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Chapter 2469: Unable to Kill Xiao Baili

Bang! A thunderous collision came from the battle stage!

Sword qi from Xiao Bailis Extreme Daylight Sword collided with Huang Xiaolongs Prosperity of the Dragons, raising explosions of lights.

The Extreme Daylight sword qi slashed through one dragon kingdom after another.

Dragons after dragons were slaughtered by the Extreme Daylight sword qi.

But even as Xiao Bailis Extreme Daylight sword qi continued to slaughter the hordes of divine dragons, more divine dragons continued to emerge from Huang Xiaolongs palm.

The Prosperity of Dragons!

These kingdoms of dragons continued to emerge with the persistent, inexhaustible vitality of wild weeds that made them imperishable!

On the other hand, Xiao Bailis Extreme Daylight sword qi had begun to weaken as he continued his slaughter.

At the same time, Xiao Bailis Solitary Darkness sword qi collided with Huang Xiaolongs Epoch of Darkness.

There was no heaven-shaking collision, nor were there any terrifying aftershock waves except for the rippling black rays that spread out in the skies.

Undulating hoarse cries rang in the air.

The Solitary Darkness sword qi forged ahead, pulverizing through the Epoch of Darkness extreme yin frigid coldness.

However, no matter how fast the Solitary Darkness sword qi pulverized onward, there were realms of darkness in Xiao Bailis sight.

As long as the Epoch of Darkness remained, the extreme yin frigid coldness remained indefinitely.

It was inexhaustible, endless!

Until the end, the Solitary Darkness sword qi had weakened and frozen in midair by the Epoch of Darkness frigid energy.

Huang Xiaolongs Prosperity of Dragons was still going strong! And the Epoch of Darkness still dominated Xiao Bailis sight.

The divine dragons accumulated into great tidal waves rolling towards him, and the extreme yin frigid darkness encroached closer, Xiao Bailis calm composure finally cracked.

The Solitary Darkness Saint Godhead and Grand Purity Saint Godhead above his head spun to their limits, extracting the surroundings energy.

In an instant, blinding brightness and black light filled the air.

He raised the Grand Brightness Sword and Solitary Darkness Sword in his hands and slashed out simultaneously in an attempt to block the two incoming attacks.


It was as if two colossal entities had slammed into each other.

Huang Xiaolongs Prosperity of Dragons and Epoch of Darkness slammed onto the Solitary Darkness Sword and Grand Brightness Sword.

At the moment of impact, Xiao Baili felt like a great force had enveloped him.

This force was far greater than he had imagined, and he stepped back again and again, all the way until the edge of the battle stage.

The two swords in his hands were issuing humming noises as they quivered violently, and it looked like they would fly out of his hands in the next moment.

Trepidation flickered across Xiao Bailis eyes.

Both of his arms had gone numb from the impact.

Is this Huang Xiaolongs strength So terrifying!

At his current battle strength, with the Solitary Darkness Sword and Grand Brightness Sword, he could easily kill many Eighth Tribulation half True Saint Realm Holy Princes, and even give the lower-average Ninth Tribulation half-True Saints a bitter battle, but the feeling Huang Xiaolong gave him at this moment was that he was undefeatable!

Huang Xiaolongs battle power had reached this level!

While Xiao Baili was caught in a moment of fluster, the dragon wings on Huang Xiaolongs back unfurled, and with a flap of the wings, air currents turned into a storm of feather dragon swords, shooting straight at Xiao Baili from every angle.

All of Xiao Bailis retreat points were sealed off from all eight directions, and from top to bottom.

Before Xiao Baili reacted, the Darkness Holy Rings Dark Sacred Sword Formation shot out, and the air was buzzed with sharp sword qi that rained down on Xiao Baili.

Fear flitted across Xiao Bailis eyes.

“Is this Xiao Baili going to lose” Dou Rui muttered in a low voice to Xie Bufan, and a deep frown formed over his face as his gaze was fixed towards the battle stage.

Xie Bufan sighed, but did not say anything.

His chest was filled with a turmoil of emotions, and as he clenched his fists, a strong killing intent, like never before, took over.

Huang Xiaolong must die in the Trial of Blood!

Huang Xiaolong cannot be allowed to grow stronger anymore!

Li Chen looked at Xiao Baili, who had already fallen into a perilous situation, and disappointment spread over his heart.

