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Chapter 2867: Are You Ready to Die

The moonlight white brocade-robed young lady nodded in agreement, “Although Zhou Hong was careless, he still couldnt have pushed Zhou Hong back with one finger.

It shows that this person is not ordinary.” After all, Zhou Hong was the Ten Swords Creeds most outstanding disciple, and he was also the Ten Swords Creed Patriarchs personal disciple.

Even if Zhou Hong was careless for a moment, not any person could send him flying.

“This person has a Dragon Fish Creeds inner disciple and Divination Creeds Duan Family disciple following him.

Therefore, his identity must be extraordinary,” her voice grew serious as she went on, “You go to the scene personally, and if Zhou Hong is going to kill this person, you rescue him.”

The way she saw it, a Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor was definitely not enough of an opponent for Zhou Hong, and based on Zhou Hongs temper, he would kill that young man after being humiliated to this extent.

A sentence from others might not be able to rescue that young man, but Zhou Hong would grant her request.

The purple-dressed young woman responded, “In my opinion, Young Lady, you dont need to interfere in this matter.

Too many incidents like this happen regularly.

The number of geniuses being killed every day is too many to count, and you cant save them all.”

The moonlight white brocade-robed young lady shook her head.

“Since weve encountered this matter, it is not much trouble extending a helping hand.

The enemy of our holy world are demons.

Therefore, we shouldnt be killing each other.”

“Young Lady, youre just too kind.” The purple-dressed young woman summarized in one concise sentence.

At this time on the scene, Zhou Hong stared at Huang Xiaolong with bloodshot eyes as he approached Huang Xiaolong step by step.

With each step, the light shining off his body grew stronger, and he shook off the dust and dirt covering his body.

“You-are-very-good! Youve successfully angered me,” Zhou Hong bit on each word as he stared at Huang Xiaolong.

Yet Huang Xiaolong was indifferent, “So, you werent angry earlier”

Zhou Hongs face flushed with an unnatural red color.

“Punk, dont get complacent!”

The Ten Swords Creeds Junior Brother Chen shouted from the distance, pointing at Huang Xiaolong angrily, “You merely succeeded in pushing back Senior Brother Zhou Hong in one attack because Senior Brother Zhou Hong was careless.

Senior Brother Zhou Hong can kill you with merely one move even after suppressing his strength to a Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor!”

“Thats right.

In a little bit, youll be tortured to death by Senior Brother Zhou Hongs ink sword qi!”

“Dont go crying and begging later!”

The Ten Swords Creeds outer disciples raged at Huang Xiaolong.

In the far distance, Duan Feng and Long Jianfei sneered, hearing the Ten Swords Creeds clamors.

The Blue Heaven Creeds four great Dao Venerables being beaten miserably by Huang Xiaolong was still freshly vivid in Duan Feng and Long Jianfeis minds.

They probably wouldnt forget it for a lifetime.

The horror of witnessing a Primal Ancestor having his fun toying with four Dao Venerables was indescribable.

Then again, what had happened in the Blue Heaven Creed had been placed on the complete ban by the Blue Heaven Creed Patriarch.

Hence, not a word of it had leaked out.

Otherwise, the event would have turned the Divine Tuo Holy World upside down.

Of course, having the news banned was also Huang Xiaolongs intention.

It was Huang Xiaolong who had ordered Yi Beixing to completely contain the whole matter.

After listening to the Ten Swords Creeds disciples clamoring for him not to cry and beg for mercy later, Huang Xiaolong merely smiled indifferently, and he couldnt be bothered to respond.

Zhou Hong once again stood in front of Huang Xiaolong with vigorous sword qi surging around him like a rampaging angry tempest.

At the same time, between Zhou Hongs sword qi were ink-colored rays, flickering brightly.

These ink-colored rays exuded a frigid coldness that seeped deep into the bones.

“It looks like Zhou Hong is really angry now as this is the genuine ink sword sword qi.

The sword qi he displayed earlier was merely his normal sword qi.

The moment this ink sword qi appears, it can freeze a persons dao soul!”

