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Chapter 2565: Establishing of Blue Dragon Manor

A day after the incident.

Before long, news of annihilation of the Swift Monsoon Holy Ground, Silver Devil Holy Ground, Great Desolate Holy Ground, and other forces heading to the Holy Heavens City to participate in the celebration ceremony by Devil Palace spread at lightning speed.

The entire Holy World was swept by a wave of apprehension.

On top of that, the list of annihilated holy grounds was growing longer, and soon, the number reached one hundred!

One hundred holy grounds were annihilated in a day!

They were annihilated on their way to attend the celebration ceremony, and there was not one survivor.

In a moment, those making their way to the Holy Heavens City stopped halfway, afraid to travel onward.

Soon, the Devil Palace made an announcement.

“During the celebration ceremony, Huang Xiaolong must publicly agree to the Devil Palaces conditions, and vow on the grand dao that he will never attack the Devil Palace, or the Devil Palace would start annihilating the next one hundred holy grounds! Until the day Huang Xiaolong agrees to the Devil Palaces conditions, the Devil Palace will continue to annihilate the holy grounds!”

Then, the Devil Palace published a list of a hundred holy grounds on the chopping board.

Panic gripped the numerous Holy Worlds numerous holy grounds and ancient races.

The one hundred forces, whose names were on the Devil Palaces name list, were terrified, flustered, and at a loss.

In the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds Primal Ancestors space, the Heavenly Master, Tyrant Chu, Elder Crow, Lord Long, Mo Cangli, Xue Lingyun, and Huang Xiaolong were seated in the main hall.

“The Devil Palace is really shameless and despicable!” Xue Lingyun snorted, and her expression was frosty.

She could barely control her anger every time she recalled the ambush the Clear Snow Palace had suffered not long ago.

“Qiao Jinyangs group must have felt greatly threatened by Xiaolongs success in integrating with twelve high-order Saint Fates.

Therefore, they didnt sit back and wait.

Instead, they came up with this method to force Xiaolong!” The Heavenly Master solemnly stated.

Tyrant Chus anger exploded, “His granny, we should gather everyone, and kill our way to the Black Devil Star Prison, smash up his place, and capture those three old fogeys!”

Elder Crow shook his head, “Thats not going to work, the Black Devil Star Prison has layers of restrictions laid out by the three Palace Masters, and even though there are the six us, its not a matter of a day or two to break the Black Devil Star Prisons defensive lines.

Qiao Jinyang, Cao Nan, and Gu Tian would have ample time to escape, and its more troublesome if they escape.”

It would be super troublesome!

If that happened, the Holy Heavens, Clear Snow Palace, Holy Lands Alliance, the Holy Race, and many others would have to deal with three Primal Ancestors endless killings.

In that situation, there would not be a day of peace in the Holy World.

“Then, what should we do Does Xiaolong really have to agree to their condition!” Lord Long frowned.

Six pairs of eyes turned to Huang Xiaolong as none of them could think of a way to deal with this matter.

“Ill just agree to their conditions at the celebration ceremony.” Huang Xiaolong stated without any emotion.

All six Primal Ancestors were surprised by Huang Xiaolongs decision.

“Xiaolong, you, really want to agree to their conditions Youve thought it through!” Tyrant Chu asked.

Those three thought they were smart-alecks.

“Its alright,” Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

“It makes no difference to agree.”

The main condition Qiao Jinyang put forward was he, Huang Xiaolong, wouldnt attack the Devil Palace, so he didnt need to attack personally.

But it would never occur to Qiao Jinyang that once Huang Xiaolongs strength reached a certain level, Huang Xiaolong wont need to raise a finger to destroy the Devil Palace!

A month later…

The celebration ceremony proceeded as scheduled.

During the celebration ceremony, facing the various forces endless pleadings, Huang Xiaolong agreed to the Devil Palaces conditions in public, and vowed to the grand dao that he would not attack the Devil Palace.

