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Chapter 2864: Apologize

After looking at the maniacal Duan Zheng rushing toward them, Duan Feng was stupefied for a second.

When his senses recovered, Duan Zhengs attack had caught up with him.

Duan Fengs face tightened as it was already too late for him to parry the attack.

But in a split second, the maniacal Duan Zheng suddenly froze on the spot, and Duan Feng blanked.

“His mind is deeply clouded by absolute poison, so he cant recognize you at all.”

Huang Xiaolongs voice sounded in his ears, and the person who had stopped Duan Zhengs attack was Huang Xiaolong.

Duan Zheng was an early Eighth Resurrection Primal Ancestor expert.

Duan Feng couldnt see that Duan Zhengs dao soul was deeply poisoned, but Huang Xiaolong could.

Both Duan Feng and Long Jianfei were taken aback by the news, and then Duan Fengs face darkened.

Absolute poison

Absolute poison was the most terrifying poison of its kind in the world, just like Huang Xiaolongs absolute frost and absolute flame powers!

“Your Highness…!” Duan Feng looked imploringly at Huang Xiaolong.

“Dont worry,” Huang Xiaolong calmed Duan Feng and nodded at him.

He could guess what Duan Feng was worrying about.

Although Duan Zheng was poisoned by absolute poison, Huang Xiaolong was quite confident that he could expel the poison out.

He did not have this confidence in the past, but now, with the power of absolute blaze, the ultimate fire power, he could expel any kind of poison or frigid yin energies.

After hearing that, Duan Fengs highly-strung nerves relaxed.

However, just as the three of them were about to take Duan Zheng away, someone shouted from behind them, “Not so fast!”

A group of experts were approaching from the opposite end of the street.

“Its the Ten Swords Creeds inner disciples!”

“That seems to be the Ten Swords Creeds Zhou Hong!”

“So hes Zhou Hong! Ive heard about him, hes the chosen person for the Ten Swords Creeds Ink Sword, a true peerless genius.

Rumors say he has already condensed sword spirit!”

Upon recognizing Zhou Hong, the crowd stirred.

Huang Xiaolong, Long Jianfei, and Duan Feng were a little surprised.

Ten Swords Creed

There were twelve creeds within the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave, and the Ten Swords Creed was where many sword cultivators gathered, ranking right below the Blue Lotus Creed at seventh place.

Legend had it that the Ten Swords Creed possessed ten grand dao sword artifacts!

These ten dao swords were born from the world, and they had later on fallen into the hands of the Ten Swords Creeds founder, becoming the Ten Swords Creeds guardian dao artifact.

Ten dao swords, each had its own spirituality; disciples chosen by these ten dao swords were naturally highly talented and possessed high comprehension in the way of the sword.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the person at the frontmost of the group.

He was none other than Zhou Hong who was chosen by the Ink Sword.

“Senior Brother Zhou Hong, thats him.

He injured our Junior Brother Lin!” a Ten Swords Creed disciple behind Zhou Hong yelled angrily and pointed at Duan Zheng, who was beside Duan Feng.

Huang Xiaolongs brows creased slightly.

Zhou Hongs gaze swept past Huang Xiaolong, Duan Feng, and Long Jianfei, and he stated, “Are you planning to pat your butt and leave like nothing happened after injuring innocent people”

Duan Feng looked at the injured Ten Swords Creed disciple surnamed Lin, and although the injuries seemed heavy, he merely needed to buy a holy pill to recover fully in a few days time.

After some thought, Duan Ferng took out a hundred thousand Tuoshen holy coins for the other side and apologized, “It is my brothers fault for injuring your Junior Brother Lin, but its only because my brother is poisoned, and his mind isnt sober.

These one hundred thousand Tuoshen coins are enough to buy a holy pill to heal your Junior Brother Lin.”

One hundred thousand Tuoshen holy coins could buy a few holy pills for the disciple surnamed Lin to recover several times.

As Huang Xiaolongs group turned to leave for a second time, Zhou Hongs lazy voice sounded, “Dont go yet.

