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Chapter 2751: One Versus Ninety-two Primal Ancestors

“Master Tang is right.

If Huang Xiaolong really annihilates the Tang Dragon Sacred Land and Freezing Desert Sacred Land, the next ones might be our sacred lands!” Before long, experts from other sacred lands stepped out and spoke passionately.

“Everyone here should cooperate with the Master of Tang Dragon Sacred Land and remove this hidden danger that is Huang Xiaolong!”

“Hes just a True Saint.

Cant so many of us Primal Ancestors from so many sacred lands kill a True Saint”

One of the sacred lands patriarchs agitated voice rang out across the Cangqiong City.

Tang Longs words had moved some experts, and they no longer hesitate.

“Green Wood Master is right, it would be too late when Huang Xiaolong comes to attack us in the future, all of us should join hands now and kill Huang Xiaolong!” Another sacred lands patriarch stepped out and tried to stir others sentiment.

These two people usually had a good relationship with Tang Long and Han Mo.

Therefore, they stepped out first to help eliminate Huang Xiaolong.

Then again, they too believed that Huang Xiaolong would be too dangerous if left alive.

With these two people taking the lead, it didnt take long for other sacred lands experts to join them, and they stated that they were willing to join hands with Tang Dragon Sacred Land and Freezing Desert Sacred Land to kill Huang Xiaolong.

In the end, there were twenty-four Primal Ancestors who stepped out.

There were at least forty to fifty Primal Ancestor experts who had followed the three sacred lands armies to the Cangqiong Sacred Land to pick up bargains.

In other words, there were at least half of them who agreed to assist Tang Long with eliminating Huang Xiaolong.

“Master, should we also…” Ren Yifei asked his master, Zhu Xu.

Zhu Xu hesitated, but simply shook his head without uttering a word.

Cangqiong Old Mans expression worsened after seeing that Tang Long had managed to persuade more than twenty Primal Ancestors to step out.

Amongst these twenty-plus experts, there were two Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestors, and others werent weak either as most of them were mid-level Primal Ancestors.

In this case, wouldnt Huang Xiaolong have to battle more than eighty Primal Ancestors, simultaneously!

Both Tang Long and Han Mo were inwardly delighted at this result.

Tang Long even laughed out loud, and pointed the great blade in his hand at Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong, do you see this Youve done too much injustice that these experts are going to gang up just to kill you.” His face became slightly distorted as he bellowed, “Come out here and accept your death!”

Yet, there wasnt any ripple on Huang Xiaolongs calm face.

He walked out slowly, and his gaze swept over Tang Long, Han Mo, as well as those twenty-plus Primal Ancestors who had joined in at the last moment.

“Anyone else wants to kill me Just this number of people”

Just this number of people He thinks there are very few people!

There were weird expressions in the crowd upon hearing Huang Xiaolongs words.

Was Huang Xiaolong indicating that this paltry number of people werent enough for him to warm up

There were sixty-eight Primal Ancestors from the three sacred lands! Upon counting the twenty-plus Primal Ancestors from other sacred lands, there were a total of ninety-two Primal Ancestors!

Ninety-two Primal Ancestors are too few for Huang Xiaolong!

Tang Long and Han Mo were enraged when they heard Huang Xiaolongs words, and so were the two Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestors who had stepped out and were willing to cooperate with Tang Long.

“Huang Xiaolong, listening to your tone, it looks like youre saying that the ninety-two of us arent enough for you lot.

Can you lot fight one hundred or more Primal Ancestors” Tang Long laughed in anger.

Huang Xiaolong looked at him, and said, “The first part of your sentence is right, but the latter part is wrong.

My master and the others wont interfere.”

All the sacred lands experts were dumbfounded.

“A-alone” Ren Yifei asked stupidly.

“This Huang Xiaolong is a madman” one of the experts couldnt help muttering.

Despite the amazing combat prowess Huang Xiaolong had shown so far, in all honesty, two fists cant fight with four palms.

Using the same logic, all of them wondered how Huang Xiaolong was going to fight ninety-two Primal Ancestors alone.

This really is…

No one could describe the tumultuous feelings in their chests at the moment.

