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Chapter 2624: Rejoicing in Others Misfortune

Just when Yin Zhangguo had no idea what was going on, a terrifying ray of light emerged from the Dao Gate.

It contained the power to shatter the heavens and the earth, and Yuan Qianxing was sent flying in an instant.

Tumbling backwards continuously, Yuan Qianxing smashed through god knew how many mountain peaks along the way.

The disciples of the Myriad Origin Race were also blown away by the impact of the blast.

Those standing around stared at Yuan Qianxings sorry figure, and their jaws dropped in shock.

There were even several experts, who were planning to fish in muddied waters after the Myriad Origin Race had attacked the gate, but fear quickly gripped their hearts.

Even Yuan Qianxing was flung away like a weak little monkey! How strong would the beam of light be if it could send an expert like him reeling!

Yin Zhangguo, Feng Jiu, and Feitian Longpeng were all equally shocked.

Yuan Wangfeng felt fear gripping his heart.

Yuan Qianxing struggled out from the bottom of the mountain of gravel and stared at the entrance of the Dao Gate in disbelief.

The blood started to drain from his face, and his head buzzed in confusion.

How can this be!


“Do you think that the entrance will only be protected by the Mansion Masters restrictions” Long Shengtian snorted.

It was clear he was speaking to Yuan Qianxing.

Yuan Qianxings heart started to sink when he heard what Long Shengtian said.

He didnt believe that there would be an even stronger being, who would protect the Dao Gate!

“The restrictions at the entrance were laid down by four Primal Ancestors!” Long Shengtian laughed coldly.

Four of them!

The hearts of those standing around, started to pound.

“If anyone tried to attack the entrance, they would be struck by a backlash as strong as their own attack!” Long Shengtian continued, “To tell you the truth, even a high-level Primal Ancestor would be unable to break through the entrance.

The stronger the attack, the stronger the backlash!”

Yuan Qianxings face turned extremely unsightly.

It was no wonder Long Shengtian wasnt fazed when I attacked the entrance of the Dao Gate!

“Being confident is good, but blind confidence makes you arrogant!” Long Shengtian sneered, “Even if the ancestors of your races charge over here and join hands with you, no one would be able to shatter the entrance of the Dao Gate! Yuan Qianxing, you better know your place in the Otherworldly Mansion! If you dare to try anything else, I will activate the grand formation of the mansion to suppress you.

We shall wait for the Mansion Master to return and mete out your punishment!”

A trace of frost flashed past Yuan Qianxings eyes, but he chose to remain silent.

When everyone saw that Yuan Qianxing was no longer planning to do anything, they chose to remain quietly on the side.

Yao Ji and Chan Wuwo could only look at each other in silence.

They could only pray that Huang Xiaolong would be stuck at the ten-thousandth dao law.

Even if he managed to comprehend nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine dao laws, it would mean nothing if he didnt comprehend all of them!

Another year passed.

In the year that passed, the disciples of the three races behaved themselves, but their expressions grew uglier with each passing day.

Seven thousand two hundred and sixty-nine!

In a short two years, Huang Xiaolong had managed to comprehend more than seven thousand dao laws!

With his speed, he wouldnt even need four whole years!

Yuan Qianxing stared at the bright lights blooming in the skies, and he clenched his fists.

The killing intent in his heart grew even stronger.

“Young Master Yuan Qianxing, why dont we kill Huang Xiaolong as soon as he emerges” Yuan Wangfeng suggested with a voice transmission, “After comprehending all the dao laws, he will definitely let his guard down.

He wont expect us to attack him as soon as he emerges, and as long as we destroy his physical body, he would no longer be a threat to you!”

Yuan Qianxing was moved.

Yuan Wangfengs plan might actually work…

Another year passed.

“Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine dao laws!”

When the skies above the Otherworldly Mansion lit up again, many disciples screamed in excitement.

Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine dao laws!

Only the ten-thousandth one was left!

As long as Huang Xiaolong comprehended one more dao law, he would be able to achieve something no one had ever done!

A majority of disciples from the Otherworldly Mansion clenched their fists in anticipation.

Very soon, they would be able to witness a miracle.

Yuan Qianxing clenched his fists tightly, and his knuckles turned deathly white as he glared at the entrance of the Dao Gate.

Long Shengtian and Yin Zhangguo were equally nervous.

Even after a day, nothing happened.

Two days passed and there was still no reaction.

Three, four, five days…

Everyone turned to look at each other.

“Dont tell me Huang Xiaolong is really stuck at the ten-thousandth dao law!” Feitian Longpeng locked his brows together, and he sighed.

Huang Xiaolong took only half a day to comprehend the nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-ninth dao law, but nothing happened after five whole days!

“I dont think so.” Feng Tian shook his head.

Even though he was trying to reassure the rest, he didnt sound confident at all.

“Its fine to take a little longer for the last dao law.”

One entire month passed and everything remained silent.

The lights that signified that one had comprehended a dao law were nowhere to be seen.

Finally, many people started to break out into discussions as they stared at the Dao Gate.

Those who were confident in Huang Xiaolong were starting to doubt themselves.

Even though it wouldnt be abnormal if one took a little longer to comprehend the final dao law, it wouldnt take a month!

If anyone took more than a month to comprehend a dao law, their chances of doing so would start to drop! After one entire month, ones chance of comprehending the dao law would be less than two percent!

Another month passed, and there was still no action.

Even Long Shengtian was starting to get worried.

After two whole months, the chances of Huang Xiaolong comprehending the final dao law was slim to none!

Smiles blossomed on the faces of Chan Wuwo, Yao Ji, Yuan Wangfeng, and the others.

“Young Master, it looks like Huang Xiaolong would no longer be able to comprehend the last dao law.” Zi Yutong gloated, as a charming smile appeared on her face.

Chan Wuwo laughed, “When I return, lets cultivate hard together.”

He was naturally talking about dual cultivation.

Zi Yutong became even more coquettish and teased, “Young Master, please teach me harder!”

Chan Wuwo laughed loudly.

All of a sudden, a massive blast shook the Otherworldly Mansion.

“What!” Chan Wuwos laughter stopped, and he saw a dragon appearing in the space above the mansion.

It was a dragon that was countless miles long, and it was more dazzling than any light that emerged when one comprehended the dao laws! Brilliant rays of light lit up the entire mansion, and everyone felt an invincible power falling from the skies.

Chan Wuwo looked at the void with dull eyes.

Is that the light that signifies that one has comprehended all ten thousand dao laws!

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