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Chapter 2866: Hes No Match Against Zhou Hong

The moment Huang Xiaolongs words left his lips, every single person present stared at Huang Xiaolong like they were looking at a fool.

They were stupefied by Huang Xiaolongs words.

Zhou Hongs sword qi isnt enough to scratch an itch for him!

He wants Zhou Hong to go all out without suppressing his cultivation realm!

Zhou Hong let out a cold harrumph as he was truly enraged by Huang Xiaolong.

He was not expecting this ant, that he could kill with one sword even when he was suppressing his cultivation realm, to actually advise him not to suppress his strength!

Say what My sword qi isnt enough to even scratch his itch!!

This is naked contempt!

No, its utter disregard!

Disregard towards me, Zhou Hong!

The sharp gleam in Zhou Hongs eyes intensified as he let out an angry, cold sneer, and the air around him screamed, affected by his murderous aura.

“Punk, you can be proud of yourself if you can withstand one sword strike from me at Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm strength.

On the other hand, if you fail, be prepared to be torn to shreds by my sword qi, and not even your dao soul would escape being pulverized by my sword qi!”

While he spoke, as if sensing Zhou Hongs raging killing intent, the rays of sword qi around him hummed loudly in resonance, criss-crossing majestically across the sky.

These rays of sword qi pierced through the clouds above White Feather City and churned the entire citys airflow.

All the experts within White Feather City raised their heads and looked towards the sky almost simultaneously.

“Such a startling sword qi!”

“It should be disciples from the Ten Swords Creed! Who provoked the ire of Ten Swords Creeds disciples!!”

Experts around the city exclaimed.

Inside a certain residence, two beautiful young women also saw the startling sword qi in the sky.

The beauty clad in moonlight white brocade robe could take ones breath away with one look.

Her faint smile, a slightly raised eyebrow, and her every movement could make one infatuated.

“Young Lady, this sword qi, could it be the Ten Swords Creed Zhou Hongs sword qi!” The young woman clad in dark purple dress asked in astonishment as she stood behind the moonlight white brocade-robed young lady.

The young lady in moonlight white brocade robe nodded.

“There is the Ink Swords darkness energy within the sword qi, so it is Zhou Hong for sure, but, who is he fighting!”

There were many sword cultivating geniuses within the Ten Swords Creed, but only a few were worthy of her attention, and Zhou Hong was considered as one of them.

The purple-dressed young woman said, “Amongst the same generation, there arent many people that are a match against Zhou Hong.”

The other nodded her head in agreement and ordered, “Send people to check who Zhou Hong is fighting with.”

The purple-dressed woman went out to execute the order.

The moonlight white brocade-robed young ladys beautiful eyes glimmered as she looked at the flying rays of sword qi in the sky.

She knew why Zhou Hong would appear in the White Feather City.

When the news of her coming to the Blue Lotus Creed for the Blue Lotus Pond had spread, like other numerous geniuses, Zhou Hong had also come for her.


Although Zhou Hongs talent wasnt bad, it was far from the requirement she had set in her head.

Moreover, Zhou Hong was complancence and arrogant, which made her dislike Zhou Hong even more.

In the past, she, Yin Yue, and Feng Yue had made a vow that they would only become dao companions with someone who had more than ten high-order Saint Fates just to block these admirers from countless creeds.

Anytime the three of them appear, it would cause a storm of admirers running after them, annoying them to death.

Hence, they made a vow and announced their dao companions must be someone with eleven or more high-order Saint Fates.

But they were surprised that the vow had not extinguished these disciples fervent pursuit at all as disciples from numerous creeds and sacred lands continued to court them like an obsession.

It was mainly because these disciples believed that no one with eleven high-order Saint Fates or above existed in this world.

Therefore, Zhou Hong and everyone else felt that there was still a chance.

“Perhaps, there really isnt anyone with eleven high-order Saint Fates in the world,” She mumbled to herself, shaking her head.

After all, even the Son of Creation Huang Shuai merely had ten high-order Saint Fates.

Therefore, could someone with a talent higher than the Son of Creation Huang Shuai even exist in this world

Such a person couldnt possibly exist.


