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Chapter 2680: Existence Beyond Primal Ancestor Realm


Long Haiqin, too, was curious about Huang Xiaolong’s visit, and he thought that he couldn’t have deliberately come over to provoke his old ancestor for fun.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t speak, instead, he took out an old written record.

The moment Long Jianfei saw the old record, it was as if someone had thrown a poison spell at him.

He jumped up and exclaimed sharply, “Creation Record!” 

His ecstatic reaction slightly dumbfounded Huang Xiaolong, as he had not expected Long Jianfei’s reaction to be so big.

It was merely a record, so wasn’t Long Jianfei’s reaction over dramatic

Long Haiqin’s reaction was not as exaggerated as Long Jianfei, but he was genuinely surprised when he saw Huang Xiaolong take out the Creation Record.

“Your Highness, this Why How come you have the Creation Record” Long Jianfei managed to ask Huang Xiaolong in his excitement.

Huang Xiaolong frankly told Long Jianfei that he had gotten the Creation Record from the Flying Heaven Race’s Patriarch Fei Yanzi.

“What!” Long Jianfei exclaimed excitedly as he grabbed Huang Xiaolong’s hands, “You, Your Highness, when you open the Creation Record, there is a strange light!”

He looked fixedly at Huang Xiaolong, even more agitated than when Huang Xiaolong first took out the Creation Record. 

Even Long Haiqin looked at his old ancestor strangely.

Although Huang Xiaolong was a little puzzled by this Dragon Fish Race’s Old Ancestor Long Jianfei’s enthusiastic behavior, he still nodded and admitted, “Correct.”

He then flipped open the Creation Record’s pages.

Like the last time, when Huang Xiaolong opened the Creation Record, a streak of light flew out from the page and entered Huang Xiaolong’s body through his forehead.

Long Jianfei’s eyes widened in astonishment, and then, he threw his head back and laughed wantonly, “It’s real, it really is, really is…!” 

Long Jianfei looked like he had gone mad.

Huang Xiaolong and Long Haiqin, who were watching him, didn’t know how to react.

If they didn’t know better, they would have assumed Long Jianfei had gone cuckoo.

After Long Jianfei’s wave of ‘madness’ subsided, he looked at Huang Xiaolong with burning eyes as he said, “Your Highness, can you flip to the last page of the record and let me have a look”

Compared to before, his tone and demeanor had completely changed.

If moments ago, although his attitude towards Huang Xiaolong was respectful, it was due to Huang Xiaolong’s strength, but now, his respectful demeanor actually showed a manner of servitude, like a servant seeing his master

Huang Xiaolong cast a doubtful glance at Long Jianfei, but still flipped through the pages one by one.

As Huang Xiaolong got closer to the last page, the light coming from the Creation Record grew increasingly intense like the whole record was going to burst into flames.

The mysterious energy within Huang Xiaolong’s bloodline stirred, and the phantom of a golden yellow dragon appeared behind him.

At first, the giant golden yellow dragon phantom wasn’t very conspicuous.

It was so vague that it was no better than invisible.

But Long jianfei saw it.

When Long Jianfei saw the giant golden yellow dragon’s phantom appear, his legs softened, and he knelt before Hunag Xiaolong with utmost reverence and respect, with tears of excitement running down his face.

“Young Lord, it’s really you, I’ve finally found you!”

“I have finally found Young Lord!” 

Long Jianfei’s extreme agitation stupefied Huang Xiaolong and Long Haiqin. 

“Old Ancestor, you’re…” Long Haiqin was at a loss.

“Kneel!” Long Jianfei suddenly snapped at Long Haiqin.

Long Haiqin had never seen the old ancestor so strict towards him.

Hence, he was taken aback, but he quickly got down on his knees. 

“Long Jianfei, you…” Huang Xiaolong looked at Long Jianfei’s behavior and some guesses appeared in his mind. 

Instead, Long Jianfei requested, “Young Lord, please continue.

When you’re done, I will explain everything to you.” 

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t get used to a Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm Old Ancestor calling him Young Lord in every sentence.

Huang Xiaolong continued to flip through the pages.