Who allowed you to leave!”

His tone was inviolable, as if no one would dare to defy his words.

He strode forward and stood in front of Huang Xiaolongs group, and then pointed a finger at Duan Zheng, “He injured a disciple of my Ten Swords Creed, and you want to leave after compensating with a mere one hundred thousand Tuoshen holy coins Brat, is your head broken or something But looking at the sake of the one hundred thousand Tuoshen holy coins, leave this person here, and the three of you can leave!”

His tone sounded as inviolable as ever.

Huang Xiaolong naturally caught the overbearingness in Zhou Hongs voice, and a sneer rose up the corners of his mouth.

It looked like this was the way Zhou Hong spoke to those Ten Swords Creeds disciples, and even other sacred lands disciples.

“If we refuse to leave this person here” Huang Xiaolong responded tepidly.

Zhou Hong was stunned for a split second, then erupted into laughter, “Brat, if you dont leave this person here, then all of you will need to stay!”

All of you will stay!

Immediately, other Ten Swords Creed disciples spread out and encircled Huang Xiaolongs group.

Huang Xiaolong showed no panic on his face being surrounded by the dozens of Ten Swords Creeds disciples.

To him, these disciples were as strong as tender sprouts, and they had no damage power.

Even the Eighth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Zhou Hong was an ant in his eyes.

In terms of strength, Zhou Hong was a little lacking compared to the peak late-Ninth Resurrection Saint Devil Prince.

“What do you want” Duan Fengs face darkened as he demanded, staring at the other side.

Zhou Hong flashed a brilliant smile as he said, “We dont want much.

Its very simple.

Since your people injured my people, you need to apologize and compensate!”

Duan Feng frowned, “Didnt I already apologize and compensate earlier”

Zhou Hong smiled, shaking his head.

“It was merely an apology from the mouth.

Is that really an apology Are one hundred thousand Tuoshen holy coins considered as compensation” He pointed at a Ten Swords Creeds disciple.

“Junior Brother Chen, tell them how the grand elder of Dark Shadow Sacred Land apologized when he unintentionally injured our Ten Swords Creeds disciple!”

The said Junior Brother Chen grinned and said to Huang Xiaolong, Duan Feng, and Long Jianfei, “That Dark Shadow Sacred Lands grand elder who unintentionally injured a disciple of our Ten Swords Creed knelt in front of our Ten Swords Creeds main entrance for an entire year, regardless of wind or rain! And the Dark Shadow Sacred Land compensated us with ten million Tuoshen holy coins!”

The surrounding experts ashened.

Knelt in front of the Ten Swords Creeds main entrance for an entire year regardless of wind or rain! On top of that, they had to pay ten million Tuoshen holy coins as compensation!

Even these experts felt that these conditions were too much.

Immediately, some experts in the crowd clamored, “Ive heard about the Dark Shadows Sacred Land.

In the end, that Dark Shadows Sacred Lands grand elder had his hands chopped off by the Ten Swords Creed before pardoning them!”

“Some say that the Dark Shadows Sacred Lands grand elder was blind when the incident happened, and he couldnt even recognize the Mt Tai in front of him to actually injure a Ten Swords Creed.

Ive heard that Ten Swords Creed still punished him even if it was only an outer disciple who was injured.

Im afraid that if it were an inner disciple, it wouldnt have only been his hands they would have chopped off in addition to one year of kneeling, and ten million Tuoshen holy coins!”

“It looks like this groups going to suffer!”

Amongst those spectating, some gloated while others shook their heads in pity.

The disciple surnamed Chen laughed at Huang Xiaolong and agreed, “Theyre right.

After having his hands chopped off, that Dark Shadows Sacred Lands grand elder kowtowed and thanked us instead of feeling any resentment towards us!”

Zhou Hong took over, “How about this Since he committed fault because of poisoning, we wont ask you to kneel for a year.

Just kneel for one day, and then compensate with one million Tuoshen holy coins.

However, hes bound to leave behind his hands!”

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