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Chapter 2459: Jin Taijis Super Battle Power

Huang Xiaolong was as shocked and surprised as the crowd.

His gaze shifted to the young man called Jin Taiji, standing beside Jin Nu.

At first sight, the impression this Jin Taiji gave Huang Xiaolong was of an ordinary disciple.

His looks were ordinary, and nothing about him stood out, except for his height, that was towering two meters.

Reaching two meters was already a giant among humans.

Then again, the Vajra Races disciples built had always been on the heftier scale, and being two meters tall was actually considered as the lower-average for them.

Apart from this, Huang Xiaolong really could not see anything special about Jin Taiji.

He was a late-Third Tribulation half-True Saint, who looked more ordinary than ordinary.

But Huang Xiaolong noticed one point—Jin Taijis arms were very muscular, and so were his palms.

This was probably because Jin Taiji had cultivated a certain palm technique.

However, it was exactly Jin Taijis ordinariness that stoked Huang Xiaolongs interest.

As the Vajra Races current Patriarch, Jin Nu was planning to let Jin Taiji to challenge him alone, did that mean Jin Nu thought that Jin Taiji could defeat him Jin Nu had so much confidence in Jin Taiji! That was interesting.

While the crowd was still shocked and bewildered by Jin Nus decision, Jin Taiji saluted Jin Nu, and then leaped onto the battle stage.

He cupped his fists at Huang Xiaolong and said, “Your Highness Huang Xiaolong, I am untalented, please enlighten me!”

Huang Xiaolong smiled and nodded, and gestured with his hand, “Please!”

With that said, Jin Taiji threw all courtesy out of the window and took a large step forward with one foot.

Just as Jin Taijis foot stomped on the stage floor, his momentum completely changed.

It was as if he became another person altogether.

Jin Taijis earlier ordinariness resembled the setting sun, withouse any sharpness, but now, he resembled a fierce lion that had escaped the cage, like a giant chaos beast from the ancient times!

Thats right, a giant beast!

Powerful and robust aura surged in the air, and the overwhelming momentum was almost suffocating.

As he stepped out, his entire bodys skin shone a pure golden color, blinding the eyes.

“This is the Vajra Indestructible Saint Physique!” Someone in the crowd blurted in astonishment.

The Vajra Indestructible Saint Physique was not some kind of holy martial art, but a kind of saint physique that ranked fifteenth!

Its ranked fifteenth!

This was the first time Huang Xiaolong faced an opponent with such a high-ranking saint physique since the battle challenge had started, and even Sui Yunfeng, who had the Life Reversing Saint Godhead did not have as high a saint physique rank!

Wu Ges eyes narrowed solemnly.

If Jin Taijis saint physique was the Vajra Indestructible Saint Physique, then his saint bloodline and complete dao saint godhead would naturally not rank too far from his Vajra Indestructible Saint Physique.

As expected, resounding dragon roars came from Jin Taiyis body, accompanied by rumbles of sacred elephants trumpeting.

In the next second, the crowd saw phantoms of sky dragons and sacred elephants emerging from Jin Taijis body!

The sky dragons were ancient Holy Dragon Kings, whereas the scared elephants were Black Prison Sacred Elephants that suppress all demons.

Upon seeing this phenomenon, the crowd was dumbstruck.

“Its the Sky Dragon Sacred Elephant Saint Bloodline!”

“He actually has the Sky Dragon Sacred Elephant Saint Bloodline!”

“Ive heard that the Vajra Races first generations patriarch, Old Senior Jin Bushi, has the same Sky Dragon Sacred Elephants Saint Bloodline, ah!”

The crowd stirred.

Even Wu Ge, Duan Xuan, Shen Jiewen, Zhan Zhiyuan, Lin Xiaoying, Tan Juan, Xie Bufan, and others were just as astonished.

The Sky Dragon Holy Dragon Saint Bloodline was ranked twelfth saint!


Only two spots away from the top ten ranks.

Legend had it that the Sky Dragon Sacred Elephant Saint Bloodline gave the owner incredible physical strength, protected him from the invasions of demons, and it was revered by all dragons.

During this split second of shock, Jin Taiji had crossed the distance between him and Huang Xiaolong with both palms spread out.

At this moment, the crowd reacted and noted that the size of Jin Taijis palms were unusually large, and they were three to four times bigger than the average adult mans palm.

