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Chapter 2677: Directly Blast Him Away


This young man from the human race was naturally Huang Xiaolong. 

Huang Xiaolong looked at the lofty Dragon Fish City before him that was as imposing as the Devil Eye City.

He complied with the rules and entered the city after paying ten holy coins.

The Dragon Fish City was one prosperous city comparable to the Alien Lands’ Flying Heaven City.

In the Dragon Fish City, Huang Xiaolong saw many alien races and human races’ caravan teams coming and going.

There was a big trading market within the Dragon Fish City.

The World River had four big trading markets and one of them was in the Dragon Fish City.

Thus Huang Xiaolong did not find it strange, seeing so many alien races and human races here.

Huang Xiaolong leisurely strolled on foot through the Dragon Fish City, taking in the city’s prosperity by soaking in the culture and sceneries that were different from the Holy World and Alien Lands.

His direction was set towards the Dragon Fish Race’s headquarters.

Under Huang Xiaolong’s three holy souls’ coverage, everything within the Dragon Fish City was clearly displayed in his mind that he didn’t need to ask anyone for directions to the Dragon Fish Race’s headquarters. 

Huang Xiaolong’s journey went smoothly, and he reached the Dragon Fish Race’s headquarters half a day later. 

The World River’s Dragon Fish Race royal family’s overall strength was stronger than the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race.

Hence, its headquarters building was grander and luxurious in comparison.

Merely the grand dao might, coming off the two ancient ‘Dragon Fish’ characters above the main entrance’s gates, was enough to deter many peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint experts from making trouble.

Huang Xiaolong stood for a while to enjoy the two ancient characters’ aura.

The two characters ‘Dragon Fish’ were likely inscribed by the Dragon Fish Race’s old ancestor with supreme power, containing his own dao as well as a grand dao formation.

In hostile situations, the grand dao formation could be activated to suppress fairly strong enemies.

Initially, the Dragon Fish Race’s guards at the main entrance were quite upset after watching Huang Xiaolong stand foolishly in front of their headquarters’ main entrance, and just as they were about to shoo Huang Xiaolong away, the four guards felt an overpowering pressure surging from Huang Xiaolong’s body.

All four guards took a step back in fright. 

High-level True Saint expert The four guards silently exchanged a look, waves of shock hitting their hearts.

The four of them were mid-level True Saint experts, yet merely Huang Xiaolong’s aura was powerful enough to force them back, so one could only assume that Huang Xiaolong was a high-level True Saint expert.

“May I ask, what matters does Young Master have with my Dragon Fish Race headquarters” after their shock subsided, one of the guards inquired.

His manner was much more courteous.

Then again, although they were initially surprised by Huang Xiaolong’s high-level True Saint Realm cultivation as a human race, they didn’t really put Huang Xiaolong in their eyes.

Forget high-level True Saint Realm human race experts, even peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint Realm experts didn’t dare to put on an act before the Dragon Fish Race headquarters. 

“I’m here to look for your Dragon Fish Race’s old ancestor.” Huang Xiaolong’s gaze moved away from the two ancient characters as he answered tepidly. 

Looking for our old ancestor 

The four guards hadn't expected such an answer. 

“Our Old Ancestor is in seclusion and will not entertain outside guests, so please return.” one of the guards said, shaking his head. 

Huang Xiaolong chuckled softly, he knew this was merely a perfunctory excuse.

This so-called old ancestor being in seclusion and not entertaining outside guests, clearly meant that the old ancestor would not meet with guests of insufficient identities.

In short, these guards felt that he, a peak late-Sixth Heaven True Saint Realm human race expert, wasn’t qualified to meet with their old ancestor, Long Jianfei.

Huang Xiaolong took out a token and threw it to one of the guards and stated, “Bring this token to your old ancestor, and your old ancestor will naturally come out to see me.” 

Huang Xiaolong had found the token when searching Mo Jincheng’s body after suppressing him.

