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Chapter 2544: Old Man Cangqiong Leaves

The Cangqiong Dao Palace was a dao-artifact-grade flying ship! It was one of the two flying-type dao artifacts in the entire Holy World!

One could imagine how precious the Cangqiong Dao Palace was.

There were merely two of them in the Holy World, which made them worth much more than other dao artifacts.

Yet Huang Xiaolong looked at the Cangqiong Dao Palace and said, “Master, as you are going to the Divine Tuo Holy World, you will need a dao artifact for protection.

If you give me all your dao artifacts, wont you be…”

Old Man Cangqiong chuckled kindly, hearing Huang Xiaolongs concern, “Dont worry about me.

With my strength, there probably wouldnt be more than a few people capable of hurting me even at the Divine Tuo Holy World.

Not to mention, the Cangqiong Blade and Cangqiong Dao Palace are not all of my dao artifacts.”

Huang Xiaolongs eyes widened in surprise.

Not merely two dao artifacts That is so excessive, isnt it In order to forge a dao artifact, it was nothing strange to hear a Primal Ancestor emptying his personal wealth.

Time and effort were another considerations, and in general, after forging one dao artifact, many Primal Ancestors wouldnt have the motivation to forge a second dao artifact.

Whereas, Old Man Cangqiong actually had three dao artifacts!

“Hehe, dont be so surprised,” Old Man Cangqiong chuckled, “I had an adventure, and ended up with three dao artifacts.

I personally forged the Cangqiong Blade and Cangqiong Dao Palace.

As for the third item, I got it by accident by a stroke of luck.”

Only then did it dawn on Huang Xiaolong.

So that was the case!

No wonder, Huang Xiaolong had thought Old Man Cangqiong had personally forged all three dao artifacts he had.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong accepted the Cangqiong Dao Palace.

“In the future when youve broken through to Primal Ancestor Realm, and formed your inextinguishable dao heart, take away this Cangqiong Holy Grounds as well.

I wont be taking it with me.” Old Man Cangqiong gazed into the distant horizon of the ethereal Cangqiong Holy Grounds hovering in space.

The Cangqiong Holy Grounds was one of the things he had spent lots of thoughts and efforts on.

Huang Xiaolongs lips moved, but he could not find the words to express his thoughts.

So in the end, he nodded solemnly and promised, “I will, Master.”

“Go on!” Old Man Cangqiong stopped dallying, calling Huang Xiaolong as he whizzed across the sky.

Out of the Cangqiong Holy Grounds, they entered the Cangqiong Dao Palace once again and dove into the vast Holy Worlds space.

Their destination this time was the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds Divine Tuo Continent!

“Master, you, can you leave after I have integrated with Saint Fate” on the way, Huang Xiaolong asked.

Old Man Cangqiong shook his head, “No, I cant do that.

Its guaranteed a hundred percent that you will be successful.

Moreover, with the Heavenly Master, Tyrant Chu, and others protecting you, no danger will come to you.

So, I wont stay.

Itll only make parting harder.”

Knowing it wont make a difference no matter what he said, Huang Xiaolong stopped insisting.

“After I leave the Holy World, go stop by the Clear Snow Palace more often if you have time.

That baby girl, Lin Xiaoying is not bad.” Old Man Cangqiong suddenly joked.

For a second, Huang Xiaolong didnt know how to respond.

As he watched Huang Xiaolongs awkward reaction, Old Man Cangqiong was enjoying himself and continued to tease him, “Then again, the other two baby girls, Tan Juan and Ji Xinyi, are also not bad.”

Huang Xiaolong was almost drenched in a cold sweat.

He didnt expect the old man to have a playful side.

Does the old man suspect that I have netted all three ladies Where did he get such a ridiculous idea

Huang Xiaolong protested feebly, “I am their martial uncle.”

Cangqiong Old Man chuckled, brushing off Huang Xiaolongs protest, “This is not a problem at all.

The cultivation path is a long road, and at some holy grounds, there were female disciples that became dao companions to their founders.”

Huang Xiaolong was rendered utterly speechless.

But Huang Xiaolong knew Old Man Cangqiong was speaking the truth.

Along the way, Old Man Cangqiong and Huang Xiaolong talked about various things, from dao arts to the many rumors of strange events of the Holy World.

Most of these strange rumors were holy grounds and ancient races secrets.

