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Chapter 2473: Breakthrough to the Third Tribulation

“After the battle stage challenge, this little guys reputation is louder than the four of us,” The Heavenly Master mentioned in humor.

Lord Long chimed in, “What is it The disciple is more famous than the Master.

Are you feeling jealous now”

The four old mens laughter rang in the Primal Ancestors space.

However, the Heavenly Masters words were not completely spoken in jest.

After half a year of battle stage challenge at the Mirage Pavilion, the strength Huang Xiaolong had shown, especially the existence of his three complete dao saint godheads had amazed many.

Huang Xiaolongs name had truly spread to the four corners of the Holy World.

The result of the battle stage challenge had truly cemented Huang Xiaolongs reputation as the Holy Worlds most talented youngster, and the number-one person of the Holy Worlds future.

In the past, despite knowing Huang Xiaolong had two complete dao saint godheads, many talented geniuses had refused to accept that Huang Xiaolongs talent was better than them.

Xie Bufan, Li Chen, and Tan Juan were few of these people.

But after the battle stage challenge, no one would openly voice their dissatisfaction concerning Huang Xiaolongs reputation as the most talented disciple anymore.

After Huang Xiaolong exited the Primal Ancestors space, he went straight back to the Blue Dragon Manor.

Feng Tianyu, Di Huan, Zhang Wenyue, and the others were overjoyed after seeing Huang that Xiaolong had returned.

“Young Master, Ive heard that you flattened your enemies at the Mirage Pavilion with an invincible demeanor,” Zhang Wenyue chirped with stars sparkling in her eyes.

“YOu slaughtered until no Fourth Tribulation half-True Saint disciples dared to challenge you anymore.”

Feng Tianyu was grinning from ear to ear as he chimed in, “Thats right.

You must know who is the person who started the battle stage.”

Everyone laughed hearing his words.

“Dont forget that Li Chen lost, and he had to lick someones shoe in public.

That really vented my annoyance!” Feng Tianyu added with a burst of sonorous laughter.

“So right, so right!” Zhang Wenyue said, shaking her delicate fist in the air.

Huang Xiaolong laughed and said, “Alright, dont mention this anymore.

Tell the people below to prepare a banquet.

Well enjoy ourselves with a celebration tonight.”

“Yes, Young Master!” Zhang Wenyue responded happily.

During the evening banquet, Huang Xiaolong gave Feng Tianyu, Di Huai, Zhang Wenyue, Xue Wi, Li Wen, and Chen Shiming a lot of origin pills.

Not to mention that all these were level-ten origin pills and above.

Huang Xiaolong had killed Fang Xing, Sui Yunfeng, Gu Xuanxu, and many others on the battle stage, and he had gotten many good things from them, not only were there fifteen pieces of saint artifacts, there were countless origin pills and spirit stones.

These pills were no longer useful to Huang Xiaolong, but they were extremely precious for Feng Tianyu, Di Huai, and the others.

Previously, Huang Xiaolong had Wu Ge send one hundred guards to the Blue Dragon Manor, and he had rewarded each of these one hundred guards with origin pills.

With these things done, Huang Xiaolong spent some time to guide Zhang Wenyue and Feng Tianyus cultivation then entered seclusion himself.

Huang Xiaolong intended to advance to Third Tribulation half-True Saint before coming out.

Inside the Blue Dragon Manors secret chamber, Huang Xiaolong swallowed a Star Transferring Holy Pill down his belly, and then circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium.

While Huang Xiaolong was in seclusion inside the Blue Dragon Manors secret chamber, a figure whizzed past in the darkness in an uninhabited planet somewhere in the Holy World.

This person was none other than Li Chen, who had fled the Mirage Pavilion in embarrassment, and his whereabouts were still unknown to others!

Li Chen took out a treasure map and tried to match his surrounding environment with the location indicated on the treasure map.

A moment later, he laughed loudly, “This place should be where the All Extinguishing Holy Gates treasures are!” His face was distorted from his hysterical laughter, mumbling to himself, “When the Devil Palace, Holy Lands Alliance, and other forces had joined hands to annihilate the All Extinguishing Holy Gate for that dao artifact, the All Extinguishing Saint hid that dao artifact in this place!”

When the All Extinguishing Saint had obtained that dao artifact, that murderous qi surrounding that dao artifact was too heavy.

Hence he had sealed the dao artifact in this place, intending to use this places purifying light element energy to reduce the dao artifacts murderous qi.

