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Chapter 2861: Heading to the Blue Lotus Pond

Upon seeing Wang Xins action, Huang Xiaolong scoffed and punched out with his other hand as well.


The sounds of bones breaking echoed clearly in the air.

Next, Wang Xins miserable screams pierced everyones ears as he, in all his glory, was flung high into the air, crashing into the midst of the large crowd.

The ground rumbled as tremors spread outward.

The remaining Dragon Fish Creeds outer disciples and everyone else stood rooted on the spot.

Especially the Dragon Fish Creeds outer disciples eyes were wide with shock and disbelief.

Whos Wang Xin

The named disciple of their Dragon Fish Creed Enforcement Hall Master!

Although a named disciples status was not the same as a personal disciple, it was nobler than many that some Dragon Fish Creeds deacons, even senior deacons, would flatter and fawn over Senior Brother Wang Xin.

Whenever they go out, even some sacred lands patriarchs treated him with courtesy.

But today, he was stripped bare, and then sent flying!

Huang Xiaolong walked towards Wang Xin at a leisurely pace.

“Kill him, kill him for me!” Wang Xins eyes were bloodshot as he roared at the Dragon Fish Creeds outer disciples, and the thought of killing Huang Xiaolong took over his mind.

His furious roar jolted the Dragon Fish Creeds outer disciples to their senses and they began to attack Huang Xiaolong.

After looking at the swarm of Dragon Fish Creeds outer disciples coming at him, Huang Xiaolong struck with his fists, and each time his fist landed, it sent a disciple flying.

Long Jianfei and Duan Feng quickly joined in the foray.

Before long, the twenty-plus Dragon Fish Creeds outer disciples were either sent flying into the distance or slammed into the ground.

Other sacred lands disciples and experts, who were crowded around to watch a good show, retreated in a hurry.

When the obstacles were swept away, Huang Xiaolong strode towards Wang Xin.

Wang Xin paled, seeing the way Huang Xiaolong crushed the twenty-plus Dragon Fish Creeds outer disciples like they were nothing.

Although Long Jianfei and Duan Feng also helped on the sides, it was obvious to everyone that Huang Xiaolong was the main attack force.

Huang Xiaolong, a peak late-Fourth Resurrection Primal Ancestor had crushed more than twenty Dragon Fish Creeds outer disciples with ease.

Not to mention that there were several Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestors amongst them!

One could tell how powerful Huang Xiaolongs combat prowess was!

This kind of talent, although it might not reach the level One Dragon, Two Tigers, and Three Moons, it was still comparable to some creeds young patriarchs.

“You, who are you!” Wang Xins heart was palpitating with fear, “What do you want!”

“What I want isnt much.

I just want you to fulfill your part of the bet,” Huang Xiaolong stated without any expression.

Wrath spewed from Wang Xins eyes.

Junior Brother Shis legs were broken, whereas he, he was as bare as a baby.

The only thing left to do now was to shout that he was an idiot a hundred times.

He wants me to shout that I am an idiot in public a hundred times!

Thinking of this, Wang Xins wrath and killing intent soared to the heavens.

Huang Xiaolong did not respond, but the kick he gave was an answer in itself.

As Huang Xiaolongs leg kicked out, his force broke past Wang Xins physical defenses and wreaked havoc inside his body.

It was as if Wang Xins shrieks of pain would never end.

“You, you will regret this!” Wang Xin glared venomously at Huang Xiaolong, biting every word.


In the end, Wang Xin was forced to shout a hundred times that he was an idiot.

By the time the Blue Lotus Creeds disciples on patrol arrived, their faces turned white at the misery on site.

It was especially so after they saw Wang Xins and the many Dragon Fish Creeds outer disciples injuries.

At this time, Zhu Hui and the Blue Lotus Creeds Patriarch Lin Rui were still enjoying themselves inside the hall, sampling Phoenix Nectar.

Zhu Hui smacked his lips in amazement and praised, “This Phoenix Nectar, I wont get bored of it even after drinking ten thousand times.

Good stuff, good stuff, ah!”

Lin Rui chuckled good-naturedly, “If theres a chance of getting more Phoenix Nectar, I will definitely send a jug straight to Brother Zhu Huis manor.”

Zhu Hui laughed sonorously in response.

“Then, Ill accept it with a thick face.”

While the two were conversing merrily, Yang Jia and Li Zhentong once again appeared in the hall, but this time, with flustered expressions.

“Whats the matter” Lin Rui asked as a slight frown formed between his eyebrows.

He had already told them not to disturb him and Brother Zhu Hui unless there was something important.

