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Chapter 2572: Suoluo Races Old Patriarch

With Jiang Long around, Jiang Shaohuang had a certain degree of confidence.

Jiang Shaohuang more or less recognized the Holy Worlds Primal Ancestor Realm experts.

Thus he was certain there was no person like Hei Luo among them.

Whereas, Huang Xiaolong, who was wrapped in an air of mystery, was only a late-First Heaven True Saint.

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolongs response was tepid as he turned to Hei Luo and commanded, “Hei Luo, attack!”

Hei Luos face split into a big grin, revealing two rows of sparkling white teeth as he complied, “Yes, master!”

Master! Jiang Long, Jing Shaohuang, and the rest were stupefied upon hearing Hei Luo address Huang Xiaolong as his master.

Before their senses recovered, Hei Luos attack had arrived.

The moment Hei Luo attacked, monstrous devil qi and corpse qi took over, and the sky vanished from sight.

Yin winds or blood corpse qi were insignificant before this monstrous devil qi and corpse qi.

Jiang Long, an Eminent Elder of the Suoluo Race, had never seen such monstrous devil qi and corpse qi in his lifetime.

Then, what was more to his juniors like Jiang Shaohuang and other experts.

All of their faces paled at the sight.

“This is…!”

In a split second, Jiang Long roared as he came to his senses, and both his palms struck out simultaneously.

Boundless dark red waves of energy surged, forming a great blood-attributed boundary.

But it was a futile effort.

Although these blood waves could have easily destroyed a holy ground, they were as fragile as a piece of paper against the monstrous devil qi and corpse qi.


Endless blood waves, and monstrous devil qi and corpse qi collided in midair, and the impact was like a strike on a great wall.

The devil qi and corpse qi rolled back in thousand zhang high waves from the collision, and then it continued attacking Jiang Long, Jiang Shaohuang, and the rest.

“Young Patriarch, look out!”

“Quick, take out the Stars Sea Reversal Mirror!” Jiang Long shouted urgently.

Jiang Shaohuang was gripped by fear and panic as he summoned out a mirror in a fluster.

Jiang Long desperately sent his holy energy into the mirror.

The mirror enlarged instantly and strong rays of starlight burst out from the mirror surface.

All energy and everything were repelled under this burst of starlight.

The Stars Sea Reversal Mirror was a dao artifact!

Before Jiang Shaohuang had set off to the ancient battlefield, the Suoluo Races Old Patriarch had given him a dao artifact for protection in case of an accident.

The monstrous devil qi and corpse qi finally reached the Stars Sea Reversal Mirror and the rays of starlight shone intensely, as if the world of stars on the other side had migrated over.

As the intense starlight from this world of stars rose in resistance, the monstrous devil qi and corpse qi were slowly being repelled.

However, the devil qi and corpse qi were simply overwhelming that the Stars Sea Reversal Mirrors power was soon being forced back!

At the moment the rays of starlight shattered like glass, Jiang Long, Jiang Shaohuang, and the rest of Suoluo Races experts were sent flying in several directions while coughing up blood.

As a peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint expert, Jiang Long was able to suppress his injuries, but Jiang Shaohuang and other Suoluo Races experts were dyed in their own blood.

A few were writhing and screaming in pain being contaminated by Hei Luos devil qi and corpse qi.

Jiang Shaohuang and the Suoluo Races Seventh Heaven and Eighth Heaven True Saint experts were flabbergasted.

“You, how Grand dao energy!” Jiang Long had a terrified expression on his face as he stared at Hei Luo.

Although Hei Luo lacked an Inextinguishable Dao Heart, he was a genuine Primal Ancestor, and his body was a genuine dao physique.

Hei Luo didnt bother to respond, and devil qi around him intensified as his icy gaze swept over Jiang Long and the rest.

Huang Xiaolongs figure blurred in a flicker, and appeared in front of the writhing Sixth Heaven True Saint Realm Suoluo Race experts.

Inextinguishable dao light shone from his chest as strands of grand dao law flew out and wrapped around them.

“In-Inextinguishable Dao Heart!”