“Billions of years have passed since then, and that dao artifacts murderous qi should have been cleansed completely.” Li Chen cackled, “As long as I refined that dao artifact I will be able to break through to Third Heavens True Saint by borrowing the holy light energy inside that artifact! During the Trial of Blood, who can stand to be my opponent”

“The Trial of Bloods first place belongs to me! Huang Xiaolong, at that time, Im going to wash away my humiliation with yours!”

“I will make you regret it! Regret, hahaha!”

“None of you thought of this, right Ive gotten the All Extinguishing Holy Gates treasure map!” The end of his sentence came out as a roar of raging hatred and killing intent.

A while later, Li Chen suppressed the killing intent and hatred boiling in his heart, and then flew forward in the whistling wind to the place the dao artifact was sealed according to the treasure maps clues.

At the same time, at the core of the Black Devil Star Prison, inside the Devil Palace headquarters main hall, one of the Palace Masters, Qiao Jinyang, was looking at Xie Bufan with an astounded expression, “You are sure you want to enter the Death Cave”

The Death Cave was the Black Devil Star Prisons forbidden land that was filled with hidden dangers.

“Yes, Palace Master.” Xie Bufan replied respectfully.

“I request Master to open the entrance to the Death Cave, and permit this disciple to enter and cultivate inside.”

Although there were dangers everywhere inside the Death Cave, it was also an excellent place for the Devil Palaces disciples to train.

The death devils inside were treasures for disciples cultivating the Devil Palaces cultivation techniques.

Qiao Jinyang, Cao Nan, and Gu Tian exchanged a look.

“Bufan, your strength is more than enough to gain a place in the Trial of Bloods top three.” The Devil Palace Master Cao Nan dissuaded, “It is not necessary to take the risk to enter the Death Cave.”

Xie Bufan shook his head, “In the Trial of Blood, this disciple wants to take the top spot! Moreover, Huang Xiaolongs abilities are too high, so if I dont enter the Death Cave, Im afraid it wont be long before he exceeds me.”

Huang Xiaolongs performance during the battle stage challenge had given Xie Bufan, Li Chen, and Tan Juan, as well other geniuses of the Holy World an invisible pressure.

At the mention of Huang Xiaolong, Qiao Jinyang, Cao Nan, and Gu Tian fell into silence, and the main halls atmosphere suddenly became a little suffocating.

“No matter what, Huang Xiaolong must die in the Ghost Devil City during the Trial of Blood!” Qiao Jinyang stated.

“Please dont worry about me!” Xie Bufan replied respectfully.

Dou Rui, who was standing behind Xie Bufan, interjected, “Palace Masters, rest assured that Huang Xiaolong will die in the Trial of Blood! I will twist down Huang Xiaolongs head and use it as my chamber pot!”

The rest of the six Devil Princes all promised to kill Huang Xiaolong.


At the Clear Snow Palace, Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, and Lin Xiaoying too stepped into the Clear Snow Palaces forbidden land to temper themselves almost with desperation, in order to prepare for the upcoming Trial of Blood.

Whereas the Holy Lands Alliances ten great holy grounds disciples also entered into respective forbidden lands to improve their strengths.

Other hidden holy grounds, and ancient races, such as the Reservoir Sword Holy Ground, Ancient Dhyana Race, and other forces disciples also took similar paths.

In the blink of an eye, six years went by.

In these six years, Huang Xiaolong didnt take one step out from the Blue Dragon Manors secret chamber.

From absorbing the first Star Transferring Holy Pill, he continued with the second pill, third pill, fourth pill, and so on.

Six years went by, and Huang Xiaolong took his first step out from the secret chamber after reaching the peak of the Second Tribulation half-True Saint Realm.

As the third tribulation would appear after he broke through to Third Tribulation half-True Saint, further strengthening his Dao Heart, Huang Xiaolong was worried that his little secret would be seen through by the various forces experts at the Holy Heavens City.

Therefore, he planned to leave the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds and find an ideal hidden place to cross tribulation.

Deep in the night, Huang Xiaolong brought Yu Ming, Departing Sword Sage, and the other five, and quietly left the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds.

Then, on the Winged Dragon Flying Ship, they headed to the All Extinguishing Holy Ground.

He had crossed his second tribulation at the All Extinguishing Holy Ground.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong decided to cross his third tribulation at the same place.

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