Yang Jia and Li Zhentong looked hesitant.

“Master, its… Junior Brother Wang Xin encountered a small trouble at the stone trading street,” finally, Yang Jia spoke.

Lin Rui and Zhu Hui exchanged a look.

“A small trouble” Zhu Hui looked deeply at them both because if it was really a small trouble, Lin Ruis two disciples wouldnt have reported the matter to them.

“Junior Brother Wang Xin was injured by another person in the trading market, and the assaulters were Long Jianfeis group of three,” Yang Jia briefly explained in a solemn tone, and then recounted what he knew to Lin Rui and Zhu Hui.

Zhu Huis face clouded the moment he heard that.

After Yang Jia finished reporting the matter, a sharp gleam burst out from Zhu Huis eyes.

“I didnt want to be too harsh on juniors when they were here earlier, and therefore, I let them go.

Yet, the three of them actually repaid my kindness with ingratitude by humiliating my disciple in this manner! They will pay for this!”

“Damn, damn!” Zhu Hui cursed twice!

One could imagine how furious he was.

Although the person Huang Xiaolong had humiliated was his named disciple Wang Xin, as Wang Xins master, he also felt insulted and humiliated!

As the saying goes, see whos the owner before hitting the dog.

With this reference, Huang Xiaolong was slapping his face!

“Where are they now!” Zhu Hui demanded icily.

“They have left the Blue Lotus City, and currently, their whereabouts are unknown.

However, weve already locked down the entire Blue Lotus Creed headquarters.

Its likely that the three of them are still within the area of the Blue Lotus Creed headquarters,” Li Zhentong quickly answered.

Lin Rui immediately barked, “Search! Even if you have to dig three feet under, bring them before us!”

Something like this had never happened in the Blue Lotus Creed, and as the Blue Lotus Creed Patriarch, Lin Rui felt like someone had wiped mud over his face.

Yang Jia and Li Zhentong hurried to comply respectfully, and they swiftly left to make arrangements.


Huang Xiaolong was indeed still within the Blue Lotus Creed headquarters area.

In fact, he was in the Blue Lotus Creed headquarters deepest chaos void.

He had fully activated the Immemorial Grand Array on the Qilin Chariot, enveloping him, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng within.

Huang Xiaolong had used the cosmos energy from his small worlds to conceal the presence of the Immemorial Qilin Chariot.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong wasnt worried Lin Rui or Zhu Hui would discover him.

So far, there has been quite a harvest after coming to Blue Lotus Creed!

Huang Xiaolong looked at the thirty-plus jade stones of various colors, shapes, and sizes in front of him with delight.

Although these jade stones were still unopened, Huang Xiaolong was very confident that all of them carried an embryo inside!

And these embryos grades were not low!

Two of the jade stones contained dao grade embryos!

With these thirty-plus jade stones, breaking through to the Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor was right on the horizon!

Huang Xiaolong planned to advance to the Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm first, and then enter the Blue Lotus Pond.

After taking a deep breath, Huang Xiaolong activated his Huang Long Bloodline and began refining the first embryo inside one of the jade stones.

A year later, within the Immemorial Grand Array, purple-golden lightning, black lotus flames, and light of nirvana roiled like a tri-colored boundless ocean.

Rumbling roars of dragons traveled through countless million miles in the chaos space.

In the blink of an eye, several years passed by.

A figure stepped out from the chaotic space currents, exuding an overwhelming Primal Ancestor Realm coercion.

It was so strong that the surrounding turbulent chaos qi stagnated for a moment.

“Congratulations, Your Highness!”

When Long Jianfei and Duan Feng saw Huang Xiaolong emerge from the chaotic space, both hurried forward, greeting him with beaming faces.

Huang Xiaolong nodded and smiled at them.

During these several years of seclusion, he had finally stepped into Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm by borrowing those embryos energies.

“Come, were going to the Blue Lotus Pond!”

The Blue Lotus Pond was located in the Blue Lotus Creed, but it was not exactly within the Blue Lotus Creed headquarters, and there were several days of journey in between.

While Huang Xiaolongs group headed to the Blue Lotus Pond, certain news spread in the Blue Lotus Creed.

“Ive heard that Young Lady Yu Yue is coming here to Blue Lotus Creed, and she wants to enter the Blue Lotus Pond to pick blue lotus!”

The news caused a big wave in the Blue Lotus Creed, and the excitement spread to the neighboring creeds.

In an instant, disciples from various creeds and sacred lands were making a mad rush towards the Blue Lotus Pond!

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