Huang Xiaolong also inserted a condition of his own during the vow, Qiao Jinyang, Cao Nan, and Gu Tian couldnt attack the various holy grounds anymore, and if they broke this condition, he would personally kill the three of them!

After seeing that Huang Xiaolong had vowed in public as the Devil Palace requested, the various forces that were attending the celebration ceremony were extremely grateful to Huang Xiaolong.

Especially the one hundred holy grounds that were on the list announced by the Devil Palace as the next targets.

All of them thanked Huang Xiaolong, vowing to do whatever Huang Xiaolong requested of them in the future to return his kindness, forever being loyal to him!

Many holy grounds and ancient races patriarchs knelt on their knees, claiming they were willing to serve Huang Xiaolong.

At a rough glance, the number exceeded ten thousand.

This was unprecedented in the Holy World.

Even the Heavenly Master, Tyrant Chu, or the other two Holy Heavens Primal Ancestors did not have this degree of influence or prestige.

Naturally, these holy grounds and ancient races patriarchs were willing to serve Huang Xiaolong not just because Huang Xiaolong had agreed to the Devil Palaces condition.

It was Huang Xiaolongs potential, including his three complete dao saint godheads, his integration with twelve high-order Saint Fates, his Inextinguishable Dao Heart, being Cangqiong Old Mans successor, and him having two great backings, the Holy Heavens and Clear Snow Palace.

These were the very persuasive factors that motivated these patriarchs\' willingness to serve Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong softly rejected these forces offers, but he failed.

Thus he could only accept them under his banner.

In the past, before he had stepped into True Saint Realm, many holy grounds and big clans had wanted to serve him, but all of them were rejected by Huang Xiaolong.

Refusing these people again and again would only appear hypocritical.

One point to be noted was that these people swore their allegiance to Huang Xiaolong alone, not the Holy Heavens organisation.

Therefore, discounting Primal Ancestor Realm experts, the number of experts under Huang Xiaolong had exceeded the Holy Heavens, Clear Snow Palace, Holy Lands Alliance, and Devil Palace altogether.

In the days after the celebration ceremony, Huang Xiaolong was busy with organizing the numerous holy grounds, big clans, and ancient races, and had Ji Cais father, Ji Shang, of the Blood Qilin Race, set some basic rules.

At the end of the day, these rules benefited these forces, hence, they were passed and implemented without obstacles.

Huang Xiaolong named his own force the Blue Dragon manor.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong designated the Cangqiong Holy Ground to be the Blue Dragon Manors headquarters.

Huang Xiaolong even made a trip to the Cangqiong Holy Ground himself and spent several years to refine the Cangqiong Holy Ground, before moving the Cangqiong Holy Ground closer to the Heavenly Master Holy Grounds.

Taking inspirations from designs on Earth, Huang Xiaolong personally designed the Blue Dragon Manors headquarters, and under the joint efforts of various forces, the Blue Dragon Manor headquarters on Cangqiong Holy Ground was finally completed.

Countless array formations were laid out around the imposing, glorious and majestic Blue Dragon Manor that seemd to blend into the Cangqiong Holy Grounds natural grand dao.

It was no less spectacular than the Holy Heavens Manor.

Then, with the Blue Dragon Manor as the center, Huang Xiaolong expanded outwards, building a Blue Dragon City.

From the sky, the Blue Dragon City resembled a great blue dragon coiling on the ground, exuding majestic dragon might.

The entire Cangqiong Holy Ground was divided into several tens of thousands of mainlands.

In the future, according to merits, the various holy grounds, big clans, and ancient races that had submitted to him could move into these mainlands.

A decade came and went in the blink of an eye.

The Blue Dragon Manors empire was slowly taking shape, its forces expanded to every corner of the Holy World.

As time passed, more and more holy grounds joined the Blue Dragon Manor.

“Its time to head to the ancient battlefield.”

On this day, Huang Xiaolong decided as he looked at the gradually completed Blue Dragon City.

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