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Chapter 2858: Looks Like You Lost

The jade stones Huang Xiaolong selected were from the piles of messyabandoned jade stones.

This time, Huang Xiaolong picked out a colorful and glaringly shiny jade stone, and its surface was covered with dense and messy grand dao runes.

Everyone was surprised, and they observed Huang Xiaolong with strange gazes as Huang Xiaolong nonchalantly selected a very colorful and glaring bright jade stone with dense and complex grand dao runes covering its entire body.

It didnt mean that there would be an embryo inside if the jade stone was very colorful and shinier with complex grand dao law runes on it.

In fact, it was the other way around most of the time.

The general logic was that this kind of jade stones were incapable of gestating any embryos making their surface shiny, colorful, and covered with complex grand dao law runes.

Long Jianfei and Duan Feng also became nervous and uncertain watching Huang Xiaolongs action.

“Your Highness, you…” Duan Feng wanted to tell Huang Xiaolong that it was impossible for this kind of jade stone to gestate any embryos.

Huang Xiaolong simply waved Duan Fengs words away and reassured him, “Dont worry, I know what Im doing.”

I know what Im doing!!

Long Jianfei and Duan Feng could only watch on with bitter faces, struggling to decide if they should try dissuading Huang Xiaolong a little more, but in the end they gave up on the thought.

By now, both of them were familiar with Huang Xiaolongs temper.

Once Huang Xiaolong decided on something, no one could make him change his decision.

Although Wang Xin was nonplussed that Huang Xiaolong would choose a colorful and glaringly bright jade stone covered with dense runes from the cast-off piles, he was inwardly gloating at the same time.

Based on his rich experience in stone guessing, the jade stone Huang Xiaolong had selected barely had one-ten thousandth chances of containing any embryo.

‘Looks like this punk is really a noob in stone guessing! Wang Xin sneered inwardly.

When he had first entered the stone guessing field, he had seen Huang Xiaolong busy choosing stones from the piles on the side.

This was the reason he had judged that Huang Xiaolong was a noob in stone guessing, and also why he had agreed to make the bet with Huang Xiaolong!

After watching Huang Xiaolongs actions, Wang Xin felt that he was indeed an ignorant bumpkin in stone guessing!

He was feeling cool all over just thinking he would be taking ten billion Tuoshen holy coins from Huang Xiaolong and watch Huang Xiaolong proclaim himself to be an idiot ten thousand times.

This punk dared to mock me in public.

Hehe, just wait!

As he imagined the beautiful ending, Wang Xin began selecting jade stones.

His gaze swept over the special area high in the sky where various jade stones hung, and he selected one of them.

The jade stone in his hand was smooth, and it exuded subtle luster with a converged brilliance.

There werent many grand dao law runes on its surface, giving off a profound and mysterious feeling.

When other experts saw this jade stone, all of them were nodding inwardly in approval.

Based on the feeling from their own bloodline, the jade stone in Wang Xins hand very likely contained an embryo!

At least, the jade stone Wang Xin had selected was a thousand times bigger than Huang Xiaolongs.

After seeing that Huang Xiaolong and Wang Xin had both selected their preferred jade stones, the owner stepped forward.

After inquiring their opinions, he personally did the stone opening.

Due to Huang Xiaolong and Wang Xins extraordinary identities, the owner proceeded with great caution, not daring to make a single mistake.

After seeing that the owner had picked up Huang Xiaolongs jade stone to open first, Wang Xin said confidently, “Better open mine first because the result of his jade stone would be the same whether you open it or not.

It cant have an embryo!”

The owner looked inquiringly at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in agreement as it didnt matter to him who went first.

He glanced at Wang Xins smug face, smiling from ear to ear, and sneered inwardly.

Since Huang Xiaolong had no objection, the owner picked up Wang Xins jade stone and started to work.

Gathering grand dao energy around his fingers, he began walking around the jade stone.

Every time he took a step, his arms would budge slightly, or he would shave a thin layer off the top, or roll the jade stone slightly, looking extremely skilled.

As time passed, the owners hands moved faster and faster.

As the owner continued to shave down the jade stone, Wang Xins jade stone shrunk in size.

Originally, the jade stone Wang Xin had picked was as tall as a man, but by the end, there was merely half a meter left.

When there was only half a meter left of Wang Xins jade stone, subtle rays of light seeped out from the jade stone, accompanied by refreshing spiritual energy.

“This is such pure spiritual energy!”

“Such a pure spiritual energy.

Theres fifty percent certainty that this jade stone contains an embryo!” Some of the experts watching in the crowd became excited at this sign.

“Congratulations, Senior Brother!” Several Dragon Fish Creeds outer disciples congratulated seamlessly, delighting Wang Xin.

He laughed heartily and nodded at them.

“Its our shared happiness!”

Wang Xin shot provocative glances in Huang Xiaolongs direction from time to time, fully showing his contempt.

There were no changes to Huang Xiaolongs expression, but Long Jianfei and Duan Feng didnt look very good.

By judging from the current situation of Wang Xins jade stone, there was as high as fifty percent chance that there was an embryo inside, or it wouldnt release this level of pure energy.

As the owner continued with his work, an even richer spiritual energy seeped out from the jade stone.

“Rippling spiritual energy! What vigorous spiritual energy.

There is definitely seventy percent chance of an embryo!” The spectating experts sighed in excitement.

The smile on Wang Xins face deepened.

Seventy percent!

A while later, the jade stone emitted a lilting, melodic sound.

Upon hearing this sound, the crowd broke out in excitement.

“Its the sound of an embryo!”

“This jade stone really gestated an embryo! Moreover, this wonderful sound, it must be a high-grade embryo!”

The crowd became more excited.

Innate embryos gestated inside jade stones were divided into xiantian, holy, and dao grade.

Each grade was then subdivided into low-rank, mid-rank, and high-rank.

In the end, before the crowds anticipative gazes, the jade stone Wang Xin had selected was fully revealed.

The embryo was as big as an infant, with visible spiritual energy flowing within, and it was so captivating that it exuded a soft glow and a medicinal energy.

“Its peak mid-rank xiantian grade!”

The owner and assessors determined in an instant, exuding excitement from head to toe.

Although numerous people opened stones everyday, very few people got jade stones with embryos.

In fact, it happened only once every several years.

Not to mention, more often than not, it would be low-rank xiantian grade.

Wang Xin was thrilled as he looked at the peak mid-rank xiantian grade embryo.

Although he was confident in his skill and knowledge in stone guessing, coupled with his high bloodline talent, there wasnt many times that he had successfully opened jade stones with embryos.

Luck was on his side today! Windfall from the sky, ah!

Endless wishes of congratulations from all around went to Wang Xin.

Wang Xin flashed a smile at Huang Xiaolong and said, “It seems like youve lost this bet, so you should fulfill your part of the bet.

Hand out ten billion Tuoshen holy coins, and dont forget to say ten thousand times that youre an idiot.

Also, break your own legs as well as your two subordinates behind you!”

Huang Xiaolong scoffed, “My jade stone is still not opened yet, so how can you say that you have won the bet Its too early for you to be happy.”

Wang Xin chuckled upon hearing that, “Fine, Im in no rush, well wait until your jade stone is open, half an hour earlier or later, the result is the same.”

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