Even Xiao Baili is going to lose!

Wouldnt I have to lick the soles of Huang Xiaolongs shoes in public when the duration of the battle stage ends!

Hatred boiled over in Li Chens heart.

Had he known beforehand that Huang Xiaolong actually had three complete dao saint godheads, and they had evolved to this point, he wouldnt have made that bet with Huang Xiaolong.

If Xiao Baili lost to Huang Xiaolong, then there really wasnt anyone who could defeat Huang Xiaolong.

Who, below Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint, could defeat Huang Xiaolong

Although the Holy Lands Alliance and Reservoir Sword Alliance were to take their turns, these two alliances disciples would not garner any better results when even someone like Xiao Baili was defeated.

Just as everyone thought that Xiao Baili would be perforated by Huang Xiaolongs dragon feather swords, a ball of mysterious, dark light flew out from Xiao Bailis body.

This ball of dark light was like black lacquer, its surface rippled as if something terrifying wanted to break out from within, giving everyone the creeps.

The dark ball of light shielded Xiao Baili.

Clang, clang, clang!

All of Huang Xiaolongs dragon feather swords were blocked by the dark ball of light, and loud clanking noises rang as the dragon feather swords hit it.

Huang Xiaolong was repelled, whereas the Dark Sacred Sword Formation shattered like a bubble and disappeared.

The pair of enormous dragon wings furled back behind Huang Xiaolongs back, but the alarming repelling power sent him staggering back several steps.

The sudden turn of tide dumbfounded the crowd.

In the next moment, the mysterious dark ball light shrunk back into Xiao Bailis body as if it had never appeared.

In the crowd below the stage, each had their own thoughts.

“Your Highness Huang Xiaolongs talent is unparalleled.

I admit defeat!” Xiao Baili quickly cupped his fists and said to Huang Xiaolong.

Without delaying for a second, he recalled his two complete dao saint godheads, and leaped off the battle stage.

“Master!” Xiao Baili lowered his head in front of Bai Moyang, “Disciple is useless.

I failed…!”

Bai Moyang raised a hand, cutting off the rest of Xiao Bailis words, smiling amiably as he reassured, “Its alright, winning and losing are common occurrences.”

After saying that, he turned to the holy grounds and families patriarchs, and bid farewell with a cup of his fists.

He led the Holy Races group away.

Everyone exchanged silent glances with their companions, as this result had strayed too far from their imagination.

Huang Xiaolong watched Xiao Bailis departing figure, and his eyes glimmered in thought.

That dark ball of light that had appeared at the end was the terrifying power inside Xiao Bailis body that his three holy souls had sensed earlier.

It seemed like Xiao Baili could not control that unknown power yet.

When Xiao Baili had forcefully triggered it, he had got a backlash, and a severe backlash at that.

Bai Moyang was in such a hurry to leave because he wanted to treat Xiao Bailis injuries as soon as possible.

In truth, Huang Xiaolong wasnt very surprised that he didnt get to kill Xiao Baili.

He had expected this result before the match had started.

“Senior Sister, that dark ball of light that flew out from Xiao Bailis body in the end was too creepy.

What do you make of it” Lin Xiaoying asked Tan Juan.

Tan Juan shook her head and replied, “I cant tell what it is exactly, but its certain that this power does not belong to Xiao Baili, and Xiao Baili could not control it.

After he forcefully used that power, he suffered from the backlash!”

Similar to Tan Juan, Lin Xiaoying, and Ji Xinyi, other experts, too, were scratching their heads, discussing the mysterious dark ball of light inside Xiao Bailis body.

Next up was the turn of the alliance between the Reservoir Sword Holy Ground, South Desolate Holy Ground, Falling Heaven Race, Ancient Dhyana Race, Nether Devil Race, several other ancient races and old holy grounds to send their disciples to challenge.

But the disciples of these forces didnt have Xiao Bailis luck.

The moment all of them were up the battle stage, Huang Xiaolong went in for the kill, the Prosperity of the Dragons and Epoch of Darkness were executed simultaneously.

All fifty disciples were pulverized in a breaths time.

As for the Holy Lands Alliances team who came after that, faced the same result, and their carefully selected fifty disciples turned into supplements that enhanced Huang Xiaolongs three complete dao saint godheads.

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