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Chapter 2468: Huang Xiaolong Vs.

Xiao Baili

A third complete dao saint godhead!

When Huang Xiaolongs third complete dao saint godhead appeared in everyones sight, Dou Rui, Xie Yao, and the Holy Races experts enthusiastic clamors got choked in their throats.

Time seemed to come to a standstill at this moment.

Mouths were agape as the crowd watched the third complete dao saint godhead rise high into the air.

Third complete dao saint godhead that exuded a strong devilish light almost blinded everyones eyes!

Staring at the airspace dominated by phantoms of ancient gods and devils that were worshipping the third complete dao saint godheads, everyones breath was snatched away!

Gazes were fixed on the third complete dao saint godhead without blinking as if the third complete dao saint godhead had become the only one in the world!

“Three, three complete dao saint godheads!” Xie Yao was tongue-tied, as a tremor rising from fear traveled from his tongue through his chest to his lower body making him tremble from head to toe.

Three complete dao saint godheads!

When the third complete dao saint godhead hovered in the air side-by-side, the Dual-Headed Giant Dragon Saint Godhead and All-Bodhisattvas Saint Godhead, it emitted endless humming noises akin to numerous miniature suns exploding at the same time.

The intense, glaring brightness filled the entire Mirage Pavilion, and spread out to the vast skies outside.

Air currents turned chaotic and turbulent, surging wantonly, with howling winds screaming in everyones ears!

Tan Juan was in a daze, looking at Huang Xiaolongs three complete dao saint godheads, subconsciously muttering something unintelligible to others.

Whereas Lin Xiaoying and Ji Xinyi stayed silent, with their eyes opened as wide as plates in shock.

It was as if they were trying their very best to see clearly the scene in front of them.

Li Chen staggered back in disbelief, and his chest felt extremely stuffy as if something heavy was pressing down on him.

On top of that, he seemed to suffer internal injury.

The Holy Races Patriarch Bai Moyang, Holy Lands Alliances Duan Xuan, Shen Jiewen, and the others paled as if they had been hit by a big blow!

Huai Pos eyes were bloodshot as he insisted under his breath, “This is not possible! Not possible!”

Three complete dao saint godheads!

This was unheard of in this Holy World.

The thing that was driving Huai Po insane was that these three were complete dao saint godheads could evolve!

Huang Xiaolong actually had three complete dao saint godheads!

He felt an impulse to die at this very moment.

Initially, the Dual-Headed Giant Dragon Saint Godhead and All-Bodhisattvas Saint Godheads momentum were strongly suppressed by Xiao Bailis Solitary Darkness Saint Godhead and Grand Purity Saint Godhead, like they were helpless twigs flailing in the angry thunderstorm.

But when Huang Xiaolongs third complete dao saint godhead joined the ranks, all three complete dao saint godheads powers merged seamlessly.

In that instant, the Dual-Headed Giant Dragon Saint Godhead and All-Bodhisattvas Saint Godheads power exploded upward.

The three complete dao saint godheads amplified and synergized power actually showed signs of suppressing the Solitary Darkness Saint Godhead and Grand Purity Saint Godheads powers!

Then, the Holy Mandate Imprint between Huang Xiaolongs brows shone with unprecedented brilliance.

The Holy Worlds origin energy roared as it rushed down, akin to hundreds and thousands of divine horses galloping across the prairie, like millions of heavens drums being struck.

Endless origin energy poured into the three complete dao saint godheads.

The three complete dao saint godheads powers erupted to a new height and steadfastly suppressed the Solitary Darkness Saint Godhead and Grand Purity Saint Godhead!

Xiao Baili, who was standing leisurely with his hands clasped, looking like victory was already in his hand just moments ago, could no longer smile.

His hands fell to the sides and his eyes stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolongs third complete dao saint godhead, as shock was written all over his face.

After the shock receded, Xiao Baili looked at Huang Xiaolong with a complicated gaze.

At this moment, Xiao Baili felt the words he had spoken earlier were simply a joke! He had told Huang Xiaolong to his face that the current Huang Xiaolong was not strong enough to be his opponent....

Perhaps, Huang Xiaolong had been laughing from the beginning.

He took a deep breath as determination flickered across his eyes as two sharp swords appeared in his hands.

The sword in his left hand was entirely ink black, while the sword in his right hand was white and bright.

“Its the Solitary Darkness Saints Solitary Darkness Sword and the Holy Races Sacred Light Sword!”

“How come the Solitary Darkness Sword is in Xiao Bailis hand!”

