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Chapter 25: The Annual Clan Assembly is Here Again!


In the back mountain, after spending some time practicing Tempest of Hell, he then continued with Execute Demon Sword.

Although Execute Demon Sword is weaker than Asura Sword, he can use it against regular opponents.

As he swung the blades displaying the Execute Demon Sword, shadows of the blades swung out like waves, one after another, becoming increasingly sharp and aggressive as if it could kill every evil demon and exterminate ghosts.

By the time he finished training the Execute Demon Sword, the dazzling sun’s was high up in the sky, and one could feel the heat on the skin.

Huang Xiaolong stopped and returned to Huang Clan Manor.

When he reach the small courtyard, Fei Hou was standing there, waiting for him.

“Sovereign!” Fei Hou saw Huang Xiaolong returned and quickly saluted.

He knows Huang Xiaolong trains at the back mountain and will come back around this hour; thus, he waits here in the courtyard.

Huang Xiaolong nodded as he walked into the courtyard, and asked, “How is your Luohan Sword practice progressing” Five months ago, Fei Hou’s broken veins had recovered and Huang Xiaolong taught him the Luohan Sword skill.

“Replying Sovereign, your subordinate has trained up to the tenth move.” Fei Hou replied respectfully with heartfelt gratitude.

Sovereign not only healed his broken veins, but he also taught him a high-grade ‘battle skill’, the Luohan Sword.

In these four months, his cultivation even advanced after his broken veins were reconnected.

“The tenth move,” Huang Xiaolong nodded satisfactorily.

In less than half a year this Fei Hou had reached the tenth move.

“Zhi Zhi-Zhi!” When Huang Xiaolong entered the small courtyard, something small leapt at him from out of nowhere and landed on his shoulder.

Huang Xiaolong did not dodge, for it was the Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey.

A year had passed, but there were no changes to the little violet monkey.

However, although there were no physical changes to the little violet monkey, its cultivation speed was even more terrifying than Huang Xiaolong’s.

Despite the fact that he’s a peak late-Fifth Order, without the use of Asura Sword Skill, he couldn’t injure the little violet monkey.

“Little guy, did you go hunting these past few days” Huang Xiaolong laughed as he looked at the little violet monkey on his shoulder.

The little monkey’s quick rise in cultivation was all due to the beast core he swallowed from killing wicked beasts; its speed made even Huang Xiaolong who possessed superb talent twin martial spirits feels envious of its ability to increase cultivation by consuming beast cores.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong's question, the little violet monkey gestured with its two little hands, and then it squeaked cheerfully with pride at Huang Xiaolong, showing off its harvest from hunting wicked beasts these past few days.

Watching the little monkey’s cute antics, Huang Xiaolong smiled.

“Okay, okay little guy, I admit you’re very powerful all right.”

The little violet monkey nodded its head, which meant ‘of course’.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, told the little violet monkey to play on its own while he sparred with Fei Hou using the Execute Demon Sword.

No doubt, Fei Hou repressed his strength at peak late-Fifth Order.

In the past two months, Huang Xiaolong’s fighting experience had increased a whole lot as he sparred continuously with Fei Hou who was a Tenth Order warrior.

But, the little violet monkey that Huang Xiaolong sent away suddenly ran back, leapt towards Fei Hou and attacked him.

Thus, the scene changed from two people sparring to two people and a monkey sparring.

Huang Xiaolong attacked the little violet monkey, the little violet monkey attacked Fei Hou and in turn, Fei Hou attacked Huang Xiaolong.

Sometimes, Huang Xiaolong and the little violet monkey would attack Fei Hou together.

The entire small yard was fill with flashes of swords and monkey claws.

The little violet monkey’s claws are extremely sharp, comparable to a sacred-grade weapon.

Fei Hou faced extreme pressure against two opponents, especially with his cultivation repressed at peak late-Fifth Order, and in a moment of carelessness, he was scratched by monkey claws; he could only grin despite the pain.