His palms were aimed straight at Huang Xiaolongs torso.

“Great Crossing Palms!”

The Great Crossing Palms sounded like a common name.

But the dread on the spectators faces was obvious.

The Great Crossing Palms were one of the Holy Worlds top ten holy martial arts!

The holy martial art Boundless Sun, Golden Disk Palms, Fang Xing had executed in the first round of challenge was one of the Holy World top ten strongest holy martial arts.

Similar to it, the Great Crossing Palms ranked higher, and naturally, it was more lethal!

One noteworthy point was that the Great Crossing Palms were not created by the Vajra Race, and it was the Great Crossing Sages holy martial art.

The Great Crossing Sage was the Holy Races first generation patriarch, belonging to the first batch of experts who had entered the True Saint like the Ancient Emperor Holy Grounds founder Patriarch Nie Ri, Desolate Saint, and the Vajra Races first patriarch, Jin Bushi.

Similar to the Desolate Saint, the Great Crossing Sage too had been missing for a long time, so was the Great Crossing Palms holy martial arts know-hows.

It was truly dumbfounding that Jin Taiji actually cultivated the Great Crossing Palms!

What is going on here

Did this mean that Jin Taiji obtained the Great Crossing Sages inheritance

While everyone was still processing what they saw in doubt, Huang Xiaolong raised his palms and met Jin Taijis enormous palms directly.


Sounds of collision thundered through the entire Mirage Pavilion.

Huang Xiaolong was forced back several steps and more before he regained a firm footing, looking more than a little disheveled.

The crowd was shocked, seeing this result.

From the first day Huang Xiaolong had gone up to the battle stage until today, he had always maintained an invincible momentum, and no one had survived more than one strike from Huang Xiaolong.

Yet now, Huang Xiaolong was forced back in a direct collision!

This was the first time Huang Xiaolong had fallen downwind!

After seeing this, Ji Xinyi exclaimed, “This Jin Taiji is really strong!”

Although Jin Taiji had merely forced Huang Xiaolong back by six steps, it had shown enough of Jin Taijis overwhelming battle power.

Tan Juan nodded in agreement, “This Jin Taiyi really exceeded everyones expectation.

I am surprised that the Vajra Race has actually cultivated such a genius.”

Their gaze shifted towards Huang Xiaolong as she added, “But compared to Huang Xiaolong, Jin Taiji is still a little lacking.

He used the Great Crossing Palms just now, whereas Huang Xiaolong merely relied on his normal battle strength.

Moreover, Jin Taiji is already a late-Third Tribulation half-True Saint, and Huang Xiaolong is only a Second Tribulation half-True Saint.”

Lin Xiaoying and Ji Xinyi nodded their heads repeatedly, totally agreeing with Tan Juans analysis.

At the same time, Xie Yao was happily gloating through his voice transmission to Li Chen, “Senior Brother Li Chen, Jin Taijis battle power is superb! It looks like he can really defeat Huang Xiaolong!”

Li Chen looked pensive instead, “It is still too early to say that as it remains to be seen where Jin Taijis complete dao saint godhead ranks.

We will wait until he reveals his complete dao saint godhead as we will know then.”

In that one-blow exchange just now, Jin Taiji had merely gained a slight upper hand.

They can more accurately predict the result after learning more about Jin Taijis complete dao saint godhead.

“Judging from Jin Taijis saint physique and saint bloodline, his complete dao saint godheads rank must be very high as well.” Xie Yao clenched his fists and said with absolute certainty, “Huang Xiaolongs going to lose!”

As the crowd whispered in shock, Huang Xiaolong was calmly looking at Jin Taiji, smiling indifferently.

“Very good, your battle strength is really good.

Its much stronger than Sui Yunfeng, and Fang Xing.”

Huang Xiaolong had to admit that if he had encountered Jin Taiji on the first day of the challenge, it would have been a difficult task to defeat Jin Taiji without exposing his holy soul, three complete dao saint godheads, and without using a saint artifact.

But his current strength was not the same as the first day of the challenge.

At that time, his three complete dao saint godheads were ranked in the thirties, whereas now, they were already close to the top twenty!

Jin Taiyi responded just as calmly as he looked at Huang Xiaolong, “Thank you for your praise.

I merely used eight-tenth of my strength just now.

Used eight-tenth of his strength!


This was neither rhetoric nor bluff, and the words stank with overflowing arrogance!

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