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Chapter 273: Empty

Sky Magi Sect and Blood Swallow School’s experts stood in a respectful manner in the grand hall, lowering the sounds of their breathing to the best they could…

A pin drop could be heard clearly in the grand hall.

Chen Xiaotian stood out, reporting: “Young Lord, just now, the Nine Fiend Sect Sovereign Hu Han issued an order, all Sky Magi Sect’s disciples, once found, they are to killed on the spot!”

“Oh.” Huang Xiaolong’s reaction was calm as his eyes glanced over at Hu Sheng in the grand hall.

This simple glance made Hu Sheng shiver to his core, his face white as a sheet.

Chen Xiaotian retreated to his spot after reporting the matter and the huge hall returned to its previous heavy silence.

Both Sky Magi Sect and Blood Swallow Sect were waiting for Huang Xiaolong’s orders.

Huang Xiaolong drummed his fingers on the throne’s armrest, a dull drumming sound echoed softly in the large hall.

Without a doubt, Huang Xiaolong could take over the Nine Fiend Sect at this stage, but doing so would risk a lot of the Sky Magi Sect and Blood Swallow School’s life.

Thus, even if Huang Xiaolong successfully took over the Black Demon City, he would be taking over an overall weaker Black Demon City.

If a foreign enemy attacked Black Demon City at this time, it would be hard for Black Demon City to resist invasion.

This was something Huang Xiaolong didn’t wish to happen.

Limited, he could only wait for half a month.

At Huang Xiaolong’s current second level spiritual force, in another half a month’s time, he would be able to control the remaining of the Nine Fiend Sect’s Elders.

When he managed to accomplish that, it would the right time to attack the Nine Fiend Sect, and deal with Hu Han.

Hu Sheng had to die, therefore, Hu Han could not be left alive.

Hu Han also had to die.

As for the Nine Fiend Sect’s Deputy, Su Meimei, as long as she was willing to submit, Huang Xiaolong would spare her.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong said to Chen Xiaotian, “Keep him in the dungeon below.” as he pointed a finger at Hu Sheng.

After a small pause, he continued, “Two days later, cut off one of his arms and send it to Hu Han.”

“Yes Young Lord!” Chen Xiaotian and Jiang Tianhua saluted with respect.

“No, no, no, don’t, I beg you! Whatever you want, my Nine Fiend Sect can give you, don’t cut off my arm!” Hu Sheng turned deadly pale at Huang Xiaolong’s orders, crying out for mercy.

But two Sky Magi Sect Elders dragged Hu Seng out of the grand hall, one on each side.

Hu Sheng struggled intensely, screaming, as his voice sounded further away until it could no longer be heard.

Huang Xiaolong turned back to Chen Xiaotian and Jiang Tianhua, “Both of you, pay attention to the Nine Fiend Sect’s movements, come report to me immediately if there are any unusual circumstances.”

“Yes, Young Lord!”

Huang Xiaolong ordered down more tasks for the both of them and then told everyone to withdraw.

When he was alone in the grand hall, Huang Xiaolong entered the Xumi Temple, swallowed a drop of Geocentric Buddha Elixir and continued cultivating.


Two days passed quickly.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong reminded Chen Xiaotian to cut off one of Hu Sheng’s arms and send it to the Nine Fiend Sect headquarters.

Seeing his own son’s cut off arm being delivered to him, Hu Han’s rage boiled over, yet he still did not order down for the Nine Fiend Sect to attack the Sky Magi Sect headquarters.

Though Hu Han did not order an attack, in multiple areas of Black Demon City, the Nine Fiend Sect’s and Sky Magi Sect’s disciples could be seen conflicting, fighting, and killing.

Adding the previous conflict the Nine Fiend Sect had with the Blood Swallow Sect, the entire Black Demon City was enveloped in internal turmoil and puddles of flowing blood.

The pedestrians on the streets lessened, giving the city a bleak, deserted atmosphere.

Ten days came and went.

In the Nine Fiend Sect headquarters grand hall.

“Is what you said accurate Other than that black-haired kid, there are no other experts inside the Sky Magi Sect” Hu Han sat on the throne, looking down at Elder Fan Hai.

