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Chapter 2869: KILL!

While Tan Meiqin was debating inwardly about whether to take action or not, Zhou Hongs bellow thundered through the city as his sword slashed out.

Hearts trembled watching the mighty sword slash.

There were no words to describe the feeling that sword slash gave him.

This slash showed the absolute power of a sword.

This slash contained the lethal grand dao of sword.

This slash triggered a resonance with other grand daos between heaven and earth.

When this slash descended, even those half-step Dao Venerables watching from the dark felt flustered.

If this sword fell on them, there was no doubt that they would be reduced to dust.

This was a sword that slaughtered all-beings.

The sky above them had unknowingly turned ink-black.

Wherever the ink sword qi passed, it assimilated a piece of heaven and earth into its own sword boundary.

Within the Ink Swords sword boundary, everything had turned surreal except for the criss-crossing ink sword qi, and ink sword qi was the only real entity inside the boundary.

In this moment, there was only a single thought in everyones mind—terrifying!

As she looked at the descending sword slash, Tan Meiqins delicate face ashened.

It was already too late for her to save Huang Xiaolong if she took action now as she didnt have the confidence to parry Zhou Hongs full force sword slash while saving the young man.

What a pity! Tan Meiqin sighed inwardly.

She could already imagine the miserable bloody scene after Zhou Hongs sword attack had done its work on the young man.

She shook her head.

She judged that from the young mans combat power so far, once he had grown up, he would be even more amazing than Zhou Hong.

But now, this young man was going to die here.

Zhou Hongs facial expression warped as he watched with anticipation.

When everyone was certain that Huang Xiaolong was going to die, Huang Xiaolong stood calmly, and swung out his fist unhurriedly.

One punch!

Everyone saw Zhou Hongs terrifying Ink Swords sword boundary shatter like fragile glass, and at the same time, there was a loud clanking noise of something else shattering.

Afte Zhou Hongs Ink Swords sword boundary shattered into pieces, his sword spirit fragmented and scattered like sand blown by the wind.

Zhou Hong himself was knocked back mercilessly by a great impact, and he flew out of the White Feather City parameter!


Zhou Hong crashed to the ground like a meteor into an open space outside the White Feather City.

A bird flew over the uninhibited sky…

There was nothing above the White Feather Citys airspace, and Zhou Hong had been knocked out of the city.


Many experts nearly tumbled from high air seeing this result.

“This, this cant be real!” a Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor expert stuttered dazedly as he couldnt believe what he had just witnessed.

“This, this seems to be real!”


Tan Meiqins agape cherry-colored lips could stuff in an egg, and her eyebrows almost disappeared into her forehead as disbelief was written so obviously in her wide eyes.

Even though Zhou Hong had used his mid-Eighth Resurrection Primal Ancestors full force attack, with his dao artifact Ink Sword, paired up with his sword spirit, he was still…! Moreover, Zhou Hong had lost badly this time!

He was knocked out of the White Feather City!

No one moved.

One could only wonder if they were horrified by what they saw or terrorized by Huang Xiaolong till they didnt dare to move.

Even those half-step Dao Venerables remained stiffly in the same posture for a long time.

Huang Xiaolong retrieved his right hand, and stood tall with his hands clasped behind his back as if he had not punched out with his fist just now.

He looked like he had merely loosened his muscles a little.

In truth, Huang Xiaolong had merely loosened his muscles just now.

He hadnt even used his three dao souls power, Saint Fates, inextinguishable dao heart, or cosmos energy while punching out just now.

It was purely his physical strength.

Honestly, Huang Xiaolong himself couldnt say for certain how strong his current physique was, and that punch was only a test.

Then again, that punch was only seventy percent of his strength.

Huang Xiaolong initially wanted to use ninety percent of his physical strength, but on second thought, he had reduced it to seventy percent.

At the end of the day, Zhou Hong was the Ten Swords Creed Patriarchs personal disciple, the person chosen by the Ink Sword.

Huang Xiaolong was worried that ninety percent strength would directly blast Zhou Hongs body to nothingness.

