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“What the f*ck! The Heavenly Master Incarnation!” Zi Dongping jumped in shock.

He was extremely familiar with the Heaven Master Incarnation, as that was the exact move that had injured him in the past.

The only reason he hadnt been able to recover was because of the Heavenly Master!

He had never thought that he would face the same move again.

After soaring through the air, purple light filled the space around him as terrifying pressure descended on the lands.

He glared at Huang Xiaolong as the killing intent in his heart reached the absolute maximum.

“Are you the disciple of that old b*stard!” 

“Thats right,” Huang Xiaolong admitted to it instantly as he didnt plan to hide the fact that he was the Heavenly Masters disciple.

That was also the reason he used the Heavenly Master Incarnation right off the bat.

As soon as Zi Dongping received the confirmation, he roared with laughter.

The humiliation he had felt for the past billions of years was released, along with the rage contained in his heart. 

He finally managed to vent out all the feelings he had kept suppressed in his chest.

Finally stopping after several minutes, he glared at Huang Xiaolong as blood-red light flashed through his purple eyes.

“Since youre his disciple, you should know that I desire nothing more than to kill him, and everyone related to him! How dare you show yourself to me!” The corners of his lips arched upwards when he noticed Huang Xiaolongs cultivation realm.

“Early-Second Heaven True Saint Realm!”

“How did someone like you take a blow from me”

He might have used a fraction of his strength, but it was more than enough to cripple a Ninth Heaven True Saint.

However, Huang Xiaolong had managed to blow his attack apart!

The curiosity in his heart multiplied by many folds when he recalled the moment when Huang Xiaolong had blasted his purple river open.

“Dont you wish to know the reason I risked my life to find you” Huang Xiaolong ignored his question and asked one of his own.

Zi Dongping stared at Huang Xiaolongs fearless expression and frowned, “Speak.”

“Im here to make you surrender to me! You shall submit and serve me!” Huang Xiaolong declared confidently.

Staring at Huang Xiaolong with billions of question marks appearing in his head, Zi Dongping had no idea how to react for a moment. 

By the time he regained his senses, he raised his head to the skies and roared with laughter.

“Take you as my master! You wish to subdue me!” Zi Dongping nearly spat out everything he had eaten in his billions of years of existence.

“A Second Heaven True Saint wishes to make me his slave!”

Zi Dongping laughed so hard that his face scrunched up.

“The old b*stard Heavenly Master definitely didnt expect to accept a retard as his disciple! What the f*ck is wrong with him! You know what This is what he deserves! He deserves to accept a stup*d f*ck like you as his disciple!” 

Huang Xiaolong didnt care about the other partys mockery, nor did he care about his rage.

Instead, Huang Xiaolongs expression remained the same.

As for Hei Luo, he was expressionless too.

Ever since he had left the Black Corpse Devil Cave, Hei Luos face hadnt changed.

When Zi Dongping finally managed to control his laughter, Huang Xiaolong spoke up.

“Why dont we make a bet” 

This was a fool-proof method that had allowed him to subdue the Departing Sword Sage and the others when he was only in the Venerable Realm.

As if on cue, Zi Dongping agreed, “Little brat, what do you wish to bet on Whatever tricks youre thinking of playing, you should know that you wont be walking out of here alive today.

Im going to refine you into an undead puppet and torture you for a trillion billion billion trillion million years before Im satisfied!”

“If you manage to force us to retreat more than a hundred miles, you can do whatever you wish.

You may choose to attack us with everything you got, but if we manage to force you to retreat more than a hundred miles, you have to take me as your master.”

That was a plan Huang Xiaolong had long since thought out.

His master, the Heavenly Master, had already told him that Zi Dongping was an extremely arrogant man.

He would definitely accept Huang Xiaolongs challenge.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong had already made a backup plan in case Zi Dongping didnt accept.

It was also the reason he had used so much time to fortify the Cangqiong World around the Hong Zhen Holy Gate.

If Zi Dongping were to refuse, Huang Xiaolong would join hands with Hei Luo to suppress him! Whatever the case, he would be able to force Zi Dongping into submission.

The only difference was the amount of effort he used.

Zi Dongpings eyes narrowed when he heard the terms.

“Little brat, are you so sure you can force me to retreat more than a hundred miles Or are you so confident of holding me back for an hour”

“Are you scared” Huang Xiaolong sneered, “Hahaha! A Primal Ancestor like yourself doesnt dare to bet with a Second Heaven True Saint like me! Werent you acting all arrogant just a moment ago!”

A sinister smile formed on Zi Dongpings face.

“You dont have to goad me…” Sizing Huang Xiaolong up, he continued, “You probably have some sort of Primal Ancestor Dao Artifact on you!”

“Of course.”

With a crafty light flashing in his eyes, Zi Dongping continued, “It seems like that old b*stard is pretty good to you… Hes even willing to part with his dao artifact! Alright! Ill take the bet.

However, youre not allowed to use the dao artifact.

Also, you have to take me on alone!”

According to what he said, Hei Luo couldnt take part in the battle.

Huang Xiaolong had to challenge him alone!

A sneer formed on Zi Dongpings face.

Even with his injury, he was confident of taking on a Second Heaven True Saint.

A frown formed on Huang Xiaolongs face as he hadnt expected Zi Dongping to come up with such terms.

No matter how serious the injury Zi Dongping faced, Huang Xiaolong wasnt confident that he could obtain victory all by himself.

Just as Zi Dongping thought that Huang Xiaolong would reject, Huang Xiaolong proved him wrong.


A stunned expression appeared on Zi Dongpings face.

He didnt expect Huang Xiaolong to accept so easily.

Of course, Huang Xiaolong didnt agree on impulse.

Even though he wasnt confident he could take Zi Dongping in a fight, he was confident that he could prevent himself from retreating more than a hundred miles from his current spot.

With a sharp purple light flashing in his eyes, Zi Dongping nodded.


He didnt believe that he would lose to a Second Heaven True Saint!

After making an oath on the grand dao, they agreed that Zi Dongping would make the first move while Huang Xiaolong would make the second. 

With a wall of restriction a hundred miles behind him, Huang Xiaolong would lose if he crossed that barrier. 

As for Hei Luo, he retreated into the distance.

“Little brat, are you ready” Zi Dongping was extremely confident now that Huang Xiaolongs helper was gone.

He released his aura and locked on to Huang Xiaolong instantly.

No longer replying, Huang Xiaolong released his three great holy souls.

When Zi Dongping saw three holy souls flying into the air, he was shocked.

He was proclaimed as the strongest talent in the Alien Land before he became a Primal Ancestor, and he had the ability to become the number one expert in the Alien Lands! His talent was comparable to Mo Cangli of the Holy World, but he was shocked when he saw Huang Xiaolongs holy souls.

Before he could react, twelve rings flew out from these holy souls.

Zi Dongping stared at the twelve rings in stunned silence as he felt an invisible blow slamming against his heart.

“Twelve… Twelve Saint Fates!”

Moreover, all of them were high-level Saint Fates!

He finally understood that the Heavenly Master hadnt taken in a stup*d kid as his disciple.

The human before him was a terrifying existence!

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