Some sacred lands Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor experts sighed in admiration.

“Generally, Zhou Hong rarely uses his ink sword sword qi when battling, it has been many years since Zhou Hong has used his ink sword sword qi.

This time, even if I cant catch a glimpse of Young Lady Yu Yue, seeing Zhou Hongs ink sword makes it a worthwhile trip!”

“Thats right, the Ink Sword… one of the Ten Swords Creeds ten dao artifacts, ah! Moreover, the Ink Sword ranked in the top three!”

Some experts in the crowd voiced their admiration to their companions.

The ink-colored rays of sword qi around Zhou Hong became stronger as time passed, alerting even more experts in every corner of White Feather City.

Many experts werent very concerned in the beginning, but after sensing Zhou Hongs ink sword sword qi, they hurried to the site to see who has run into such bad luck, provoking Zhou Hong to use his ink sword sword qi.

Thus, more and more experts gathered to spectate.

These newly arrived experts began inquiring about Huang Xiaolongs identity when they saw him.

After all, he had forced Zhou Hong to use his ink sword qi, but he was an unknown young man.

“Are you ready to die” Zhou Hong stared at Huang Xiaolong frostily.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “I dont think theres a need for me to get ready to die.

So to speak, its merely your pitiful ink sword sword qi, even if its a hundred times more powerful, it wont be able to shave off a hair on me.”

Even ink sword sword qi a hundred times more powerful wont be able to shave off a hair on him!

Everyone was bowled over by Huang Xiaolongs description.

A few female disciples in the crowd failed to stop the laughter bubbling up and let out a giggle.

Zhou Hong burned with anger and his face was exceptionally red.


“Go die!”

“Sword Descending on the World!

Zhou Hong bellowed as he urged his entire bodys ink sword sword qi and made a slash in the air.

It was akin to something lethal suddenly descending rapidly from the sky, catching everyone off guard.

The entire White Feather City was shaking even before the ink sword qi that came smashing down arrived.

It was as if the citys foundation could not withstand the terrifying ink sword qi.

Some experts already noticed that cracks were opening across the ground outside the city perimeter.

After seeing that the ink sword qi was about to reap Huang Xiaolongs life in the next moment, Huang Xiaolong suddenly raised his hand and poked forward with a finger.

The ink sword qi that was as vast as the sea stopped abruptly in the air right above his head!

Everyones eyes almost fell out of their sockets as they stared at Zhou Hongs ink sword qi storm that was pinned in the air.

It was actually stopped by Huang Xiaolongs finger!

One finger!

The ink sword sword qi resembled a heaven-propping, ink-colored pillar, and the pillar was actually supported by a finger!

This sight seemed to imprint itself in the flow of time, and it would be hard for the present people to forget this sight.

Things like sword qi had no real form, yet Huang Xiaolong had pinned this formless sword qi in the air with his finger, like a solid matter.

“This, he, he, how is he doing that!”

Experts in the crowd muttered dazedly as their eyes were locked on the shocking sight before them.

None of them could figure out how Huang Xiaolong did it.

“This is absolute power! A kind of absolute power!”

“Its sword dao.

His comprehension in sword dao is higher than Zhou Hong! A lot higher!” someone guessed in astonishment.

Huang Xiaolong lightly flicked his fingers, and the heaven-propping, ink-colored sword qi pillar shot out like a streak of light, flying back towards Zhou Hong at a faster speed and an even more powerful sword qi!

Horror took over Zhou Hongs face as he roared and sword qi galloped out from his body as he attempted to block the ink sword qi that was flying back towards him.

But he soon realized that the destructive power within the ink sword qi flying back at him had greatly exceeded his estimation.


Zhou Hong was sent flying again.

This time Zhou Hong was sent flying further than the last time, turning countless buildings into rubbles until he was almost out of sight before he finally lost momentum.

A streak of purple light flickered as the purple-dressed young woman arrived at the scene right at this time.

This sight completely blew her mind, making her forget her purpose in rushing over there.

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