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Chapter 2472: Preparing For the Trial of Blood

Exchange them all! The Heavenly Master and the other three Primal Ancestors were stunned, as they looked at Huang Xiaolong weirdly.

Tyrant Chu spoke to Huang Xiaolong in a joking tone, “Say, Kiddo, did you find a hundred or so holy herbs during your trip to the Purple Clouds Sea”

Huang Xiaolong merely chuckled sheepishly in response, not saying a word.

The four elders exchanged a glance of astonishment, while thinking the same thing.

Since Huang Xiaolong did not say anything, does that mean he admits it

“You brat, your luck is literally breaking the roof, isnt it Did you really find a hundred stalks of holy herbs there!” Lord Long demanded with an expression that blamed the heavens for being biased, and his words reek with sourness.

One trip to the Purple Clouds Sea and Huang Xiaolong had returned with more than a hundred stalks of holy herbs, this was no different than picking cabbages in ones backyard.

“But, Kiddo, even if you have more than a hundred stalks of holy herbs, they are still not enough to exchange for our limited supply of Star Transferring Holy Pills,” Tyrant Chu teased Huang Xiaolong with mirth in his eyes.

Huang Xiaolong once again grinned, without saying a word, he took out a spatial artifact and opened it before the four Primal Ancestors.

Inside it were the holy herbs that he had found at the Purple Clouds Sea.

Initially, Tyrant Chu, Lord Long, and the other two didnt really pay much attention to Huang Xiaolongs request.

Although a hundred plus holy herbs had surprised them, having arrived at their level of strength and identities, they barely batted an eyelid at a hundred plus holy herbs.

But when their gazes swept over the space inside the spatial ring, four pairs of eyes widened in astonishment, as an expression of disbelief seemingly carved onto their faces.

“Fiery Sun Ginseng! Multi-Blossom Fruit! Jadeite Honey Fruit! Dragon Tendrils….!”

The space inside the spatial artifact was full of holy herbs, and there were more than three hundred stalks!

Iridescent light lit up the entire space within!

The fragrant medicinal scents tickled their noses.

There were over three hundred holy herbs!

It was not an overstatement to say that this was the first time the four of them had seen so many holy herbs at once!

“Kid-Kiddo, these holy herbs.

You got them all at the Purple Clouds Sea” Tyrant Chu stared at Huang Xiaolong from head to toe with an incredulous expression.

“You, you wouldnt have robbed clean the entire Medicine Sage Valleys holy herbs, did you Why didnt we find so many holy herbs at the Purple Clouds Sea when we were there!”

Tyrant Chu could hardly be blamed for thinking so, as one could indeed find holy herbs at the Purple Clouds Sea region, but were there so many holy herbs

“Medicine Sage Valley” Huang Xiaolong smiled, hearing that, and replied earnestly, “I dont even know where the Medicine Sage Valley is.

Whats more to stealing their holy herbs Not to mention, even if I manage to sneak into the Medicine Sage Valley, I dont think Im capable of stealing their holy herbs!”

The Medicine Sage Valley was renowned in the Holy World.

If someone asked, which power, which holy ground, or which clans treasury had the most holy herbs, nine out of ten people would answer the Medicine Sage Valley!

The Medicine Sage was the most powerful pill refiner in the Holy World.

Legend had it that the Medicine Sages skills had reached the level of transforming the mundane into something spectacular.

He had refined countless pills, yet he had never failed, even when refining the most difficult holy pill.

Origin pills were already difficult to refine, and it was even more so to refine holy pills.

The higher the grade of the holy pill, the easier it was to fail.

No person could make a hundred percent guarantee that his refinement of holy pill would be successful, but the Medicine Sage dared to guarantee a ninety-nine percent success rate every time!

In the end, with these three hundred plus holy herbs, Huang Xiaolong successfully exchanged forty pellets of Star Transferring Holy Pill with his four Masters.

As for the three to four hundred drops of Fiery Sun Spiritual Liquid, he decided to use them for himself after some thought.

The Fiery Sun Spiritual Liquid had many uses; for instance, healing an injured holy soul.

The Fiery Sun Spiritual Liquid could also stimulate the growth of a level-ten origin herb into a holy herb.

Moreover, the amount of Star Transferring Holy Pills on his four Masters were already running out.

They probably didnt have enough holy pills to exchange for the Fiery Sun Spiritual Liquid with him.

Huang Xiaolong put away the forty Star Transferring Holy Pills, and a feeling of being filthy rich came over him.