As he did so, the record shone brighter still, and the giant golden dragon phantom behind Huang Xiaolong grew clearer and more solid.

A strong coercive pressure came from the phantom, making it hard to breathe even for an expert like Long Jianfei.

Long Haiqin no longer knew what to think or do.

Long Jianfei became even more emotional and excited, as he looked at the giant golden dragon phantom behind Huang Xiaolong with feverish eyes, just like a masochist.

The more pain he felt, the more excited he was.

Finally, Huang Xiaolong reached the ninety-ninth page.

Just like before, the last page could not be opened, thus, he looked at Long Jianfei.

Long Jianfei heaved heavily, “Young Lord, please converge your God of Creation Yellow Dragon Bloodline first.”

The phantom’s coercion made it hard for him to talk. 

The God of Creation Yellow Dragon Bloodline’s power didn’t affect other races much, but it had a terrifying suppressive power over the Dragon Fish Race.

Huang Xiaolong swiftly converged the power of his bloodline, and the giant golden yellow dragon phantom behind him dissipated.

With the phantom gone, the overwhelming weight on Long Jianfei disappeared, leaving him panting heavily.

On the other hand, Long Haiqin crumbled to the floor and fainted on the spot. 

Seeing this, Long Jianfei took matters into his own hands and woke Long Haiqin up. 

Subsequently, Long Jianfei performed a full bow to Huang Xiaolong on his knees, with utmost solemnity, just like one bowing to heaven and earth.

Long Haiqin stood there in a daze watching all of this. 

Only then did Long Jianfei say, “Young Lord, whatever questions you have, please ask.

Jianfei will try his best to answer them.”  

“I have heard of the Son of Creation and God of Creation from the Flying Heaven Race’s Fei Yanzi.

She told me that my bloodline is the God of Creation Yellow Dragon’s bloodline.

Can you tell me about the Son of Creation, God of Creation, and its bloodline” Huang Xiaolong pondered slightly and then worded his question.

Judging from Long Jianfei’s ecstatic expression, Huang Xiaolong gathered that he knew something. 

“In truth, I am not from the Cangqiong Holy World,” this was the first sentence Long Jianfei blurted out. 

“Cangqiong Holy World” Huang Xiaolong raised an eyebrow. I am asking you about the Son of Creation and God of Creation Yellow Dragon’s bloodline What’s the connection between your answer and my question

Despite Huang Xiaolong’s confusion, he was inwardly surprised that Long Jianfei was actually not a native of the Holy World. Does he come from another holy world This was his first encounter with an expert from another holy world.

Long Haiqin was listening with a shocked expression on his face.

Clearly, he was ignorant of the fact that Long Jianfei originated from another holy world. 

“I come from the Divine Tuo Holy World,” Long Jianfei stated.

“What! The Divine Tuo Holy World!” Huang Xiaolong exclaimed.

Long Jianfei actually originated from the Divine Tuo Holy World!

Long Haiqin also had a big shock from the information. 

“It looks like Young Lord already knows about the Divine Tuo Holy World,” Long Jianfei went on, “I come from the Divine Tuo Holy World’s Dragon Fish Creed.”

“Dragon Fish Creed” Huang Xiaolong was a little confused.

Long Jianfei continued with his explanation, “Our world, the Yellow Dragon Realm, is created by the God of Creation, Lord Huang Long, and the Divine Tuo Holy World is located at the heart of the Yellow Dragon Realm.

There are numerous other holy worlds around the Divine Tuo Holy World, such as the Cangqiong Holy World.

In the Divine Tuo Holy World, the forces created by Dao Venerable masters are called creeds, and Dao Venerable refers to the sovereign of a dao.

Huang Xiaolong’s head was spinning. Yellow Dragon Realm Dao Venerable

After looking at Huang Xiaolong’s expression, Long Jianfei quickly added, “Existences above Primal Ancestor experts are Dao Venerable masters.

In fact, a Primal Ancestor Realm expert merely scratches the surface of dao, whereas, a Dao Venerable is a supreme expert  that has truly grasped a dao in its entirety and uses it at will.

Also, these are the strongest people under the God of Creation.”  

“Our Dragon Fish Creed is closely related to the Lord God of Creation.”


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