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Chapter 2676: The World River Shaken


“That proves the trespasser this time is somewhat rubbish,” a native expert commented when he heard that and even joked, “In my opinion, the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race is being dramatic, they didn’t even need to activate the Eight Claw Devil Eye Grand Formation at all.”

“I agree.

Frankly speaking, I think the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race deliberately activated the Eight Claw Devil Eye Grand Formation to show some majesty to deter the surrounding forces.

Moreover, I’ve heard that the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race has climbed up to Yuan Qianxing and has been expanding their forces with the aim of conquering the entire domain.

Hence, they are trying to deter nearby forces this time,” another World River’s native expert joined in.

“I think the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race might be afraid that the grand formation has gotten rusty after not using it for so long.

That’s why, they activated the Eight Claw Devil Eye Grand Formation this time to scrape off some rust off the formation, that’s all.” The expert ended with a joke, “The Eight Claw Devil Eye Race is having some fun.”

Everyone chortled in laughter.

These World River’s experts joked and talked as they flew towards the Devil Eye City, and soon, the city gates entered their sight. 

But as these experts arrived, they were shocked to see the imposing and luxurious Devil Eye City wasn’t what it used to be.

Parts of the several thousand meters tall city walls had crumbled as if a terrifying power had landed on it, leaving only a short barricade of several meters.

On the other side of the city walls, the originally wide streets that were built with one of the strongest stones and ores were gone! And the rows of luxurious residences were gone as well!

In their sights were broken tiles and crumbled walls, and everything was in ruins.

To their horror, there were only ruins left as far as they could see.

“We, we didn’t come to the wrong place, right” someone amongst the dumbfounded group of experts mumbled under his breath. 

Went to the wrong place This thought was immediately rejected.

How could they possibly have gone to the wrong place Even if one of them took the wrong way, could several hundred experts take the wrong way at the same time Not to mention, this was not the first time they had come to the Devil Eye City, and the Devil Eye City was such a big city standing here, so how could they go wrong

Soon, a question emerged in their minds, ‘If we didn’t come to the wrong place, then the city in front of us has to be the Devil Eye City.


All of them froze on the spot.

“The, the Devil, Devil Eye City is des-destroyed!” someone stammered.

This was the same World River disciple, who had claimed that the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race was overdoing it to activate the Eight Claw Devil Eye Grand Formation.

“It, it can’t possibly be…. Isn’t Old Ancestor Mo Jincheng around” Another World River race’s disciple tried.

Old Ancestor Mo Jincheng!

That’s right! A little bit of their confidence returned.

That’s right.

If the Devil Eye City is reduced to rubbles, then where is Old Ancestor Mo Jincheng Where is the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race’s Patriarch Mo Rui Don’t forget, there were a few hundred thousand Eight Claw Devil Eye Race’s core disciples within the city Could they be….!

No, no, no, impossible!

“We… go in take a look”

Someone finally spoke, breaking the silence. 

Thus these native experts approached the rubbles with caution.

Standing among the ruins of Devil Eye City, looking at the giant bottomless pit in the ground, these experts got a sense of the overpowering, destructive force that swept through this place. 

“This seems to be a fist imprint” Staring at the bottomless pit in the ground, some races’ disciples guessed.

“No, it looks more like a spear Spear ray!” a high-level True Saint expert corrected with a solemn expression.

Spear There is such a big spear!!

This giant pit probably runs several hundred thousand miles down… 

A while later, the group started moving further in again.

There were ruins everywhere they looked, and more than a few giant pits in the ground.

By the time they reached the center area of Devil Eye City, where Mo Jincheng’s palace was located, all that was left of it were rubbles.

There was barely any shadow of the grand palace it used to be.

However, they didn’t see Mo Jincheng or any of the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race’s disciples even after flying a full circle around the city.

It was as if Mo Jincheng and all the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race’s disciples vanished into thin air.

“It can’t be that all of them were killed, right” a disciple voiced his doubt, feeling a little creepy.

No one answered him, except for a few silent exchanges of looks.

Each of them could see the bewilderment in the other’s eyes. 

The Eight Claw Devil Eye Race!

A royal family of the World River that had stood on top of the Devil Eye Domain for countless millions of years, was actually annihilated today!

“It wouldn’t be Fang Ding, would it”


It didn’t take long for the news to spread that a Primal Ancestor had run into the Devil City, and in a short one hour, he had destroyed the Devil Eye City.

Mo Jincheng, and all Eight Claw Devil Eye Race’s disciples in the Devil City at that time had vanished into thin air.

It was as if a thunderbolt of armageddon had landed on the World River, sending waves of shock, and apprehension in the four directions.

The World River’s many royal families were especially concerned about the incident. 

At the Dragon Fish Race’s headquarters, the Dragon Fish Race’s Old Ancestor Long Jianfei had a solemn expression on his face.

He was originally in cultivation seclusion, but upon hearing the news of the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race’s annihilation, he couldn’t calm down enough to cultivate peacefully.

“Old Ancestor, now, the rumors claim that Fang Ding found a grand dao treasure, and his strength has exploded upwards.

After that, he went to the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race seeking revenge, and annihilated them,” The Dragon Fish Race’s Patriarch Long Haiqin reported.

“Fang Ding” Long Jianfei’s brows furrowed.

“Yes,” Long Haiqin went on, “The Devil Eye City was completely destroyed, and the treasury was completely swept clean.

Hence everyone is saying that this matter is done by Fang Ding.

He had failed to take the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race’s treasury the last time, but he succeeded this time!”

Long Jianfei disagreed, “That is merely the general assumption.” He was pacing as his thoughts turned rapidly, “I have a feeling this matter is not so simple.”

He turned and looked at Long Haiqin, “Go investigate if the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race offended any Primal Ancestor expert, especially in the last few decades.” 

“Yes, Old Ancestor.” 

The Eight Claw Devil Eye Race’s matter also alarmed Yuan Qianxing. 

“What The Devil Eye City is destroyed and Mo Jincheng is missing!” Yuan Qianxing was genuinely shocked when he heard the news. 

“Yes, the World River’s experts are talking about this, claiming it’s likely to be Fang Ding, who returned in revenge and destroyed the Devil Eye City.” Yuan Wangfeng’s face was extremely solemn, and he hesitated before adding, “Your Highness, could it be Huang Xiaolong!”

Upon learning that the Devil City was destroyed, and Mo Jincheng was missing, even though shocked, Yuan Wangfeng was the first to think if it was Huang Xiaolong. 

Yuan Qianxing had not expected Yuan Wangfeng to bring up Huang Xiaolong.

He blanked for a second, and then shook his head.

A sneer curved up the corners of his mouth as he said, “It cannot be Huang Xiaolong.

We watched him jump into the Death Cave with our own eyes, and it’s not possible to leave the Death Cave alive.

Even if by one in a million chances he survived, and walked out of the Death Cave, he would still be far from being capable of destroying the Devil Eye City.

He’s no match against Mo Jincheng.”

Yuan Qianxing sounded extremely certain.

“Yes, I might be overthinking things,” Yuan Wangfeng said.

After saying that, he, too, felt it couldn’t be Huang Xiaolong.

“Your Highness, should we inform Elder Ming about this” Yuan Wangfeng spoke again. 

Yuan Qianxing shook his head, “This matter has circulated the whole World River and Alien Lands, so Elder Ming might have heard about it already.” His expression grew solemn as he ordered Yuan Wangfeng, “Go find out who exactly is the culprit.”

As the various domains were alarmed by what happened to the Devil Eye City, a young man from the human race arrived at the Dragon Fish City.


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