Upon counting the previous one hundred and twenty pills, he now had one hundred and sixty Star Transferring Holy Pills!

One hundred and sixty pills ah!

The number of holy pills inside the treasuries of forces like the Ancient Emperor Holy Ground, Beast Tamer Holy Ground, Nine Plains Holy Ground, and others within the Holy Lands Alliance, was definitely not as much as he had on him.

These many holy pills were definitely enough to enable him to advance to the Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint, for certain.

The four Primal Ancestors carefully put away the three hundred plus holy herbs they had exchanged with Huang Xiaolong, and their faces were beaming with joy.

With so many holy herbs, they could refine a few batches of holy pills.

The conversation gradually shifted to the Mirage Pavilions battle stage challenge.

At the mention of Xiao Baili, the four Primal Ancestors told Huang Xiaolong to be vigilant if he came across Xiao Baili in the future.

As for the Vajra Clans Jin Taiji, none of them mentioned him.

Based on their experienced judgement, merely Xiao Baili could somewhat enter their line of sight.

At the same time, Lord Long brought up Li Chens matter.

“Dont blame yourself for this, he asked for it.” Lord Long went on, “In these years, after occupying the position of chief disciple, he has grown a bit complacent.

This time can be considered as grinding his arrogance a little.”

Tyrant Chu snorted disdainfully, “During these years, he has done many underhanded tricks for his own benefits, thinking that we dont know about it.

This time, we will consider this as a small lesson for him, and if he still does not wake up, your Master Lord Long will personally take action, abolishing his cultivation.

He will have to start cultivating from scratch and temper himself.”

Huang Xiaolongs back was dampened by sweat.

Abolish Li Chens cultivation Let him start cultivating from scratch Wow, thats a very severe punishment.

It looked like Li Chens not-so-bright actions all these years had touched the four Primal Ancestors\' bottom line.

Then again, they were just talking about merely abolishing Li Chens cultivation and letting him start from scratch, not destroying his foundation.

It could be seen from this point that the four Primal Ancestors were still harboring some hope in Li Chen.

Then again, there was nothing surprising.

Any holy ground would be reluctant to abolish the foundation of a talented Holy Prince with Li Chens talent.

“From now until the Trial of Blood begins, just stay and cultivate at the Holy Heavens City.

Dont go out anymore.

Make your preparations well.” The Heavenly Master advised Huang Xiaolong.

“Dont embarrass us four old men, and strive to enter the top three hundred rankings.”

Huang Xiaolong bowed and complied respectfully.

In truth, even if the Heavenly Master had not said so, he intended to stay back at the Holy Heavens City, and concentrate on his cultivation and preparations for the Trial of Blood.

The four Masters gave Huang Xiaolong a round of lectures before letting him leave.

Before leaving, Huang Xiaolong took out the Black Serpent Rope he had gotten and requested his four Masters to help him erase the mark on it.

After all, the mark on the Black Serpent Rope was made by Shen Jiewen.

Therefore, he couldnt erase it at his current level, but it was as easy as moving a finger for the four Primal Ancestors.

After watching Huang Xiaolongs departing figure, Elder Crows throat felt a bit dry, and his voice was a bit hoarse as he spoke, “This little guy, he could fill an exhibition hall with the saint artifacts he got.”

Wasnt that the enviable truth During the period of the battle stage challenge, amongst Huang Xiaolongs trophies, there were fifteen saint artifacts!

The other three also smiled listening to Elder Crow sighing.

“However, the hope that Xiaolong could enter the top three hundred rankings in the Trial of Blood is still very slim.” Lord Long shook his head.

Although Huang Xiaolong ended the battle stage challenge in brilliant streaks of victory, Huang Xiaolong only dared to challenge those at the Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm and below.

On the other hand, most disciples participating in the Trial of Blood have strengths between the Eight Tribulation and the Ninth Tribulation half-True Saint Realm.

Not to mention there would also be disciples of the First Heavens and the Second Heavens True Saint Realm.

Tyrant Chu said, “Forget it.

Its useless for us to be worrying about it now.

Who told him to bet with Li Chen! When he loses, he will be kneeling for a full day in front of the Holy Heavens city gates, so take it as a kind of tempering for him.

No one would dare to say too much in front of him after he has shown his strength at the battle stage this time.”

After all, everyone knows Huang Xiaolongs cultivation time was short, and even if he fails to pass the Trial of Blood, no one would dare to ridicule Huang Xiaolong harshly.

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