A True Saint wanted to fight against ninety-two Primal Ancestors alone.

If this news were to spread out, not just the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, but the entire Divine Tuo Holy World would probably receive a big shock.

There had been precedence in the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave where a True Saint had challenged a Primal Ancestor expert to a battle.

When the Saint Devil Prince was still a Ninth Heaven True Saint, he had challenged a Second Resurrection Primal Ancestor, and he had even defeated the said Second Resurrection Primal Ancestor.

When news about that battle had spread out, it had shaken the entire Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, and it was because of that battle that the Saint Devil Princes reputation had become so loud.

However, in the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, there had never been where a True Saint had challenged several dozens of Primal Ancestor experts!

Forget about dozens of Primal Ancestors, even the Saint Devil Prince had fought four Primal Ancestors at the same time, at most.

Tang Long laughed loudly.

“One person You alone want to fight ninety-two of us Huang Xiaolong, I dare you to swear on it.”

He was afraid Huang Xiaolong would regret his brazen words.

Huang Xiaolong slowly walked towards Tang Long as he spoke, “Dealing with you all is nothing more than warming up.

Is it really necessary to swear on it A few minutes are enough.”

Puff! Tang Long erupted in laughter.

“A few minutes Dealing with us is like merely warming up, and only a few minutes are enough to deal with us”

Han Mo and he exchanged a smile before he disappeared in a flicker and shouted, “Tang Dragon Sacred Land, Freezing Desert Sacred Land, and present sacred lands patriarchs and experts, attack and kill Huang Xiaolong!”

“Let people of the world see if Huang Xiaolong really can kill all of us in a few minutes!”

Immediately, experts from the Tang Dragon Sacred Land and Freezing Desert Sacred Land formed two big formations.

Grand dao energy soared between them.

Tang Dragon Sacred Land and Freezing Desert Sacred Land had deep connections, and these two formations were the result of many years of collaborated research from both sides experts.

The formations could amplify the two sacred lands experts strength to the extreme.

The twenty-plus Primal Ancestors who were clamoring to kill Huang Xiaolong also made their moves, seeing this.

Vigorous grand dao energy roared out, locking the space around Huang Xiaolong.

“Chu Yifan, what are you still hesitating for Attack!!” Tang Long bellowed angrily as he noticed that there was still no action from Chu Yifan after so long.

Chu Yifan inhaled deeply as if making a difficult decision.

“Listen to my order.

All Chufan Sacred Lands experts form the Venerated Clouds Grand Dao Formation and kill Huang Xiaolong at full force!”

In the end, he still chose to side with Tang Long and Han Mo.

Originally, he was still hesitating, but with the addition of twenty-plus Primal Ancestors from other sacred lands, his confidence rose.

Just as Tang Long had said, there were ninety-two Primal Ancestors, and he too didnt believe that Huang Xiaolong alone could kill all of them!

Others felt their hearts tighten with worry when they saw that Tang Long, Han Mo, Chu Yifan, and the rest of the ninety-two Primal Ancestors had each formed their respective grand formations, locking Huang Xiaolong in the middle.

Whether it was ninety-two Primal Ancestors killing one True Saint, or one True Saint facing ninety-two Primal Ancestors, this sight was hard to forget for anyone.

Tang Longs concerns were finally eased after seeing Chu Yifan leading the Chufan Sacred Lands experts into the fray.

“KILL!” Looking at the ever calm Huang Xiaolong, Tang Long bellowed as he swung the Tang Dragon Blade, splitting space!

A sharp dragon roar reverberated in the air and rivers of dragon energy condensed into curtains of blade qi.

It was as if waves of blade qi had descended from the sky.

Waves after waves rushed towards Huang Xiaolong.

The Freezing Desert Mountain in Han Mos hand was thrown out, and the clod of soil actually expanded rapidly in the air.

Grains of black sand turned into large black meteors, raining down on Huang Xiaolong.

Chu Yifan and the three sacred lands other experts attacked together with the twenty-plus Primal Ancestors who had joined at the last minute.

The immediate space shattered from the pressure of ninety-two Primal Ancestors attacking simultaneously.

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