It was Mo Jincheng’s Devil Eye Token, and it was the only one in the entire Eight Claw Devil Eye Race.

The Dragon Fish Race’s disciples might not have recognized the token, but the Dragon Fish Race’s old ancestor Long Jianfei would definitely recognize it.

The guard disciple caught the token, feeling the shocking devil qi and frigid qi as well as Primal Ancestor aura from the token, and he was astounded.

The four guards exchanged looks.

“Alright, please wait here for a moment.” The guard disciple nodded his head, then added, “I will go report now.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

When the guard disciple disappeared inside with the token to report, he remained where he was, studying the ancient characters above the main entrance.

Huang Xiaolong had successfully transformed his saint physique into dao physique, and even his souls had evolved into dao souls, and adding his Inextinguishable Dao Heart to the equation, there were benefits to studying others’ dao laws.

When the guard disciple was heading to the headquarters’ great hall with the token, inside the great hall, the Dragon Fish Race’s Patriarch Long Haiqin was reporting the investigation result on the Devil Eye City to Long Jianfei. 

However, the several hundred thousand Eight Claw Devil Eye Race’s disciples were all killed by Huang Xiaolong, and Long Haiqin’s investigation hadn’t come up with much information.

Learning that there wasn’t much progress in the investigation from Long Haiqin, Long Jianfei wasn’t surprised at all.

Someone who could destroy the Devil Eye City and erase all traces, it would be strange if clues could be found so fast.

“All of the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race’s disciples in the city vanished into thin air, including Mo Jincheng and his four maids, the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race’s Patriarch Mo Rui, Young Patriarch Mo Jun, and a group of upper echelons.

There were no witnesses at all.

Moreover, Mo Jincheng had the Eight Claw Devil Eye Grand Formation activated, blocking outsiders from seeing what happened.

Hence, the situation under the formation could not be determined.” Long Haiqin sighed, shaking his head.

Long Jianfei nodded in agreement, “Have you found out anything about the other matter I had you investigate Has the Eight Claw Devil Eye Race provoked any enemies in recent years”

“Fang Ding is the only one we can determine.” Long Haiqin went on, “We couldn’t find anything else.”

Long Jianfei’s gaze turned unfathomable, “In the whole World River and Alien Lands, there are only three people with this level of strength who are capable of destroying the Devil Eye City in a short one hour.”

“But these three people have no grudge with Mo Jincheng.” Long Haiqin went on, “Mo Jincheng is cunning as a fox, and is apt at finding big backings.

He’s not so silly as to offend those three people.

Moreover, from my investigation, these three people had not left their dwellings during this time.”

Long Jianfei’s brows were scrunched together, this was also the point that baffled him. 

If it wasn’t any of those three people, who could it be He really couldn’t think of any other person from the Alien Lands and World River who possessed this level of strength.

Right at this time, the guard disciple walked into the great hall with Huang Xiaolong’s token in hand.

Seeing Long Haiqin and Long Jianfei, he quickly saluted respectfully.

“What’s the matter” Long Haiqin asked casually.

“Replying to the Patriarch, there is a young man from the human race outside saying he wants to see the Old Ancestor,” the guard disciple reported, and went on, “He claimed that when the Old Ancestor sees this token, the Old Ancestor would see him.”

Long Haiqin scoffed after hearing what the guard disciple said.

“What A young man from the human race He wants our Old Ancestor to see him” He rose from his seat, laughing coldly, and said sarcastically, “Did a Primal Ancestor expert appear amongst the human race experts It seems like our Dragon Fish Race is ignorant because we aren’t aware that such an expert exists!”

The Devil Eye City’s destruction had greatly unnerved him.

Several days of investigation had brought no result, adding fuel to his irritation.

And now, when he heard that a human race’s young man was actually telling the Old Ancestor to see him based on one token, it seemed to be the last straw.

“Go blast him away for me!” Long Haiqin ordered with a wave of his hand.


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