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Chapter 2766: Where Are The Spirit Devil Patriarch and the Others

Huang Xiaolong stopped and looked at the Spirit Devil Patriarch.

“Our Spirit Devil Alliance is willing to coexist peacefully with the Cangqiong Alliance!” the Spirit Devil Patriarch almost shouted.

Upon hearing the Spirit Devil Patriarch use the same excuse ofpeaceful coexistence again, Huang Xiaolong let out a cold sneer, “Youre right.

In the future, the Spirit Devil Alliance will only coexist peacefully with the Cangqiong Alliance.”

The two main perpetrators who had been stirring conflicts with the Cangqiong Alliance were the Spirit Devil Patriarch and Floating Petals Patriarch.

With the Floating Petals Patriarch gone, Huang Xiaolong only needed to kill the Spirit Devil Patriarch, and then subjugating the Spirit Devil Alliances other patriarchs would be easier.

As long as these patriarchs submitted, the Spirit Devil Alliance and Cangqiong Alliance would naturally coexist peacefully.

The Spirit Devil Patriarch understood the meaning of Huang Xiaolongs words, and his face turned ugly, “Huang Xiaolong, dont forget, were in the Ice Lion City.

How dare you attack me Arent you afraid of the Ice Lion Sacred Land”

The Spirit Devil Alliances experts immediately became spirited.

After all, they had the backing of the Ice Lion Sacred Land!

Yet Huang Xiaolongs response was ridiculing, “Do you really think that I dont know that you have no connection with the Ice Lion Sacred Land, and your connection is merely with Zhang Pei.”

The Spirit Devil Patriarchs face was extremely gloomy, and the other experts looked at each other with doubt in their eyes.

“Everyone, dont listen to his nonsense!” The Spirit Devil Patriarch refuted and said to the rest of the alliances patriarchs, “Our partner is the Ice Lion Sacred Land, not merely Zhang Pei alone.”

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong was indifferent.

“Should I have Yang Shangchen talk about the agreement between you and Zhang Pei Do you think that I didnt know that you promised to give Zhang Pei sixty percent of the harvest after swallowing the Cangqiong Alliance”

The Spirit Devil Patriarch paled slightly, and he shot a hateful glare at Yang Shangchen, “You—!”

“Correct, Yang Shangchen has long submitted to me like the Ice Blue Sacred Lands Patriarch Hou Ting and the others, and he serves me,” Huang Xiaolong added, “Yes, youve guessed it right, I told him to agree to Zhang Peis request.”

The Spirit Devil Patriarch glared at Huang Xiaolong and Yang Shangchen, and his expression had never been so unsightly.

A moment later, he took a deep breath and began, “Huang Xiaolong, even if the person cooperating with me is Zhang Pei himself, dont forget that he is the person managing this Ice Lion City and Ice Lion Continent.

If anything happens to me, do you think you can escape All of you will be buried with me!”

“You are strong, but once this Ice Lion Continents grand formation is activated, only a Dao Venerable expert can possibly escape!” Saying this, the Spirit Devil Patriarch sneered repeatedly.

He refused to believe Huang Xiaolong would dare to kill him.

“Is that so” Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent, and suddenly, the Tang Dragon Knife in his hand slashed down at the Spirit Devil Patriarch.

“You!” The Spirit Devil Patriarch yelled out anxiously as he used the Devil Blade in his hand to block the attack.

He couldnt believe Huang Xiaolong really attacked him without any scruples.

At this time inside the City Mayor Mansion, Zhang Pei who was monitoring the shocking energy waves from the Spirit Devil Patriarchs residence frowned suddenly as the battle seemed to be fiercer than he had expected

It seemed like Cangqiong Old Mans groups battle strength was stronger than they had estimated.

“Lord Zhang Pei, should we send someone over to check out the situation” one of Ice Lion Sacred Lands experts asked.

Zhang Pei agreed solemnly, “Alright, the few of you go take a look.”

The Ice Lion Sacred Lands several Primal Ancestors respectfully complied, and withdrew from the hall.

They soon exited the mansion and headed towards the location where Huang Xiaolong and the Spirit Devil Patriarch were battling.

