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Chapter 2470: Who In this World Does Not Know You

The battle between Huang Xiaolong and the Holy Races Xiao Baili, along with the appearance of Xiao Bailis two complete dao saint godheads, the Solitary Darkness Saint Godhead and Grand Purity Saint Godhead, amazed and astounded everyone!

And Huang Xiaolong had exposed his three complete dao saint godheads, frightening many present experts half dead.

The moment Huang Xiaolong and Xiao Bailis battle ended, the news spread at an amazing speed through the four directions of the holy grounds, ancient races, and even the ancient races that had remained secluded.

The news astounded the world!


At this time, within the Holy Heavens Primal Ancestors space...

“I am worried about that kid Xiaolongs battle with Xiao Baili.” Tyrant Chu spoke of his concern, as his brows locked in a deep frown.

Lord Long too was worried, “According to Wu Ges latest report, Xiao Baili has summoned his Solitary Darkness Saint Godhead and Grand Purity Saint Godhead on the battle stage! This is really shocking news, and the Holy Race actually got such an outstanding genius! Based on evolution speed of Huang Xiaolongs two complete dao saint godheads, Im afraid hes not strong enough to go against Xiao Baili!”

The Heavenly Master and Elder Crow both nodded their heads in agreement with Lord Longs view.

“The outcome should be determined by now.” The Heavenly Master added, “Ill ask Wu Ge.”

Right at this time, the Heavenly Masters transmission symbol quivered, and the Heavenly Master chuckled, “It looks like Wu Ge has reported the outcome.” He took out his transmission symbol as he spoke, but for a moment, he hesitated to learn the outcome as he was afraid to learn of Huang Xiaolongs defeat.

Under the strong anticipative gazes from three pairs of eyes, the Heavenly Master inhaled deeply and slowly brushed the surface of the transmission talisman.

When he saw the content of Wu Ges report, his hand trembled, nearly letting the transmission talisman fall down.

After seeing this reaction, Tyrant Chu, Lord Long, and Elder Crow exchanged a pensive glance.

Lord Long tried probing in an inquisitive tone, “Did Xiaolong lose Xiao Baili used a heavy hand” Then, he seemed to think of something and his cautious expression turned stern, “Xiao Baili, did he….


Tyrant Chu jumped to his feet the instant he heard that, exuding a chilling killing intent from every pore of his body, and the entire Primal Ancestors space was rumbling.

His eyes narrowed dangerously as he spoke with restrained fury, “If something happened to Xiaolong, Ill pierce the Holy Race full of holes!”

Lord Longs voice was brimming with anger, “His grannys dragon, Im with you, and this is a good opportunity to settle some old scores with that old fog Jian Duzun!”

Before Lord Long and Jian Duzun had entered Primal Ancestor Realm, Lord Long had tumbled a few times by Jian Duzuns hands.

The temperature around Elder Crow plummeted in an instant, and the killing intent surging around him was no less overwhelming than Tyrant Chu or Lord Longs killing intent.

The Heavenly Master was stunned for a second, then he laughed wryly and said, “I dont remember saying something happened to Xiaolong.”

Tyrant Chu, Lord Long, and Elder Crows volatile emotions froze in midair.

The Heavenly Master looped his transmission symbol to Tyrant Chu and said, “Take a look yourself.”

Tyrant Chu had a puzzled expression on his face as he caught the transmission symbol in midair.

At one glance, his eyeballs nearly fell out of their sockets, as his hand trembled far worse than the Heavenly Masters, looking incredulous and shocked.

Lord Long was even more baffled, seeing Tyrant Chus reaction and grabbed the transmission symbol from Tyrant Chus hand.

One look and a shiver ran down Lord Longs spine, and surprise was etched on his face with his mouth agape.

Elder Crow took a step forward and peered down at the transmission symbol in Lord Longs hand, and immediately froze like a statue.

The content in the transmission symbol was like a pin needle that fixed everyone in place.

“Three, three complete dao saint godheads!” In a moment of delayed reaction, Tyrant Chu finally blurted.

The Heavenly Master was still in a shock as he raised his complicated expression at Tyrant Chu, barely managing to squeeze a smile, “Yes ah, three complete dao saint godheads, and all of them can evolve.

On top of that, all of them have evolved into the top thirty ranks!”

Three complete dao saint godheads!


Twenty-plus ranks!

The four Primal Ancestors fell into stupefied silence.

Elder Crow, who usually spoke little words, dramatically exclaimed, “Luckily this old mans heart is strong enough, or I would have died from a heart attack just now!”