This time, Jiang Long shrieked at the top of his lungs.

He and Jiang Shaohuang trembled.

Before their dumbfounded eyes, those experts bodies shrunk rapidly as Huang Xiaolong extracted their energies, including their holy souls.

Soon, there was only a layer of skin remaining of the several Sixth Heaven True Saint Suoluo Race experts.

A gust of ancient battlefields yin winds blew, and these skin disintegrated and fluttered through the ancient battlefield.

Jiang Shaohuang, Jiang Long, and the rest watched this scene blankly.

None of them dared to make a move.

Perhaps they were completely deterred by Hei Luos strength, or maybe they feared Huang Xiaolongs Inextinguishable Dao Heart!

After watching Huang Xiaolong kill a dozen Suoluo Race experts in that manner, and then devour them, unprecedented fear rose from the bottom of Jiang Shaohuang and the remaining peoples hearts.

Neither Jiang Shaohuang nor Jiang Long moved.

After devouring a dozen Suoluo Races experts, Huang Xiaolongs attention shifted onto Jiang Shaohuang and Jiang Long.

At the same time, he released the six Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm helpers out, four undead spirits and two nethersouls.

“These are Ninth Heaven True Saint undead spirits and nethersouls!” Upon seeing the six undead spirits and nethersouls, Jiang Long was shocked once more, but the despair he felt was real.

Jiang Shaohuang and the remaining Suoluo Race experts were similarly in despair.

Huang Xiaolong ordered the undead spirits and nethersouls to block all retreat points for Jiang Shaohuangs group.

Then, he approached Jiang Shaohuang and Jiang Long.

“Huang Xiao-, Lord Huang.” Jiang Shaohuang stopped himself just as he wanted to call out Huang Xiaolong.

“I am the Suoluo Races young patriarch, the Suoluo Race is the Alien Lands royal family, and the Suoluo Races Old Patriarch is my grandfather.

He is also a Primal Ancestor Realm expert.”

“Im aware,” Huang Xiaolong interjected without any expression, “So what”

The rest of Jiang Shaohuangs words were choked in his throat, and his face turned deathly pale.

He seemed to have seen what his ending would be.

Suddenly, a strong hatred exploded in him that stemmed from the regret that he hadnt listened to Eminent Elder Jiang Longs advice.

He had insisted on coming over to the Corpse River for some inexplicable reason.

Because of this, they had run into Huang Xiaolong.

He remembered how he had felt when he had first seen Huang Xiaolong, who was merely a late-First Heaven True Saint.

In his opinion, Huang Xiaolong was no different than a fly.

Whod have thought that a fly would suddenly change into a ferocious origin beast!

“Lord Huang, what do you want What do you want that you would be willing to let us go” Jiang Long suppressed his internal turmoil and spoke.

“Weve been at the ancient battlefield for several years.

During this time, we have found a lot of saint artifacts, holy herbs, holy pills, and holy martial arts.

We can give you all of these!”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “I have a lot of saint artifacts, holy herbs, and holy pills.

Those are useless to me.

I already gave you two choices earlier!”

Suddenly, one of the Suoluo Races Ninth Heaven True Saint experts yelled, “Eminent Elder Jiang Long, take the Young Patriarch away, escape with the dao talisman, hurry! The six of us will hold him back with our lives!”

Dao talisman was a talisman refined by a Primal Ancestor Realm expert.

On the talisman was a drop of a Primal Ancestors blood, and after the talisman was activated, they could escape in an instant.

Another Primal Ancestor wouldnt be able to stop them from running away in time.

Jiang Shaohuang had one such talisman on him, which was personally refined by the Suoluo Races Old Patriarch.

Moreover, once Jiang Shaohuang activated the talisman, the Suluo Races Old Patriarch would immediately know that Jiang Shaohuang was in danger!

When Jiang Shaohuang activated the escape-talisman, the Suoluo Races Old Patriarch Jiang Heng, who was cultivating inside his dao palace, opened his eyes in the Alien Landss Suoluo Domain billions of miles away.

The entire dao palace quaked slightly from the sharpness in his eyes.

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