Huang Xiaolong really could not understand how come the old man knew so much of thesegossips.

In less than ten days of journey, Huang Xiaolong and Cangqiong Old Man arrived at the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds.

The Heavenly Master, Lord Long, Tyrant Chu, and Elder Crow personally appeared to welcome Cangqiong Old Man.

However, Cangqiong Old Man didnt want others to learn of his arrival.

Therefore, there were only the four Primal Ancestors who welcomed him, and no other Holy Heavens experts or disciples were present.

Naturally, greetings couldnt be exempted when old friends gathered.

“Ill trouble you all to take care of Huang Xiaolong in the future,” Old Man Cangqiong said to the four.

The Heavenly Master nodded, “Fellow Dao Master Cangqiong, dont worry.

With us four old men, Qiao Jinyang wont get past us to harm the kid.” The four of them had already learned that Old Man Cangqiong was planning to head to the Divine Tuo Holy World.

Old Man Cangqiong chuckled, “With you guys around, I am assured.”

Subsequently, Old Man Cangqiong, the Heavenly Master, Tyrant Chu, Elder Crow, Lord Long, and Huang Xiaolong reached the Divine Tuo Mountain.

The four Primal Ancestors had ordered a lockdown of one hundred million miles radius around the Divine Tuo Mountain in advance to prevent the leakage of news about Cangqiong Old Mans departure from the Holy World.

Many experts hadresisted the abrupt lockdown around the Divine Tuo Mountain, but when they heard that the lockdown was ordered by the four Primal Ancestors, their resistance wilted.

At the foot of the Divine Tuo Mountain, after taking the first step up the stairs, Old Man Cangqiong turned around and exhorted Huang Xiaolong many things.

Each matter showed the concern of an elder towards a beloved junior.

Huang Xiaolong promised and committed each word the old man said to memory.

Then, Old Man Cangqiong continued to climb the stairs, one step at a time, going upwards, and his figure gradually grew smaller, and then, he disappeared from sight into the thick clouds.

Several days later, the entire Divine Tuo Mountain suddenly lit up, and rays of light soared into the skies as streams of grand dao turned into resplendent profound runes, circulating in the air and finally opening a huge space entrance.

The powerful aura rushing out from the space entrance was overwhelming.

The grand dao energy circulating in the air went in to form a great dao array that enveloped the entire Divine Tuo Mountain peak.

Cangqiong Old Man vanished from sight and the huge space entrance began to shrink.

A while later, everything returned to normal, yet Huang Xiaolong remained standing on the same spot.

“Xiaolong, lets go,” the Heavenly Master persuaded Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong snapped out of his melancholy after hearing the Heavenly Masters voice calling him.

Upon returning to the Holy Heavens City with the four Primal Ancestors, Huang Xiaolong made a trip back to the Blue Dragon Manor.

Early the next day, he entered the Primal Ancestors space for atalk with his four masters.

With the Saint Fates appearance around the corner, Huang Xiaolongs four masters naturally had to impart some advice based on their experiences of integrating with a Saint Fate to Huang Xiaolong.

Although they believed Huang Xiaolong would succeed without a problem, it did not hurt to be cautious.

“Master, can a person only integrate with one Saint Fate\'\' This question suddenly popped out of Huang Xiaolongs mouth.

The four Holy Heavens Primal Ancestors were stunned.

“That should not be the case,” Elder Crow answered seriously, “Although there is no record of anyone in the Holy World integrating with two Saint Fate, integrating with two or more Saint Fate should be possible.

You have three complete dao saint godheads, so by logic, you should be able to integrate with three Saint Fates.”

The issue was, whether one could really integrate with more than one Saint Fate.

And none of the four Primal Ancestors could say with absolute certainty.

In fact, what the four didnt know was that Huang Xiaolongs aim was not merely three Saint Fates, but more, a lot more!

Saint Fate was a good thing ah!

The more one could integrate, the better it would be.

According to Huang Xiaolongs deduction, the more Saint Fates one integrated with, the stronger the integrated Saint Fate would be.

Then, his future cultivation path into the True Saint Realm would be faster, and his battle prowess would be even more amazing.

Every time Saint Fate appeared, there were definitely more than one, and there were distinctions between these Saint Fates.

Though higher-order Saint Fate was harder to integrate with, once successful, the effects were better.

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