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Chapter 2636: Conspiracy!

“Thats right! The Old Ancestor only managed to refine the stele after enduring endless dangers.

We cant allow an outsider to hold on to the Flying Heaven Blood Stele!” Someone else screamed.

As the Eminent Elders started to clamor, even the three who were unwilling to suppress Huang Xiaolong spoke out against him.

After all, this concerned the fate of the race.

The Flying Heaven Hidden Treasury was too important to them!

Fei Yanzis expression didnt change as she asked, “Are you planning to snatch it away from Huang Xiaolong”

“Yes! As soon as Huang Xiaolong arrives, we shall lure him towards the heart of the Flying Heaven Grand Formation! We shall trap all of them in the formation!” Feitian Jin continued, “Well definitely be able to obtain the stele from him!”

“Thats right! I suggest capturing him with the Flying Heaven Grand Formation before forcing him to hand over the stele!” Feitian Cheng sneered, “Once we obtain the treasures in the hidden treasury, we will be able to rise through the ranks! The grand dao arts and holy pills that are contained there will be more than enough for us to break through!”

The Eminent Elders of the Flying Heaven Race agreed with his suggestion instantly.

According to them, Huang Xiaolong would be as helpless as a newborn chick as soon as they trapped him in the Flying Heaven Grand Formation.

Once they obtained the Flying Heaven Blood Stele, the entire race would be able to rise up!

Their hearts pounded in excitement when they thought of the possibility.

When Fei Yanzi noticed the malevolent looks on their faces when they spoke of capturing Huang Xiaolong, a wave of disappointment smashed against her heart.

She had never thought that every single one of them would be such disappointments.

Their short-sightedness shocked her.

If there were only a few of them who couldnt see the big picture, she would still be able to accept the fact that there were several competent Eminent Elders in the race.

The Eminent Elders turned to Fei Yanzi and noticed the strange look on her face.

Thinking that she was concerned about their reputation, Feitian Jin suggested, “Matriarch, if youre afraid of tongues wagging, well just give him several holy pills after opening the treasury to thank him for saving Longpeng!”

“Eminent Elder Feitian Jin is right.” Feitian Cheng continued, “We didnt force Huang Xiaolong to save the members of our race.

He shattered the physical bodies of Chen Wuwo and enraged the Golden Buddha Race himself.

They turned their anger to our Flying Heaven Race in response, and Huang Xiaolong was obligated to save them! He was the reason they were targeted in the first place! Giving him several holy pills is more than enough compensation.”

“Chan Wuwo was a Mansion Master Candidate.

Huang XIaolong destroyed his physical body and laid down a huge grudge with the Golden Buddha Race.

The members of the Myriad Origin Race, Enchantress Race, and the others are coming up with plans to capture him! Its better for us to keep our distance from him in case anything happens!” Feitian Renhe, another Eminent Elder, piped up.

The other Eminent Elders quickly voiced their agreements, and they were more than happy to draw a clear line between the Flying Heaven Race and Huang Xiaolong.

Of course, there were also some who felt that they should give Huang Xiaolong at least ten holy pills in compensation.

As the discussions came to an end, Fei Yanzi raised her hand to stop everyone.

“Longpeng only reported to us the matter of the blood stele when Huang Xiaolong gave him the permission to.”

The Eminent Elders stared at her in shock.

“Huang Xiaolong intends to return everything to us anyway when he opens the hidden treasury.

He only wishes to obtain the grand dao treasure within,” Fei Yanzi continued.

“What! Huang XIaolong is too greedy! Who does he think he is! How dare he covet the grand dao treasure of our Flying Heaven Race!” Feitian Jin leaped to his feet and yelled at Fei Yanzi.

“Since thats the case, we wont be giving him a single holy pill! Well trap him with the grand formation and hand him over to His Highness Yuan Qianhang!” Feitian Cheng yelled.

The other Eminent Elders roared in anger, and all of them felt that Huang Xiaolong had gone too far.

All of them wanted nothing more than to kill him right here and now!

Hearing the rage coming from the Eminent Elders, Fei Yanzi could no longer contain the rage in her heart, and she snapped, “Enough!”

“A bunch of retards! Do you really think that a single Flying Heaven Grand Formation can stop him Yuan Qianxing led the experts of the four races over to kill Huang Xiaolong in the Chaos Essence Holy Peak! Look at what happened to them! Do you really think that our Flying Heaven Race has the ability to stop Huang Xiaolong”

“Since he dared to reveal the matter of the Flying Heaven Blood Stele, he is more than confident that he can deal with all of us! Since he only wants the grand dao treasure in the hidden treasury, well give it to him! After all, he has already shown his compassion to our Flying Heaven Race!”

“What if Huang Xiaolong decides to sweep everything clean in the hidden treasury What do we do then”


I have already made my decision.

There shall be no more talks of capturing him! When he arrives, I will open the hidden treasury with him.

He shall obtain the grand dao treasure, and we shall keep the rest,” Fei Yanzi left them with a final sentence before leaving.

As the Eminent Elders left the hall, a secret plan formed in their minds.

Half a day later, more than twenty of them gathered in Feitian Chengs palace.

“The young patriarch is getting muddle-headed! How can he agree to give Huang Xiaolong the grand dao treasure of our race The only reason Huang Xiaolong managed to survive was because Long Shengtian appeared to save him that day.

Long Shengtian isnt here! As long as we use the Flying Heaven Grand Formation, we will definitely be able to capture him!” Feitian Jin spoke to the rest.

“Thats right! Matriarch is growing muddle-headed too! No! The hidden treasury was left to us by the old ancestor.

We cannot allow Huang Xiaolong to destroy the future of our race! I refuse to allow him to obtain anything from our treasury!” Feitian Cheng roared in anger.

“Why dont we lure Huang Xiaolong into the heart of the grand formation” Feitian Renhe explained, “We shall capture him and obtain the Flying Heaven Blood Stele! He wont be able to do anything to us!”

“What about the Matriarch Wont we offend her by doing so” Someone else hesitated for a moment and brought up the true question.

“As long as we manage to obtain the blood stele and open the hidden treasury, she wont have reason to blame us,” Feitian Jin explained.

Soon after, the doyens in Feitian Chengs palace formed a secret plan, and they returned to carry it out.

Half a month passed in a flash and Huang Xiaolong and the others arrived.

“Your Highness, thats the Flying Heaven City!” Feitian Longpeng pointed towards a massive city, and he introduced everything to Huang Xiaolong.

“Our Matriarch is currently leading the doyens over to welcome you.”

Nodding his head, Huang Xiaolong moved slowly towards the city.

However, a group of them appeared in his sights before he could arrive at the gates.

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