Huang Xiaolong spared a cold glance at Zhou Hong, who was sprawled on the ground outside the White Feather City.

Seventy percent of his physical strength was enough to give Zhou Hong a beating hed remember for a lifetime.

It would take a good while for Zhou Hong to recover, even with the help of a Dao Venerable expert.

“Lets go,” Huang Xiaolong said to Duan Feng and Long Jianfei.

Both respectfully complied, and the three left the scene behind as they took Duan Zheng with them.

Neither of them were shocked that Huang Xiaolong had sent Zhou Hong flying out of the White Feather City with one punch.

After all, even the Blue Heaven Creed Patriarch hadnt been able to take on Huang Xiaolongs one punch, then who was Zhou Hong in comparison to him

When Huang Xiaolong was leaving, the crowd in his path opened up a wide berth as people retreated hastily in a fluster.

But when Huang Xiaolong was passing before the Ten Swords Creeds disciples, particularly Junior Brother Chen, he said coldly, “Carry your Senior Brother Zhou Hong back, and if anyone from the Ten Swords Creed comes looking to cause trouble for me in the future, it wont end merely with being blasted away.

I will destroy their body, and abolish them, completely and utterly!”

Huang Xiaolongs harsh tone rumbled in the Ten Swords Creeds disciples ears, and their faces turned unsightly, feeling humiliated.

Even so, no one dared to make a sound.

Tan Meiqin watched Huang Xiaolong and his group leave with a complicated gaze.

Though it was surprising when Huang Xiaolong had defeated Zhou Hong at the same cultivation realm, it was merely that—surprising.

But when an early Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor defeated Zhou Hongs full force attack, that was startling.

Tan Meiqi was struck with great waves of shock as she turned around and left swiftly.

‘I wonder how the Young Lady would react after learning this result She thought inwardly.

Before long, the news that Zhou Hong was sent flying out of White Feather City with a punch spread through the city at a shocking speed, and soon, it reached the sacred lands closest to the Blue Lotus Pond, and spread to all the cities in these neighboring sacred lands.

The news passed through the cities like a great earthquake, astounding the many sacred lands experts.

Defeating Zhou Hong was nothing, but when the feat was done by an early Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor with just one punch, this was simply mind-blowing.

“Zhou Hong is the Ten Swords Creeds most outstanding genius, but that young man was able to defeat Zhou Hong while still being an early Fifth Resurrection Primal Ancestor.

This kind of combat prowess and talent is only below the One Dragon, Two Tigers, and Three Moons.

Maybe, they are at the same level! Where did that young man jump out from!”

“It is said that Zhou Hong even summoned his Ink Sword and sword spirit, but he was defeated by the opponent just the same!”

There were similar discussions everywhere.

In a certain city.

The Dragon Fish Creeds Yu Zhou, Wang Xin, and others also heard the news.

Yu Zhou, Wang Xin, and the rest couldnt help but be astonished.

“It looks like weve underestimated that brat.” Yu Zhous eyes narrowed, veiling the sharp light within.

“I didnt expect Zhou Hong to lose to that brat!”

Still shocked, Wang Xin spoke solemnly, “Those three people really appeared here.

It seems like they are also here for Young lady Yu Yue, are they In this case, they will definitely go to the Blue Lotus Pond!”

But another Dragon Fish Creeds disciple scoffed with contempt, “They also want to court Young Lady Yu Yue Its like a toad lusting after a swans meat.

What makes them think theyre qualified Do they think that by relying on their little bit of talent, they would be able to garner Young Lady Yu Yues favor”

Other Dragon Fish Creeds disciples ridiculed Huang Xiaolong in droves.

Wang Xin looked at Yu Zhou, “Senior Brother Yu Zhou, if they are really going to the Blue Lotus Pond, then we…”

“KILL!” Killing intent burst out from Yu Zhous eyes.

Although Zhou Hong was surprised that the young man had defeated Zhou Hong, he was confident that he could completely eradicate the three of them.

Zhou Hong was a mid-Eighth Resurrection Primal Ancestor, while he, on the other hand, was a peak late-Ninth Resurrection Primal Ancestor!

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