With the presence of Fei Hou and the little violet monkey, Huang Xiaolong’s training days weren’t dull and boring.

Very quickly, twenty days passed.

It was now the end of the year.

Just like last year, inside the Huang Clan Manor were decorations of festive trinkets and colorful lanterns.

Everywhere, the guards, maids, and servants were busy, full of festive cheer.

“Tomorrow is the annual Clan Assembly!” Huang Xiaolong stood in the middle of the small yard watching pure white snow float down.

His hand reached out to catch a snowflake, feeling the cold as a snowflake lands on his palm; Huang Xiaolong remembered that it had been three years since the last time it last snowed.

He loves the sunshine, and he also loves when it snows and blankets the world in white as if covering the ugliness of the world.

Fei Hou stood two meters away from Huang Xiaolong, guarding silently.

“Wonder what Li Lu’s doing now” Huang Xiaolong thought inside his heart.

From the time they returned from the Li Residence, Huang Xiaolong and Huang Peng visited the Li Residence twice.

Ever since that banquet incident, Li Lu became taciturn and immersed herself in practice just like Huang Xiaolong.

Snow continued to fall, and just moments later, Huang Xiaolong was entirely covered in snow.

With a small shake, the accumulated snow fell to the ground and he turned around and left the small yard, heading towards Eastern Courtyard together with Fei Hou.

As he entered the Eastern Courtyard, he heard his mother, Su Yan, sobbing.

He walked faster and went into the hall.

He saw Su Yan hugging his sister, Huang Min, and his brother, Huang Xiaohai, with her eyes red from crying.

And his father sat on the side, his face full of anger.

On his sister’s face, there were two clear, burning red palm marks and the corner of his little brother’s lips was split, with blood trickling down and both of his eyes were swollen and black.

Evidently, he was beaten.

“Who hit you both” Huang Xiaolong’s anger rose as he looked towards his little sister and brother.

“Who else but that Huang Wei!” Su Yan cried.

“Huang Wei!” An icy chill flashed across Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

Sure enough, apart from Huang Wei, within the Huang Clan Manor, who else would dare to beat Second Manor Lord’s children!

“Today, Xiaohai and I went to play in the west yard.

On the way back, we ran into Huang Wei and Zhou Xuedong’s group; they said we blocked his path and hit us!” Huang Min cried.

Su Yan continued.

“After he hit Huang Min and Xiaohai, he even stripped off their clothes!”

“What!” Huang Xiaolong raised his voice as killing intent seeded in his heart.

In such cold weather with snow falling, since both of them possessed no have battle qi, if both his sister and brother were stripped of their clothes, they could have frozen to death!

“Big Brother, Huang Wei wanted me to pass a message to you: he said tomorrow at the Clan Assembly, he’ll let you ‘look good’!” Huang Min conveyed the message to Huang Xiaolong.

“Wants me to ‘look good’” Huang Xiaolong suppressed the killing intent in his heart.

Since tomorrow’s the assembly, then he’ll let Huang Wei enjoy one more day.

One night passed.

Snow had stopped falling.

The sky brightened in the absence of sunlight.

Huang Xiaolong stopped his training and left the small courtyard with Fei Hou, heading towards Eastern Courtyard.

When they reached the Main Foyer, most of the elders, housekeepers and disciples had already arrived.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes scanned the Main Hall and saw that both father and son, Huang Ming and Huang Wei were already there.


Luohan Sword Skill – Using pinyin here cause I can’t find an appropriate sub.

Luohan (Lohan) usually refers to monks; like Shaolin Eighteen Lohan Hands.

In Sanskrit, it’s called Arhat meaning a holy man but reluctant to use it here. 


‘look good’- embarrassed/humiliated.

A sarcastic way of speaking.

Will appear many times throughout the novel, please note.

Next release: Tues/Wed 

***Big 'Thank You' to the person whohad to bookmarke evey chapter on NU**


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