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Chapter 2628: Master of the Otherworldly Mansion, Mo Zhi

At the start, only the disciples of the Myriad Origin Race demanded for Huang Xiaolongs position to be stripped.

As time went by, and Huang Xiaolong remained nowhere to be seen in the Otherworldly Mansion, members of the other races also started to pressure Long Shengtian and the others.

With the instigation from the three great races, more and more disciples gathered under the banner of stripping Huang Xiaolong of his identity as a mansion master candidate.

“Strip off Huang Xiaolongs candidacy!”

“This scoundrel has no rights to be our mansion master candidate!”

“I urge the upper echelon of the Otherworldly Mansion to seize, and arrest Huang Xiaolong!”

All of a sudden, Huang Xiaolong had turned into a criminal of the Otherworldly Mansion, who had done something unforgivable.

As a year passed and Huang Xiaolong failed to appear, the commotion caused by the masses grew even more intense.

“Oh Are all of you here to persuade me to strip away Huang Xiaolongs identity as the mansion master candidate” In the main hall, Long Shengtian looked at Yuan Wangfeng with a calm expression on his face.

In fact, a playful smile could be seen forming on his face.

The hall was filled with experts from the three great races, and Yuan Wangfeng was standing at the very front of them all.

Despite that, Yuan Qianxing, Chan Wuwo, and Yao Ji were nowhere to be seen.


As a candidate, Huang Xiaolong disappeared without any reason.

His behavior has damaged the dignity of the Otherworldly Mansion, and we have turned into a joke in the eyes of many races.

He has no rights to be a mansion master candidate!” Yuan Wangfeng appealed.

Every other member in the hall started to chatter among themselves.

Long Shengtian answered nonchalantly, “Yuan Qianxing is probably the one behind all of this bullsh*t.

All of you said that Huang Xiaolong disappeared without any reason, but are you able to bring out any evidence for his so-calledescape from the Otherworldly Mansion”

Yuan Wangfeng was taken aback, “Huang Xiaolong has already disappeared for a year.

His residence remains empty, even now, and we have looked through the entire mansion without seeing so much as his shadow!”

Long Shengtian scoffed, “According to you, every single mansion master candidate has to remain here obediently like your dog… Is he a prisoner here! I dont remember setting a rule like that.

Did you, Yuan Wangfeng, set such a rule Or did Yuan Qianxing mention that none of the mansion master candidates are allowed to leave the Otherworldly Mansion!”

Yuan Wangfengs face flushed with embarrassment as he stuttered, “But Huang Xiaolong…”

Before he could even finish his sentence, Long Shengtian cut him off sternly, “Yuan Wangfeng, as the Otherworldly Mansions Grand Hall Master, how dare you accuse a mansion master candidate of desertion! Are you aware of how serious your crimes are!” The might of a Primal Ancestor emerged and filled the hall in an instant.

The air in the hall turned stale instantly, and everyone felt as though a mountain was pressing down on their hearts.

“Deputy Mansion Master, I have no bad intentions…” Yuan Wangfeng retorted.

Without hesitation, Long Shengtian slapped him so hard into the ground that a deep crater was formed.

Yuan Wangfeng was forced to his knees instantly.

The experts from the three races were shocked, and they quickly got on their knees.

“Do you really think Im blind Am I, the Deputy Mansion Master, sitting here as a decoration in your eyes! Your deliberate actions of instigating the disciples of the various races to slander Huang Xiaolong havent escaped my eyes! Huang Xiaolong is a mansion master candidate, and all of you have stopped at nothing to drag his reputation through the mud! Are you aware of your crimes!” Long Shengtians cold voice rang through the air while he swept his eyes through the crowd.

The experts from the three races trembled with fear.

“The Otherworldly Mansion isnt some sort of playground you can mess about in.

Do you really think Im unable to cripple you because of Yuan Qianxings backing! If this happens again, Ill personally cripple all of you!”

