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Chapter 2510: Three Man Alliance

When Bai Buren and She Nanfeng heard what he said, crafty light flashed through their eyes.

It was especially so for Bai Buren.

He wanted to kill Huang Xiaolong a long time ago.

Now that Huang Xiaolong had managed to form his holy soul, Bai Burens desire to kill him had already reached unspeakable levels.

Like what Xiao Lengxue had said previously, Huang Xiaolong couldnt be allowed to grow anymore! Otherwise, their factions would definitely be destroyed once he became powerful enough!

Right now, there was a balance between the various superpowers.

The Holy Heavens, the Holy Lands Alliance, the Clear Snow Palace, and the Devil Palace were able to coexist peacefully due to the restraining power they had on each other.

However, everything would change the moment Huang Xiaolong matured.

“How about it” Xiao Lengxue stared at the other two and continued, “Well definitely be able to suppress him if we join hands.

Even if we cant destroy his holy soul, we can destroy his physical body! As long as he enters the reincarnation cycle, he will no longer be a threat to any of us!”


Once Huang Xiaolong reincarnated and started his cultivation from scratch, he would no longer belong to people of their generation.

“Alright!” Bai Buren nodded hastily.

There was no way he would give up such a good opportunity to slay Huang Xiaolong.

Lin Xiaoying couldnt help but feel a little worried when she noticed the alliance.

“Xiaolong, should we…” She was thinking about retreating as soon as Xiao Lengxue laid out the idea of an alliance.

After all, Huang Xiaolong was strong, and he might have taken out You Lingzi in the Burial Ground.

However, any single one of the three experts was stronger than You Lingzi!

The three of them were about to join hands to deal with Huang Xiaolong!

Even if he had two holy souls, he wouldnt be able to do anything to them!

She Nanfeng nodded while Lin Xiaoying tried to persuade Huang Xiaolong to leave.

As soon as She Nanfeng agreed, Xiao Lengxue felt a burst of joy in his heart.

He glared at Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong, I bet you didnt think that this would happen.


Huang Xiaolong glanced at them with an indifferent look in his eyes.

“Its just the three of you.

Ill kill you, and even after that I will have tons of energy to spare.”

Xiao Lengxue roared with laughter when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

“Huang Xiaolong, youre too arrogant! At best, your holy soul can take on a peak early-Second Heaven True Saint! I alone am enough to take care of you! You must be crazy to challenge all three of us at once!”

Xiao Lengxue wasnt exaggerating.

He was near the peak mid-Second Heaven True Saint Realm, and he had cultivated one of the strongest devil arts the Devil Palace had to offer! With his strength, he was confident that he could suppress Huang Xiaolong! The only reason he had formed the alliance with the other two was to ensure that Huang Xiaolong wouldnt be able to get away!

Bai Buren and She Nanfengs expressions sank when they heard what Huang Xiaolong said.

Right now, they were standing on the leaderboards fifth, sixth, and seventh position.

With the three of them forming an alliance, they would be able to force Tan Juan to retreat!

“Huang Xiaolong, is that the Black Corpse Holy Ring on your hand” Bai Buren asked as his gaze drifted over to Huang Xiaolongs palm.

Everyone stared at him in shock.

“What! The Black Corpse Holy Ring! Isnt that a high-grade holy artifact left behind by the Black Corpse Holy Emperor!”

“I had heard that his treasury has appeared in the Ghost Devil City.

Who would have thought that Huang Xiaolong had managed to obtain it”

Their gaze slowly turned to Huang Xiaolong as a fire burned in their eyes.

That treasury belonged to one of the ten strongest Holy Emperors in the Holy World!

Xiao Lengxue and She Nanfeng found it hard to breathe.

Previously, neither of them had cared about the ring on Huang Xiaolongs hand.

Who would have thought that it would be so valuable

“Huang Xiaolong, youre really generous! You brought the Black Corpse Holy Emperors treasury to us before dying!” Xiao Lengxue raised his head to the skies and roared with laughter.

“Are you relying on the Black Corpse Holy Ring Do you really think that a single holy artifact is enough to deal with all three of us Whatever.

Didnt you just obtain the ring I bet you haven\'t been able to refine it thoroughly.

With the little power you can use, do you think you can take on all three of us at once”

Bai Buren stared at the ring, and he growled softly.

“Hand over the ring, and we can have a proper discussion on whats to come.”

He was afraid that Huang Xiaolong would destroy everything in the ring in a state of panic.

Of course, the moment he handed it over, his life would be in their hands.

“Are you done If youre done, you can start attacking me now.

If you refuse to attack, you cant blame me for not giving you a chance.” Huang Xiaolong stared at the three of them coldly.

They had to be stupid if they thought that all he had was the Black Corpse Holy Ring.

Their expressions sank when they realized that Huang Xiaolong wasnt going to hand the ring over willingly.

Before Lin Xiaoying and Chen Yi could say anything, Huang Xiaolong spoke first, “Go hide somewhere safe.” Without waiting for a reply, Huang Xiaolong waved his arm and pushed Lin Xiaoying and the members of the Holy Heavens away from the upcoming battle.

In a flash, Xiao Lengxue and the others arrived beside Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong plans to take them on all by himself This is going to be good!”

“How exciting can this be Hes going to be dead! He wouldnt be able to fight Xiao Lengxue, much less the three of them! Huang Xiaolong is too arrogant! In fact, he wouldnt even be able to take on a single strike from any of them!”

Several disciples pointed at Huang Xiaolong and mocked his overconfidence.

None of them felt that Huang Xiaolong could win the battle.

Even Lin Xiaoying wore a worried expression on her face.

“Die!” Xiao Lengxue lunged at Huang Xiaolong suddenly as white and black devil qi filled the skies.

The white devil qi turned into a sea of white bones, and the black devil qi turned into countless vengeful spirits.

“White Boned Black Spirit!” Chen Yis expression changed.

The White Boned Black Spirit was one of the strongest devil arts in the Devil Palace! It was a holy art created by Palace Master Qiao Jinyang!

Bai Buren and She Nanfeng didnt want to lose to Xiao Lengxue, and they soared into the skies to activate their holy arts.

“Billion Stars Assembly!”

As an uncountable number of stars appeared in the skies above them, starlight fell on the lands and transformed the space around the battlefield.

The Billion Stars Assembly was undoubtedly one of the strongest holy arts in the Holy Race.

“Polar Dawn Sword Law!”

Countless strands of sword qi formed beside She Nanfeng and brilliant rays of white light emerged from each strand.

Under the illumination, the Blood Plains seemed to have transformed into a land filled with white.

Not a single trace of crimson could be seen.

During the battle in the Mirage Pavilion, Xiao Baili had used the same attack, shocking everyone present.

However, the scale of She Nanfengs Polar Dawn Sword Law was clearly larger than Xiao Baili! With his cultivation base at the peak of the early-Second Heaven True Saint Realm, the power contained in his attack was several hundred thousand times stronger than Xiao Bailis!

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