But just as these Ice Lion Sacred Lands Primal Ancestors almost reached the Spirit Devil Alliances residence, the destructive energy fluctuations stopped abruptly.

The few of them exchanged a knowing smile, and one of them commented, “It seems like the Spirit Devil Patriarch has resolved Cangqiong Old Mans group.”

“Come one, lets go inside.

Its the perfect time to congratulate the Spirit Devil Patriarch, and get some benefits!”

The group laughed and continued onwards to the residence.

At the same time, inside the residence, Huang Xiaolong looked coldly at the Spirit Devil Patriarch on the ground.

Under the amplified suppression of his three dao souls, and twelve high-order Saint Fates, he finally subdued the Spirit Devil Patriarch.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not destroy his physical body, but merely sealed his whole bodys strength.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently threw the Spirit Devil Patriarch into the Cangqiong Dao Palace, and then he turned his attention to the remaining experts of Spirit Devil Alliance.

These Spirit Devil Alliances experts paled in fear.

Half an hour later, the Ice Lion Sacred Lands several Primal Ancestors had arrived in front of the residence.

Because the Spirit Devil Patriarch had specifically strengthened the residences array formations, and added another layer of space formation around the residence it blocked most of the destructive energy from leaking out.

Hence, apart from the hall they were at, other parts of the residence were unharmed.

From outside, the residence looked the same.

Although they were surprised that the Spirit Devil Patriarch did not come out to welcome them, none of them gave it much thought.

They pushed the residences door open and went straight to the residence main hall.

The several of them looked at the sorry state of the main hall.

The Spirit Devil Alliances experts were standing nervously while the person sitting on the dais was not the familiar Spirit Devil Patriarch, but a strange human youngster who was looking at them with an indifferent gaze.

“Who are you Where is the Spirit Devil Patriarch” one of the Ice Lion Sacred Lands experts barked.

Huang Xiaolong did not speak but his palm made a grabbing gesture, and pulled the expert up to him.

The strongest person amongst these Ice Lion Sacred Lands Primal Ancestors was only a Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor, and in front of Huang Xiaolong, he had no power to resist.


An hour later, seeing that there was no news from the people he had sent out, Zhang Pei fell into deep thought inside the city mayors mansion.

Logically speaking, they should have met with the Spirit Devil Patriarch by now, whats going on

Could there be an accident The Cangqiong Alliance!

A light glimmered in his eyes, but he was certain there were only five people from the Cangqiong Alliance, no, more accurately, discounting Yang Shangchen, there were only four people.

Cangqiong Old Man was a peak early Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor, and the strongest amongst them, Duan Feng, was merely a mid-Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor, and Chen Qi was an early Seventh Resurrection, while the last one was mere True Saint Realm cultivator.

It was illogical that the Spirit Devil Patriarch had failed to deal with these four people.

But he had tried contacting the Spirit Devil Patriarch, Floating Petals Patriarch, and his several subordinates, yet none of them had replied to him!

His dao souls senses spread out, but there was a kind of energy surrounding the Spirit Devil Patriarchs residence that blocked his observation.

“Come!” Zhang Peis unease grew stronger the more he thought about it, thus he immediately called his subordinate, “Pass my order, fully activate the Ice Lion Citys array formations!”

Before the negotiations had started, although Zhang Pei had activated the citys grand formation, it was merely a part of the grand formation.

“Yes, Lord Zhang Pei!” The subordinate respectfully accepted the order.

He was about to leave to execute Zhang Peis order when his footsteps suddenly stopped at the door.

Feeling dubious, Zhang Pei looked up.

He saw that a human race young man was walking in from outside the door.

Zhang Pei was stunned for a second.

The Ice Lion City Mayor Mansion was strictly guarded, so how did this youngster enter the mansion

“Who are you” Zhang Pei observed Huang Xiaolong, and his energy was locked on him.

“Huang Xiaolong,” Huang Xiaolong stated simply as he entered the hall.

“Huang Xiaolong” Zhang Pei was baffled for a brief moment, failing to recall who Huang Xiaolong was.

“I am Cangqiong Old Mans disciple,” Huang Xiaolong elaborated.

“Its you!” Zhang Pei didnt expect this and his face turned stern, “You guys werent… Where are the Spirit Devil Patriarch and the others!”

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