Zhou Hongs sky-soaring sword qi gathered and separated as if it was dancing among the howling winds and rolling clouds.

Moments later, a huge vortex appeared above White Feather City.

“Ink Sword, Swirling Sky Slash!” Zhou Hong said with a cold face, and his icy voice resounded through the White Feather City.

As the person chosen by the Ink Sword, comprehending the Ink Swords sword intent, Zhou Hong had learned ten styles, and each move contained heaven-shattering power.

The Swirling Sky Slash was the first style.


Zhou Hongs terrifying sword qi slashed down.

To everyones astonishment, the sky covering sword qi spiraled down, affecting the immediate surroundings airflow and expanding the vortex.

The people below retreated to a safe distance, and brought out either dao artifacts or saint artifacts to protect themselves.

The terrifying sword qi reached Huang Xiaolong in a split second.

When the terrifying sword qi was right about to fall on Huang Xiaolongs head, he merely raised his gaze slightly and lightly poke it with his finger, just like how one would poke at bubbles.

After seeing that Huang Xiaolong was overconfident to this degree, a certain sacred lands Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm Eminent Elder couldnt help scoffing, “This brat is taking Zhou Hongs sword qi as bubbles He is really brainless!”

“Even if he lives, hed be crippled!”

It was as if the speaker could already see Huang Xiaolongs miserable ending.


Right at this time, when Zhou Hongs terrifying sword qi came in contact with Huang Xiaolongs finger force, it exploded like the most dazzling fireworks of sword qi and then disappeared without a trace.

That particular sacred lands Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Eminent Elders mouth was agape, and his eyes were wide with shock.

Every expert on-site was flabbergasted, while Huang Xiaolongs finger force shot towards Zhou Hong after scattering Zhou Hongs attack.

Zhou Hongs smug expression changed.

He wanted to dodge, only to discover that he couldnt dodge it!

He raised his arm in a fluster and slashed out.

“Ink Sword, Sky Hacking Style!”

As the sword drew an arch across the sky, there was a visible sword slash across space.

But it was futile!

Huang Xiaolongs finger force easily dissipated Zhou Hongs attack, and it reached Zhou Hong in an instant.

Zhou Hong was sent tumbling in the air like he had been whipped by a bolt of lightning, and he crashed through rows of buildings, and finally got buried under thick rubbles.

The entire scene became deathly silent.

Everyone was as still as statues with their line of sight fixed on the rubbles where Zhou Hong was buried under, and they were unable to react for a long time, including the present Ten Swords Creeds Junior Brother Chen, Junior Brother Lin, and others.

A dozen seconds later, the rubbles exploded as Zhou Hong broke free from under it.

His face was distorted with fury, killing intent, humiliation, and disbelief.

Right at this time, on a certain residences balcony, the purple-dressed young woman was reporting to the moonlight white brocade-robed young lady after inquiring information.

The young lady was astonished after hearing the report.

“Zhou Hong was sent flying with one finger! And that person is only an early Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor!”

The purple-dressed young woman nodded, “Yes, Young Lady, but when they were fighting, Zhou Hong had suppressed his strength down to early Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm.”

“So, its like that, but, even so, capable of defeating Zhou Hong with one finger is a testament of his combat power.” The moonlight white brocade-robed young lady then asked, “Have you found out the identity of Zhou Hongs opponent”

Being able to send Zhou Hong flying with one finger, when at the same cultivation level, roused her curiosity a little bit.

There werent many people at the same level who could defeat Zhou Hong in that manner.

The purple-dressed woman shook her head, “We still havent found out who he is.

He has two followers by his side, and one of them is the previous Dragon Fish Creed Mission Hall Vice Hall Master Chen Xis personal disciple called Long Jianfei.

The other one seems to be the Divination Heavenly Caves Duan Family member.” She then added, “Although that person sent Zhou Hong flying with one finger, it was still because of Zhou Hongs carelessness.

Otherwise, even if Zhou Hong had suppressed his cultivation realm down to early Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, he couldnt have been a match against Zhou Hong.”

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