Order, then the Seventh Order was closer within his grasp.

As long as he reached Xiantian Seventh Order, he was a high-level Xiantian warrior! No matter in which empire, a high-level Xiantian warrior carried an extremely high status.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not immediately depart to the Bedlam Lands, he took some time to spend with his family.

His sister Huang Min also came to the Southern Hill Estate for visits several times after marrying over to the Guo Family.

Watching this pair of newlyweds acting sweet and lovely, Huang Xiaolong was happy for them and content.

His sister had chosen the right person.

Inevitably, the intimate pair also made Huang Xiaolong think of Li Lu, the young woman dressed in a white flowing dress, revealing two lovely dimples when she laughed.

‘I wonder what she's doing now...’ Huang Xiaolong wondered to himself.

Ten days came and went.

In these ten days, Huang Xiaolong had firmly stabilized his recent breakthrough, even enhancing his Ancient Puppetry Art and Soul Mandate.

Initially, according to Huang Xiaolong’s estimation, he needed at least three months time to reach the first level of Ancient Puppetry Art, but only two months had passed and he had already reached the first level.

“It’s time to head to the Bedlam Lands.” On this day, Huang Xiaolong exited the Godly Mt.

Xumi, muttering to himself.

Bedlam Lands!

Other than buying grade one spirit stones in the Bedlam Lands, Huang Xiaolong had another motive: to build his own power, a power that truly belonged to him.

Huang Xiaolong aimed to build a new powerful empire with his own hands!

And the Bedlam Lands was the perfect choice for this, being negligible in the eyes of the three continents, saving him a lot of trouble not being in conflict with other empires.

In the great hall, when Su Yan heard Huang Xiaolong was leaving to the Bedlam Lands, moreover, going alone, the words flew from her lips: “Long’er, you want to go to the Bedlam Lands alone! No!”

About the Bedlam Lands, Su Yan had heard about it from Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu, she was aware that the place was filled with murders, atrocities, and evil people.

“That’s right Young Lord, it’s too dangerous for you to go to the Bedlam Lands alone.

Either me or Zhang Fu, one of us should accompany you!”  Zhao Shu tried to persuade.

Zhang Fu followed up, “That’s correct Young Lord.

The Bedlam Lands is very different from the Blessed Buddha Empire.

In the Bedlams, even a Xiantian Tenth Order warrior could lose his life anytime.”

Huang Xiaolong insisted, “Say no more, I have already decided to make the trip alone.” He wanted to use the time to grind, how could he not be aware of the dangers and risk involved Furthermore, Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu’s presence could not guarantee his protection all the time.

When Huang Peng and Su Yan wanted to say more, Huang Xiaolong laughed lightly, “Father, Mother, don’t worry, I’m the Godly Mt.

Xumi’s owner, I won’t die that easily.”

Legend has it, the owner of Godly Mt.

Xumi was protected by a mysterious power, and would not fall so easily.


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