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Chapter 2816: Meeting the Saint Devil Prince Again

They had appeared because they had felt the fluctuations that came from the battle.

“Power of darkness and radiance! Are the members of the Devil Transformation Sacred Land fighting with someone!” A Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor behind Xu Jian asked.

“Devil Transformation Sacred Land!”

Those from the Saint Devil Sacred Land were taken aback.

The Devil Transformation Sacred Land was not the strongest power in the Devil Wolf Heavenly Cave, but their strength was comparable to the Saint Devil Sacred Land.

Their patriarch could easily fight Xu Dong to a draw!

“This is weird… Who dares to challenge the Devil Transformation Sacred Land” A frown formed on the Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestors face.

He could feel the energy coming from those of the Devil Transformation Sacred Land, but he had no idea who they were fighting.

The other experts behind the Saint Devil Prince were shocked.

Feeling that something was off, Xu Jian decided to increase his speed.

Very quickly, he arrived at the scene.

He was met with a mist of golden blood that stretched on as far as he could see.

The golden mist soon gathered into droplets and fell into the Silver Dragon River below.

The golden rain seemed exceptionally pretty under the illumination of the aureate glow of the sun.

The expressions of Xu Jian and the others changed drastically when they recognized the origins of the golden rain.

That was the blood of Primal Ancestors!

“Its the experts of the Devil Transformation Sacred Land!” the Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor stammered, and he revealed an unnatural expression.

The blood in the air would mean that all the experts sent by the Devil Transformation Sacred Land were dead!

He could tell as the blood contained traces of darkness and radiance energy, a trait members of the Devil Transformation Sacred Land possessed!

No one else in the surrounding regions used the power of darkness and radiance like those from the Devil Transformation Sacred Land, but he wasnt shocked by their deaths.

He was shocked at the fact that the members of the Devil Transformation Sacred Land were eliminated almost instantly!

Previously, they had rushed over the moment they had noticed the battle.

It had taken only several breaths of time for them to arrive, but the battle had already ended in the Devil Transformation Sacred Lands complete defeat!

The Saint Devil Prince stared at the golden rain with a solemn expression on his face.

“There should be over forty of them here! Among those forty, there should be several high-level Primal Ancestors! From the looks of it, no Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor was present…”

For him to be able to gauge the number of people present along with their strength from just the remnants of the battle alone, one could imagine how terrifying Xu Jians actual judgement skill was.

It was too bad he didnt use it when dealing with Huang Xiaolong.

“The other party has to be a half-step Dao Venerable if he could kill them all and retrieve their dao souls in such a short amount of time!” One of the Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestors behind Xu Jian spoke.

“No… there might even be two of them!”

A half-step Dao Venerable would definitely be able to kill the entire group of them, but he wouldnt be able to do so in such a short amount of time! As such, they could only guess that two-half step Dao Venerables were involved!

The only thing that troubled the Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor was that he couldnt detect even the faintest trace of their killer!

A terrifying thought flashed through his mind.

Could the other party not have used grand dao energy when dealing with them

As long as one used grand dao energy, there was no way he wouldnt leave traces behind!

The Saint Devil Prince couldnt believe it either as a trace of suspicion flashed through his eyes.

“Did the other party use some sort of secret art to hide his energy” Another subordinate guessed.

“Your Highness, should we continue our search” Yet another expert asked.

“They might have fought over the map of the Huang Long Armor… After all, this island isnt far from the Brilliant Light Island…”

Xu Jian nodded his head and muttered, “Keep on searching! However, all of you need to be careful! My father and the others have already arrived at the Silver Dragon River.

Ill report to him and request for him to lead the Eminent Elders of the Saint Devil Sacred Land over!”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Not wasting a single moment, they started their search.

Before they had arrived, Huang Xiaolong had already dealt with the members of the Devil Transformation Scared Land, and he had continued his search for the dragon scale.

However, he realized that the faster he went, the faster the dragon scale would escape! He would never be able to catch up to the scale if this kept up!

After chasing it for half an hour, Huang Xiaolong decided that it wasnt a good idea to keep up his chase.

There were tons of experts in the Silver Dragon River, and his search would definitely alarm all of them.

However, he couldnt think of a way to stop the dragon scale!

Racking his brains, an idea finally flashed through his mind.

Since the dragon scale contained his fathers aura, it possessed spirituality and its own consciousness.

If he revealed his bloodline, wouldnt it…

No longer hesitating, he activated the Huang Long Bloodline.

The aura of the Huang Long Bloodline filled the space all around him.


The moment he released his bloodline, the dragon scale no longer tried to escape from him.

It stopped almost instantaneously.

After one second, it started flying towards Huang Xiaolong.

He could almost feel the excitement the dragon scale had when meeting him.

Very quickly, a golden ray of light emerged from the horizon and flew towards Huang Xiaolong.

Even at his level, Huang Xiaolong failed to see the shape of the scale as it flew towards him.

However, he knew that the incoming object was beyond a doubt, the dragon scale!

It was the scale that had the location of the Huang Long Armor etched onto it!

In the blink of an eye, the scale arrived before Huang Xiaolong.

Looking at it, he realized that it was twice the size of his palm, and the grand dao rune carvings on it were exquisite.

He had never seen anything like it, and the runes in the Immemorial Grand Formation werent comparable to one ten thousandth of those on the scale!

Excitement filled his heart as he stared at the dragon scale before him.

He knew that the moment he refined the scale, he would be able to learn of the location of the Huang Long Armor!

With the indestructible attribute of the armor, Huang Xiaolong knew that refining the armor would bring about a ton of benefits to him!

Despite that, he was in no rush to refine the dragon scale.

Instead, he kept it in the small world within his body.

In order to prevent the spirit of the dragon scale from clashing with Skylet, he decided to keep it in one of the small worlds in him.

After he was done, he hovered in the air as he waited for the Saint Devil Prince and the others to arrive.

He had long since noticed them, and since they were planning to search for the dragon scale, he could get rid of all of them at once.

It didnt take long for Xu Jian and over two hundred experts to appear on the horizon.

When they saw a figure standing in the middle of the air with his arms crossed, Xu Jian was the first to recognize him.

“Huang Xiaolong!”

Huang Xiaolong!

The experts around him were shocked.

Sweeping his gaze around Huang Xiaolong, he used the Blue Heavens Dao Eye to ensure that no one else was around.

A sinister smile soon appeared on Xu Jians face.

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