“The Otherworldly Mansion doesnt belong to your races! Go back and tell Yuan Qianxing that if he doesnt know whats good for him, Ill personally take action against him!”

The experts from the three races kept quiet out of fear.

“Get out! Yuan Wangfeng, kneel here for an entire day before leaving,” Long Shengtian sneered before dismissing all of them.

The experts of the three races felt a terrifying force expelling them from the hall, and once they were out, they turned tail and fled instantly.

When they returned, they ran into Yuan Qianxing.

“Long Shengtian is an old foggy! He does nothing but go against me! One day, Ill flay his scales open and use his dragon blood to refine my grand dao artifact!” Yuan Qianxing glanced at the pathetic experts kneeling before him with a chilly light flashing through his eyes.

“Brother Yuan Qianxing, should we…” Chan Wuwo frowned.

“They can stop now.” Yuan Qianxings eyes flickered.

After much consideration, Yuan Qianxing realized that there was no point in challenging Long Shengtians bottom line.

After all, if he went too far and the old dragon went crazy, he would personally strike down Yuan Qianxing even if he were to suffer from the revenge of the Myriad Origin Race.

It was either that or he would personally imprison Yuan Qianxing in Hell.

None of which was a good ending for him.

With his current strength, he was still far from being able to fight Long Shengtian.

Even with the support of the doyens and the backing of the Myriad Origin Race, Long Shengtian had the Mansion Master to back him up.

That was the only person who was strong enough to strike fear into the hearts of the Myriad Origin Race.

“Bullsh*t! Long Shengtian is old and delusional! He belongs to the Twin Dragon Race, but hes siding with a human!” Yao Ji spat in rage.

“If not for Long Shengtian and Mo Zhi, the Alien Lands would already be in the hands of the royal races! What are the old ancestors of the Twin Dragon Race thinking…” Chan Wuwo spoke harshly.

The Mansion Master of the Otherworldly Mansion, Mo Zhi, was born from the oldest race of the Alien Lands, the Mo Yue Race!

Yuan Qianxing shook his head and uttered, “Long Shengtian and Mo Zhi have long since escaped from the control of their races.

Once I become the young master of the Otherworldly Mansion, our royal races will once again be in control of the mansion! The first person to die will be Long Shengtian!”

Whatever the case, it seemed as though Long Shengtians threat had worked.

The members of the three races became a lot more well-behaved after the incident.

One year after another passed.

In a blink of an eye, ten years had gone by.

A decade later, in an inhabited continent somewhere within the Otherworldly Mansion, a pillar of light rose like a dragon and illuminated the area billions of miles around.

A shadow whizzed through the air, and Huang Xiaolong charged into the heavens with astonishing vigor.

Finally, he had broken through the barrier and entered the Third Heaven True Saint Realm!

As power surged through his body, he felt his dao heart pounding strong in his chest.

He was extremely confident that he could fight any First Resurrection Primal Ancestor!

Back when he had joined forces with Hei Luo, they were still unable to completely suppress Zi Dongping! Now, if Huang Xiaolong were to fight with Zi Dongping, he was confident that he could beat the old spider ancestor without breaking much of a sweat!

Even though he was confident to spar with a First Resurrection Primal Ancestor expert, he wasnt sure of defeating Yuan Qianxing.

Preserving his life against the man and defeating the man were two different concepts.

Only after entering the Fourth Heaven True Saint Realm would he be confident of taking Yuan Qianxing down.

As he read the messages from Long Shengtian during the time he was in seclusion, a smile formed on Huang Xiaolongs face.

It seemed as though Long Shengtian had successfully fought for forty years of time for him.

However, the news had come not too long after Huang Xiaolong had disappeared from his palace, and after so many years, it seemed as though only twenty-six years were left!

It might have seemed impossible to enter the Fourth Heaven True Saint Realm in twenty-six short years to Huang Xiaolong, but if he could obtain the treasure of the Flying Heaven Race, there would be still some hope of it happening!

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