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Chapter 2835: Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor

“Blue Heaven Creed Patriarch, Yi Beihang, actually apologized to Huang Xiaolong! Didnt the Blue Heaven Creed offer a reward for capturing him previously What happened!”

“Could he be the son of a super expert He might even be the young master or a stronger Creed! Why else would Yi Beihang apologize to him!”

“That has to be the case… Why would Yi Beihang apologize to a Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor! Also, Yan San seems to have disappeared.

Could he have been abducted by the senior standing behind Huang Xiaolong!”

“I heard that for the past few days, Yi Beihang and several other hall masters activated the dao origin of the Blue Heaven Creed.

They were locked in bitter combat with someone… Now I look at it, it has to be with the senior supporting Huang Xiaolong! They probably lost, and had to apologize to Huang Xiaolong!”

“I heard that countless experts from the Blue Heaven Creed came out to witness the earth-shattering battle.

What a pity… Yi Beihang passed down a gag order to prevent the result of the battle from spreading.”

The patriarchs all around the region gossiped among themselves for days, and a ton of speculations filled their minds.

They were shocked by Yi Beihangs sudden change in attitude, but many of them thought that there was a mysterious expert supporting Huang Xiaolong in secret.

The Saint Devil Sacred Land that had been standing tall for countless years was wiped out not too long after they offered their apology!

The Saint Devil Sacred Land was the number one sacred land in the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave, and their sect master, Xu Dong, was a half-step Dao Venerable expert.

Adding on the fact that Xu Jian was Yan Sans disciple, they possessed pretty strong backing.

When they were wiped out overnight, many people were shocked.

The experts stationed all around were absolutely certain that there was a supreme expert supporting Huang Xiaolong in secret! He had to be the one to wipe out the Saint Devil Sacred Land!

Everyone who coveted the Immemorial Treasury was terrified by the sudden change that they gave up all thoughts on it.

There were many sacred lands who tried to get close to Cangqiong Sacred Land after the incident, and there were many who were willing to join their alliance.

When everything went down, Huang Xiaolong sat in the void around the Immemorial Immortal Cave, and he looked at the jade bottle in his hand happily.

The jade bottle was filled with the dao origin of the Blue Heaven Creed!

It contained half of the Blue Heaven Creed dao origin!

He had used absolute strength to suppress Yi Beihang and the others, and they had no choice but to give in to his demands when they lost the battle.

Not only did he capture Yan San, he also obtained half the dao origin of the Blue Heaven Creed!

Of course, he also obtained half their treasury!

The Blue Heaven Creed dao origin was accumulated over countless years, and it has an insane amount of power.

If I manage to refine it…

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but grow excited when he thought about it.

He would break through to the Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm with no doubt!

He might even reach the mid or late-Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm!

Originally, Huang Xiaolongs plan was to search for the Huang Long Armor in the Dragon Fish Creed.

Now, he decided to refine the dao origin before trying anything else.

Besides, he was the only person capable of obtaining the Huang Long Armor.

He wasnt afraid that someone would beat him to it.

After calming down, Huang Xiaolong opened the jade bottle.

The dao origin soared into the air.

Huang Xiaolong circulated his Huang Long Bloodline, and a giant dragon hovered in the air behind him.

By opening its mouth, the dragon sucked in the dao origin.

Grand dao laws, grand dao energy, and cosmos energy surged into Huang Xiaolongs body in an unending stream.

Even with his terrifyingly strong physique, he was still stunned by the power from the dao origin.

Huang Xiaolong stabilized his condition as he started to refine the energy in his body.

Time flew by quickly as years passed.

When Huang Xiaolong was in seclusion to refine the dao origin, news that shocked countless regions started to spread.

“I heard that the Son of Creation, Huang Shuai, has already reached the limit of the Primal Ancestor Realm! Hes preparing to charge into the Dao Venerable Realm!”

“His Highness Huang Shuai, has such monstrous talent! He entered the Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm several hundred years ago! In such a short amount of time, he reached the peak of his current realm! Its no wonder hes the number one genius in our Divine Tuo Holy World!”

“I heard that His Highness Huang Shuai has two great dao souls! He has ten high-order Saint Fates, and he managed to awaken his Huang Long Bloodline!”

“His Highness Huang Shuai, is personally protected by the Dragon Fish Dao Venerable! The Dragon Fish Dao Venerable is planning to use his cosmos energy to assist His Highness to ascend into the Dao Venerable Realm!”

“Hes not the only one! The Dao Venerables of the other super creeds volunteered to do the same!”

“Ten peak level Dao Venerables! With the ten of them, the creation of his small world will be perfect! There is no way anyone will surpass his level in the future!”

Since Huang Shuai was the publicly recognized Son of Creation in the Divine Tuo Holy World, every piece of news related to him rippled through the entire world.

Ten years passed in a blink of an eye.

Inside the Immemorial Immortal Cave, a figure slowly got to his feet.

The might of a Primal Ancestor filled the lands.

It was none other than Huang Xiaolong, who had completed the refinement of the dao origin.

He had not just managed to complete the refinement, but also reached the peak of the mid-Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm!

After reaching the Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm and experiencing the fourth tribulation, his grand dao physique was twice as strong as before!

With his current combat strength, even if there were two Blue Heaven Creeds, they wouldnt be able to slow him down!

If Yi Beihang, Wang Jin, and the others knew that he had only managed to reach the mid-Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, they would probably die of fright.

One had to know that the dao origin was formed after countless years! Half of it was more than enough for a Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor to become a half-step Dao Venerable!

Even so, Huang Xiaolong had barely managed to enter the next cultivation level!

“Huang Xiaolong, you motherf*cker**, quickly let me out!” Yan San screamed in rage like he had been doing for the past ten years.

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