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Chapter 2626: Mansion Master Candidate

Long Shengtian didn\'t seem to sense Yuan Qianxing\'s killing intent behind him.

Instead, a smile formed on his face as he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong, congratulations for comprehending all the dao laws and becoming the first disciple in the history of the Otherworldly Mansion to do so!”

No one knew if Long Shengtian did it on purpose to spite Yuan Qianxing, but the latter was definitely enraged.


Is he trying to say that Im garbage for not being able to comprehend all ten thousand dao laws!

“Many thanks to the Deputy Mansion Master,” Huang Xiaolong thanked.

In Huang Xiaolongs heart, he was grateful that Long Shengtian had helped him out on more than a single occasion.

“Since you comprehended all ten thousand dao laws, there is no need for the approval of all the races for you to become a mansion master candidate! As the Deputy Mansion Master of the Otherworldly Mansion, I, Long Shengtian, declare that Huang Xiaolong is the fifth Mansion Master Candidate!”

The disciples from the Purple Spider Race and the human race cheered wildly as soon as the announcement left his lips.

Yin Zhangguo, Feng Jiu, Feitian Longpeng, and the others were extremely happy for Huang Xiaolong.

When everyone was cheering for Huang Xiaolong, Yuan Qianxing started to walk towards the man.

Long Shengtian noticed his actions, and he locked on to Yuan Qianxing immediately.

“Yuan Qianxing, what do you think youre doing”

A mocking smile formed on Yuan Qianxings face when he saw how anxious Long Shengtian was acting.

He mocked, “Deputy Mansion Master, why are you so nervous Its great that someone has managed to comprehend all ten thousand dao laws, and he has entered the ranks of the mansion master candidates.

As a mansion master candidate myself, I have to offer my congratulations.”

Huang Xiaolong said indifferently, “Theres no need to congratulate me.

If you come over, Im afraid Ill vomit after smelling the stench coming off you.”

Everyone was dumbfounded by Huang Xiaolongs sudden insult.

Long Shengtian laughed out loud, “Hahaha! Yuan Qianxing, dont tell me you are unaware of the foul intentions leaking out of your body.”

A trace of frosty light flashed through Yuan Qianxings eyes, and he clenched his fists in anger.

A cold sneer left his lips, “Huang Xiaolong dont think for a moment that you can sit back and relax just because you became a mansion master candidate.

This is just the start of our battle.” He then added, “Long Shengtian, tomorrow, I will apply for the position of the Mansion Master!”

“What!” The disciples from the Otherworldly Mansion erupted instantly.

As for Yuan Wangfeng, Chan Wuwo, and the others, a fire burned in their eyes.

“Mansion Master!” Long Shengtian stared at Yuan Qianxing as his heart sank.

“Thats right.

According to the rules of the Otherworldly Mansion, a mansion master candidate can fight for the position of the mansion master once five candidates appear.

Dont tell me you forgot about the rule…” Yuan Qianxing sneered.

As he fell silent, Long Shengtians expression turned unsightly.

As long as Yuan Qianxing brought his idea up to the Eminent Elders, they would definitely agree.

Not to mention the fact that the mansion was filled with members of the royal families… Even though Long Shengtian was the deputy mansion master, he wouldnt be able to object to it!

As long as the challenge began, all four candidates would have to accept Yuan Qianxings challenge whether they liked it or not! If he chose to challenge Huang Xiaolong, no one would be able to blame him if he killed the man on stage!

Of course, every candidate had the right to refuse the challenge.

If Huang Xiaolong chose to, Yuan Qianxing would immediately become the one and only young master of the Otherworldly Mansion!

Once that happened, all other candidates would be demoted to core disciples of the mansion! As the young master of the Otherworldly Mansion, Yuan Qianxing could come up with endless reasons to kill Huang Xiaolong!

Like how he had joined hands with the four other races to kill Huang Xiaolong in the past, no one would be able to stop him once he turned into the young master of the Otherworldly Mansion! Even if he didnt want to, the ancestors of the Myriad Origin Race, Golden Buddha Race, and the others would be more than willing to do his dirty work!

Huang Xiaolong was too damn talented.

When the ancestors of the various races thought about the number of disciples that had died at Huang Xiaolongs hands, they knew that the seeds of grudge had already been sown.

There was no way they could allow him to continue developing.

No matter what happened, Huang Xiaolong would be in immense danger!

Yin Zhangguo, Feng Jiu, Feitian Longpeng, and the others instantly understood Yuan Qianxings intentions, and their expressions turned unsightly.

The smiles on the faces of those who supported Huang Xiaolong disappeared instantly.

“Huang Xiaolong, werent you being very full of yourself” Yuan Qianxing snorted, “The Eminent Elders will soon inform you of the challenge.

I hope you wont disappoint me.”

Yuan Wangfeng roared with laughter, “Young Master Yuan Qianxing is unparalleled under the heavens! Even the corpse puppet of a Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor isnt your opponent! Then, who will dare to accept your challenge Anyone who does will be sending themselves to their death!”

Even Hei Luo wasnt able to stand up to Yuan Qianxing.

Therefore, no one in the right mind would accept his challenge!

Despite that, Huang Xiaolong remained completely impassive.

“Yuan Qianxing, your laughter is even more disgusting than the stench coming from your body.”


Everyone was dumbfounded.

A murderous intent flashed past Yuan Qianxings eyes.

“Huang Xiaolong, continue barking while you can.

The day I become the young master of the Otherworldly Mansion is the day your life becomes a living hell!”

“Lets go!”

After he spoke, Yuan Qianxing left with the members of the Myriad Origin Race.

When they left, Chan Wuwo and the others saw no point in staying behind.

“Xiaolong, if Yuan Qianxing applies to be the Mansion Master… You…,” Yin Zhangguo muttered softly.

“Its fine.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head and smiled, “He will never be the young master of the Otherworldly Mansion…”

Now that he had reached the peak of the late Second Heaven True Saint Realm, he had been suppressing himself from making a breakthrough immediately.

As soon as he managed to enter the Third Heaven True Saint Realm, he would no longer be afraid of Yuan Qianxing.

Even if he couldnt beat the man, Yuan Qianxing wouldnt be able to do a thing to him!

When Long Shengtian and Yin Zhangguo heard what Huang Xiaolong said, they couldnt help but feel a sense of worry sprouting in their hearts.

They couldnt help but give Huang Xiaolong some advice, “If Yuan Qianxing really succeeds, you should leave the Otherworldly Mansion.

The world is large, and even if he has the power of the royal races standing behind him, he wouldnt be able to find you!”

Huang Xiaolong smiled but remained silent.

His goal this time was to become the mansion master, and he wouldnt leave because of a mere Yuan Qianxing.

Not to mention the fact that running away would paint him in a cowardly light.

Also, there was the dao fruit somewhere in the mansion.

Everyone gradually left and Huang Xiaolong returned to his palace.

“It looks like I need to find a place to enter seclusion immediately,” Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

Even if Yuan Qianxing wanted to challenge him, the Mansion Master himself would have to approve the request.

Since the Mansion Master wouldnt be back in the next ten years, Huang Xiaolong had more than enough time to enter the Third Heaven True Saint Realm!

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