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Chapter 2637: First Meeting with Fei Yanzi

Huang Xiaolongs gaze landed on Fei Yanzi when he looked at the group of experts approaching him.

His heart trembled slightly the moment he laid eyes on her.

Since the start of his journey, he had met tons of beauties and was surrounded by them, but he had to admit that Fei Yanzi was extremely pretty.

Out of the women he had seen in his life, she would probably rank number-two!

Fei Yanzis facial features were like intricately carved treasures, and she looked like a goddess who came from the heavens.

The aura she emitted was something no other woman could produce, but that was probably because she was a Primal Ancestor.

When he was mesmerized by her looks, her gaze also landed on him.

In the past, there was no way for a Third Heaven True Saint to enter her eyes.

However, a seedling seemed to have sprouted in her heart when she stared at the man before her.

There was something special about the man before her, something different from every other man she had encountered in her life.

“Matriarch Fei Yanzi,” Huang Xiaolong greeted her as soon as they approached.

“Your Highness Huang Xiaolong,” a mesmerizing smile appeared on her face as she returned the greeting.

Her smile seemed to light up the world around her, as the sun lost its shine in Huang Xiaolongs eyes, albeit slightly.

The experts of the Flying Heaven Race were taken aback when they saw the expression on their matriarchs face.

Soon after, Fei Yanzi thanked Huang Xiaolong for saving Feitian Longpeng and the others before chatting about other matters.

As they returned to the headquarters of the Flying Heaven Race, Fei Yanzi led Huang Xiaolong to the main hall where a feast had already been prepared.

Throughout the banquet, Fei Yanzi didnt stop toasting Huang Xiaolong.

It didnt take long for the topic of the Flying Heaven Blood Stele to be brought up, and the two of them knew that they would have to join hands in order to open the Flying Heaven Hidden Treasury.

An agreement was soon made for them to open the hidden treasury ten days later.

Since Huang Xiaolong had already asked Feitian Longpeng to relay his terms to Fei Yanzi, there was not much to discuss.

Huang Xiaolong agreed to return everything to the Flying Heaven Race after opening the hidden treasury.

As for Fei Yanzi, she hesitated for a moment before asking, “Your Highness, can you return the blood stele to us after opening the treasury Of course, you managed to obtain the blood stele with your own abilities.

You even managed to turn it into a pseudo-dao artifact.

My request might sound overbearing, but the Flying Heaven Blood Stele was refined by my father after a lot of effort.

It means a lot to my race, and if Your Highness agrees to the request, my Flying Heaven Race will be willing to take out several treasures in exchange.

We are willing to take out any item in our treasury in exchange for the stele.”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled softly when he noticed Fei Yanzis pleading gaze.

“Matriarch Fei Yanzi is being too polite.

The Flying Heaven Blood Stele belongs to you guys.

Theres no need to trade it back from me.

Ill give it back after we open the hidden treasury.”

It was just a pseudo-dao artifact.

Huang Xiaolong didnt care about treasures at that level.

To him, Flying Heaven Blood Stele was only useful for opening the treasury.

After that was done, the blood stele meant nothing to him.

Returning it to the Flying Heaven Race was something he could accept.

A look of joy flashed on Fei Yanzis face, and she stood up from her seat in excitement.

“Are you serious!”

She failed to control her emotions, and she didnt address Huang Xiaolong appropriately.

A blank expression could be seen on Huang Xiaolongs face when he looked at her bubbly expression.

As he nodded slightly, Huang Xiaolongs actions looked a little stiff.

“Thank you!” Fei Yanzi could feel that her reactions were a little over the top, and she sat down quickly.

“Matriarch Fei Yanzi is too polite.”

As night fell, the banquet came to an end and Huang Xiaolong was arranged to one of the residences in the core of the Flying Heaven Race.

It wasnt too far away from Fei Yanzis palace.

In Feitian Chengs cultivation palace, the group of Eminent Elders gathered once again.

“I want nothing but to kill Huang Xiaolong with a single slap when I think of his gaze when he was looking at the Matriarch!” Feitian Cheng snorted.

As the matriarch of the Flying Heaven Race, Fei Yanzi was not only the top-ranked beauty in the race, but she was also known as the number one beauty in the Alien Lands! She was a goddess in the eyes of the experts in the Alien Lands.

The Eminent Elders of the Flying Heaven Race were no exceptions.

Feitian Cheng was extremely protective of the matriarch, and she was a sacred existence in his heart.

He was already p*ssed off at Huang Xiaolong, but after the banquet, the irritation he felt had turned into hatred.

“Since they plan to open the hidden treasury in ten days, we have to make our move before then! Also, we have to keep this a secret!” Feitian Jin growled.

The Eminent Elders nodded their heads in agreement.

As for how they would lure Fei Yanzi away before dealing with Huang Xiaolong, they had long since formed a detailed plan.

Huang Xiaolong looked into the skies as Shi Xiaofeis face appeared in his mind.

Since he had arrived in the Holy World, there were several ladies who followed beside him.

However, the one who held the greatest place in his heart was Shi Xiaofei.

Her image had surfaced in his mind when he had seen Fei Yanzi that day.

The night soon passed, and the Flying Heaven City bustled with excitement the moment dawn broke.

Since it was the city that housed the headquarters of the Flying Heaven Race, it was one of the largest cities in the Alien Lands.

There were tons of auction houses and the largest trading market in the Flying Heaven Region was located in the city.

They were the source of attraction for disciples everywhere in the domain.

Huang Xiaolong didnt tell Feitian Longpeng or the others as he left the palace on his own.

Even though Hei Luo was injured by Yuan Qianxing previously, he had managed to recover a considerable amount after so many years.

However, he was unable to make a full recovery.

Huang Xiaolong planned to look for some undead spirit holy stones to aid in his recovery.

It didnt take long for him to arrive at the trading market as it was located pretty close to the headquarters of the Flying Heaven Race.

In the Alien Lands, Huang Xiaolong had only been to the trading market of the Yang City in the Hong Zhen Holy Grounds.

If he were to compare that to the trading plaza he was in, the trading plaza in the Yang City would be nothing more than a joke.

The trading market in the Flying Heaven City was like a world of its own! There were flying ships in the air and experts riding on spiritual beasts streaming through the market.

Of course, those who had the ability to steer a flying ship into the market or ride on spiritual beasts in such a crowded area were disciples of the super races.

Huang Xiaolong, like ordinary disciples of the Alien Lands, strolled around the streets.

However, he soon caught sight of a group of disciples from the Flying Heaven Race strolling about with a group of human race female disciples following behind them.

“Young Master Feitian Zhan, Rouer was pretty good last night, right” Someone in the group chuckled.

The person who was addressed as Feitian Zhan stared at one of the ladies behind him, and he reached his hand into her bosom without so much as a warning.

He kneaded her breasts between his hands in broad daylight as he laughed to himself, “She was pretty good.

However, shes a little too small for my liking! Hahaha!”

Laughter rang through the streets as tears welled up in the womans eyes.

No matter how angry she was, she couldnt lash out at Feitian Zhan.

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