This was the first thought in the crowds mind.

The Solitary Darkness Sword was the Solitary Darkness Saints sole sword, yet they saw the sword in Xiao Bailis hand

“Could Xiao Baili have gotten the Solitary Darkness Saints complete inheritance”Multitude of questions were being asked from below the stage.

Whereas for Huang Xiaolong, he was looking at Xiao Baili with a contemplative gleam in his eyes.

Suddenly, Xiao Baili bellowed and the black and white swords in his hands thrusted towards Huang Xiaolong.

The skies were taken over by intermingling black and white lights.

When the black light and white lights intermingled, it was as if the brightest day had plummeted into an eternal abyss of darkness.

The crowd was struck by an overwhelming sight and soul impact, feeling like the world had tumbled over.

“This is the Solitary Darkness Saints Darkness Abyss Sword Art!”

“Its also the Holy Races Extreme Daylight Sword Art! Xiao Baili has mastered both sword arts.

On top of that, he has successfully merged the powers of the two sword arts, enabling him to execute them simultaneously with ease.

This is like fighting against two Xiao Baili, ah! Hehe, it looks like the winner of this match is yet to be determined!”

The Devil Palace, Holy Lands Alliance, Black Inferno Race, Reservoir Sword Holy Ground, Ancient Dhyana Race, and other forces experts watched on with a sharp glint in their eyes.

Originally, when Huang Xiaolong had revealed his third complete dao saint godhead, the crowd had assumed that Huang Xiaolong would no doubt win the challenge with his three complete dao saint godheads and Holy Mandate Imprint.

But now, after looking at the Solitary Darkness Sword and Grand Brightness Sword in Xiao Bailis hands, along with his ability of executing the two sword arts simultaneously, changed everyones opinion.

It was hard to tell who was going to win this time.

Watching Xiao Bailis attack, Huang Xiaolong dared not be careless and underestime Xiao Baili at all.

The Winged Dragon Flying Ship in his body flew out and transformed into a saint armor with a winged dragon emblem on the chest, wrapping itself around Huang Xiaolongs body.

The Winged Dragon Flying Ships pair of wings unfurled behind Huang Xiaolongs back, akin to a pair of enormous dragon wings, exuding a thick ferocious aura.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong activated the Darkness Holy Rings protective boundary.

Next, a sneer escaped Huang Xiaolongs mouth as his left palm struck forward.

In an instant, countless divine dragons emerged from his left palm, forming great kingdoms of dragons; azure dragons formed water, golden dragons were metal element, while fire dragons gave birth to seas of fire.

One kingdom of dragons after another appeared, exuding waves of terrifying dragon might.

“Prosperity of the Dragons!”

Lord Longs grand dao art!

Seeing the Prosperity of the Dragons once again, the crowd couldnt help but feel awe to their souls.

Still, this was the first time many people were witnessing this grand dao art with their own eyes.

Huang Xiaolong then clenched his fist and punched out—r-r-r-rum-mmb-ble!

When Huang Xiaolongs right fist punched out, shocking gusts of frigid wind rose from the corners of the Mirage Pavilion.

These gusts of frigid wind seemed to penetrate into everyones bones, deep into their souls.

A thick veil of darkness fell wherever Huang Xiaolong swung his fist.

Huang Xiaolongs darkness differed from Xiao Bailis Solitary Darkness Sword Arts darkness.

The darkness created by Xiao Bailis sword art was pure and absolute darkness, on the other hand, the darkness generated by Huang Xiaolong was a frigid cold darkness that froze all hope and vitality.

Although Xiao Bailis darkness contained powerful sword qi, and heart-palpitating killing intent, it could only last for a short time.

Whereas Huang Xiaolongs darkness intensified over time.

It was colder and colder, like a dark beast bent on swallowing a realm.

“Epoch of Darkness!”

“Its the Holy Heavens Elder Crows grand dao art!” An expert in the crowd exclaimed in surprise.

Thats right, this was Huang Xiaolongs master, Elder Crows grand dao art, the Epoch of Darkness!

Extreme yin frigid coldness within boundless darkness.

It was said that the Epoch of Darkness extreme yin frigid coldness could freeze all things of light, and devour all vitality.

Xiao Baili had the Solitary Darkness Sword Art and the Holy Races Extreme Daylight Sword Art.

On the other hand, Huang Xiaolong had the Prosperity of Dragons and Epoch of Darkness!

Huang Xiaolongs attacks collided head-on against Xiao Bailis two sword arts.

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