Fan Hai answered respectfully, “That’s correct, Sovereign.

This subordinate has investigated clearly, there are no other experts inside the Sky Magi Sect; moreover, this subordinate found out that the kid arrived in the Bedlam Lands about half a year ago.”

“Half a year, just arrived in the Bedlam Lands!” A sharp light glinted in Hu Han’s eyes, “What you’re saying is, this kid, has no background here in the Bedlam Lands”

Fan Hai nodded: “Yes, Sovereign.”

“Did you find out before entering the Bedlam Lands, which empire, which family that kid comes from” Hu Han asked solemnly.

“We haven’t found this information as of yet.” Fan Hai answered.

Hu Han nodded.

What he worried the most was that the black-haired kid belonged to a certain hegemonic power in the Bedlam Lands, but now, he could act without reserve.

As for which empire or which family that kid came from, it was unimportant; the Bedlam Lands had its own rules that not even the superfamilies of the three mainlands could break as they desired.

“Sovereign, what should we do now” Fan Hai moved closer, asking cautiously.

Murderous intent flashed in Hu Han’s cold eyes, “Order it down, all Nine Fiend Sect Elders are to leave their duties and gather here in the grand hall.”

Fan Hai was overjoyed receiving this instruction, “Yes, Sovereign.” He knew the Sovereign was finally moving down on the Sky Magi Sect.

The night seemed quiet and tranquil, the bright moonlight shone down, showering light over the dark land.

More than a dozen dark silhouettes flew out from the Nine Fiend Sect’s headquarters, akin to midnight wandering spirits, heading towards the Sky Magi Sect in the dead of the night.

Soon, these dozen silhouettes arrived at their destinationーthe Sky Magi Sect’s headquarters.

One of the silhouettes signaled with his hand and several figures flickered, separating from the main group, heading towards the Sky Magi Sect’s grand hall.

Along the way, all of the Sky Magi Sect disciples they came across were killed silently, without raising any alarm.

One by one, the Sky Magi Sect’s disciples fell; the aura of death gradually thickened.

In mere seconds, the group arrived at the door of the grand hall.

At this time, one of the men spoke, “Sovereign, this time Chen Xiaotian definitely couldn’t have imagined that we would suddenly attack the Sky Magi Sect.”

Another man chuckled, “Who knows, maybe Chen Xiaotian is even spending the night with a woman, afterwards, when we rush in, he might be scared to the point that he can’t put on his pants properly!”

The rest of his comrades laughed lightly.

Hu Han chuckled softly, before the look in his eyes turned sharp and cold, “Afterwards, leave Chen Xiaotian and that black-haired young man’s doglife to me.

Fan Hai, the four of you go bring Hu Sheng out from the Sky Magi Sect’s underground dungeon.”

“Yes, Sovereign.” Fan Hao answered respectfully.

However, at the same moment, Hu Han ordered the other Elders to break the grand hall door and everyone prepared to rush in, Su Meimei suddenly shouted: “Wait!”

Hu Han and the rest halted abruptly.

Su Meimei spoke, “Sovereign, I feel something’s not right.

Didn’t we come into the Sky Magi Sect’s headquarters too smoothly” On the whole way, they basically did not encounter any resistance and their people easily entered to the center of Sky Magi Sect’s grand hall.

Hu Han frowned at the mention of this.

“Deputy, you think too much.

This time our attack plan was impromptu, moreover, it was a top secret, it’s nothing out of the ordinary for things to go smoothly.” At this time, an Elder within the group laughed.

Su Meimei did not rebuke this argument.

“Enough, after we rush in, first kill Geng Ken, and then Sky Magi Sect’s other Elders.

Crippling his left and right hand, and then move on to others Elders.” Hu Han ordered.

“Also, if something goes awry, retreat immediately!”

All of the Nine Fiend Sect’s Elders answered ‘yes’ in low whispers.

No longer delaying time, Hu Han slapped open the door with a single palm strike, rushing into the grand hall at lightning speed.

Inside, Hu Han scanned the surroundings, but the Sky Magi Sect’s headquarters grand hall looked empty and abandoned.


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