Tyrant Chu let out a hearty laughter which was almost maniacal, and then he flicked his middle-finger to the sky, “Your bast*rd, f*ck you!”

The Heavenly Master, Lord Long, and Elder Crow were flabbergasted by his action and the atmosphere was broken by Lord Longs laughter, “You are right, f*ck him!”

The Heavenly Master and Elder Crow were rendered completely speechless by the other two.


At every corner of the Mirage Pavilion, every holy ground, ancient race, and even the entire Holy Worlds experts were talking about Huang Xiaolong, especially his three complete dao saint godheads!

At the mention of Huang Xiaolongs three complete dao saint godheads, no expert could miss the shock from the others faces.

Huang Xiaolong, this name, had truly shaken the Holy World!

A Second Tribulation half-True Saint, who brought his name to this height in the Holy World was unprecedented.

After the battle against Xiao Baili, Huang Xiaolongs reputation had already surpassed Li Chen, Xie Bufan, Tan Juan, and even Huai Po, the ultimate number one genius on the Saint Fate List.

In the vast Holy World, who could compete with Huang Xiaolong

As the details of Huang Xiaolong and Xiao Bailis battle spread, numerous ancient races, holy grounds, and even more experts rushed to the Mirage Pavilion in swarms.

These experts from these ancient races and holy grounds didnt rush to the Mirage Pavilion to challenge Huang Xiaolong, but they were willing to cross millions of miles just to catch a glimpse of Huang Xiaolong with their own eyes.

Huang Xiaolong dealt with two more groups of challengers from the Reservoir Sword Alliance and Holy Lands Alliance after his battle against Xiao Baili.

From then onwards, Huang Xiaolong began feeling bored and lazy because no one dared to challenge him anymore.

So, he was more than idle on the battle stage.

Another half a month went by, and Huang Xiaolong once again relaxed the conditions, allowing Fourth Tribulation half-True Saints to challenge him, but the number was limited to ten disciples in each match.

But even after Huang Xiaolong relaxed the conditions, no one dared to step onto the battle stage.

Having no way around it, Huang Xiaolong Relaxed the conditions once more ten days later, permitting twenty Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint disciples to challenge him each time.

Still, no one went up.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong upped the number to thirty Fourth Tribulation half-True Saints.

Finally, someone issued a challenge and this party was none other than the Devil Palace!

Huang Xiaolong sneered inwardly, seeing the Devil Palace was hell-bent down the path of seeking death.

Naturally, Huang Xiaolong did not hold back.

In truth, he was ruthless towards these thirty Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint disciples.

He literally dealt with these thirty disciples with overbearing momentum from the go.

After seeing that Huang Xiaolong had easily dealt with thirty Fourth Tribulation half-True Saints with domineering momentum, Xie Bufan, Dou Rui, and others sullen faces looked even worse.

It was because they had noticed that Huang Xiaolongs strength had risen once again compared to the time he fought Xiao Baili…!!

After the Devil Palaces thirty Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint disciples were cleaned up by Huang Xiaolong, no other people dared to challenge Huang Xiaolong, and days turned into weeks, and the six months deadline inched closer.

Ten days remained until the end of the battle stage challenge period when someone finally challenged Huang Xiaolong again.

The challengers were experts recruited by Li Chen.

As it got closer to the deadline, he was naturally unwilling to let Huang Xiaolong win just like that.

Therefore, Li Chen recruited another group of experts and issued a new round of challenge.

To Li Chens despair, no matter how many experts he recruited, or how many times he had them challenge Huang Xiaolong, all his efforts were like drops of water falling into the sea.

The result was already set in stone and those experts he had sent were merely heading up to die in vain.

Finally, as Li Chen fell further into despairing madness and hatred, there was merely half an hour left for the stated half a year period to end.

Li Chen retreated sneakily, planning to leave without anyone knowing.

But just as he thought it was safe to turn around, his path was blocked by Yu Ming and Departing Sword Sage.

“Senior Brother Li Chen, where are you going, ah” Huang Xiaolong asked with an indifferent expression from the battle stage.

“Things here will end in half an hour.

Could it be that Senior Brother Li Chen is feeling natures call at this time”

Li Chens face was beet-red, and he glared fiercely at Huang Xiaolong as he snapped, “Huang Xiaolong, I am the Holy Heavens chief Holy Prince.

Do I need to report to someone like you, who recently joined the holy heavens, when I want to go anywhere Quickly tell your slaves to scram off from blocking my way!”

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