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Chapter 2879: Where Are You

“Young Lady, you want to go to the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave!” The pretty female disciple was clearly surprised upon hearing that, “Although some people are making guesses about that person having eleven high-order Saint Fates, its merely a guess!”

“Moreover, that person destroyed Yu Zhou and Chen Dingtians dao physiques.

Therefore, the Dragon Fish Creed and Ten Swords Creed will definitely order for his capture.

Young Lady better not yet go there.

At the moment, the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave is not a safe place to be!” the pretty female disciple dissuaded.

The silver brocade-robed young ladys eyes exuded a cold light, “This is my order—go make preparations.

Tomorrow, no, one hour later, well set off to Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave!”

“Yes, Young Lady!”


There were a dozen people following around the chariot, and all of them were Dao Venerable experts!

“There isnt any more news from the Dragon Fish Heavenly Caves side” suddenly, the beautiful young lady inside the chariot asked in her soft and charming voice, like an oriole singing.

“Young Lady, a message just came from the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave.

The Ten Swords Creed has put out a million Tuoshen dao coins bounty for that young mans capture!” An old woman outside the chariot swiftly replied.

This old woman was a Seventh Esteem Dao Venerable expert.

Inside the chariot, the beautiful young ladys brows wrinkled.

“What about the Dragon Fish Creed Did they issue any order”

The old woman shook her head.

“The Dragon Fish Creed did not issue any order.

Probably it is because the Dragon Fish Creeds Patriarch is busy helping His Highness Huang Shuai advance to Dao Venerable Realm and unable to extricate himself to handle the matter.

On the other hand, Lord Li Xue cannot decide the exact course of action.

Hence the Dragon Fish Creed hasnt shown any official response to this matter.”

“Continue to have people investigate that young mans identity!”

“Yes, Young Lady!”

Similar conversations took place in numerous heavenly caves forces.

Countless creeds experts were rushing to the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave after hearing the news.

In an instant, the Dragon Fish Creed became the place to be in.

Huang Xiaolong, the source of all the commotion, was currently deep in the void above Blue Lotus Creeds uninhabited land.

Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged inside the Qilin Chariot, and took out all the blue lotuses he had picked from the Blue Lotus Creed.

These blue lotuses were suspended in the air around Huang Xiaolong, exuding a mesmerizing glow.

If someone saw the number of blue lotuses around Huang Xiaolong at this moment, their jaws would drop to the ground.

Putting aside the number of lotus seeds these blue lotuses had, there were eighteen stalks of blue lotuses!

Eighteen blue lotuses!

Huang Xiaolong had collected eighteen blue lotuses the first time he had entered the Blue Lotus Pond!

If this matter leaked out, the surging situation outside would become even more chaotic.

Dont forget that the Blue Lotus Pond had existed for billions of years, and never before had anyone collected more than two stalks of blue lotuses in one trip, two was the highest number in history.

But Huang Xiaolong had gotten eighteen blue lotuses!

Looking at the most dazzling blue lotus of the bunch, Huang Xiaolong couldnt help feeling happy and satisfied.

In the end, he still got his wish and found a seven-seeded blue lotus!

Although it was only one stalk of seven-seeded blue lotus, it was enough to raise Huang Xiaolongs strength by a large margin.

These eighteen blue lotuses should be able to support my advancement to mid-Sixth, or maybe even to late-Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm.

Earlier, Huang Xiaolong had been worried whether he could soon break through to Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm, but now, he was considering if he could breakthrough to late-Sixth Resurrection Primal Ancestor Realm.

Amongst these eighteen stalks of blue lotuses, there was one seven-seeded blue lotus, three six-seeded blue lotuses, three five-seeded blue lotuses, five four-seeded blue lotuses, and the rest were three-seeded, two-seeded, and one-seeded blue lotuses.

One must know that a one-seeded blue lotus was comparable to the lowest rank of low-grade grand dao pill.

And the efficacy of a seven-seeded blue lotus was unimaginable.

Huang Xiaolong pondered his options and finally chose to start refining a three-seeded blue lotus.

As for the four stalks of two-seeded and one-seeded blue lotuses, if he lacked Tuoshen dao coins in the future, he would take them out for auction.

One-seeded and two-seeded blue lotuses werent of much use to him, but if taken out for auction, they would definitely fetch a sky-high price.

Without delay, Huang Xiaolong began refining his first three-seeded blue lotus.

The heart of the blue lotus turned into streams of vigorous energy, containing grand dao energy and grand dao law, filling every fiber of Huang Xiaolongs body.

To Huang Xiaolongs delight, in the streams of vigorous energy, there was a trace of creation qi!

The moment the creation qi entered Huang Xiaolongs body, his Huang Long Bloodline cheered, emitting a resplendent light as it quickly swallowed the trace of creation qi.

Sonorous roar of a dragon rumbled through heaven and earth.

The three small worlds inside Huang Xiaolongs body emitted ripples of bright lights as they greedily inhaled the energy provided by the blue lotus.

Cosmos energy within Huang Xiaolongs first small world multiplied rapidly, enriching the world from the inside out.

Heavens law multiplied and became more complete, giving birth to spiritual energy that bore a resemblance to the creation qi.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolongs second and third worlds grew bigger, and their foundations became more solid than ever.

While numerous creeds and experts were searching for Huang Xiaolong in a frenzy, Huang Xiaolongs cultivation rose higher every day as he refined the blue lotuses.

Half a year went by in the blink of an eye.

On this day, the void of Blue Lotus Creed suddenly quaked.

Although this abrupt quaking was extremely weak, some Dao Venerables still sensed the abnormal movement.

“Whats going on!”

“Maybe theres a Dao Venerable facing world-destroying tribulation”

“Which Dao Venerable is that The average Dao Venerables tribulation cant possibly cause the Blue Lotus Creeds space to quake!”

The abnormal movement of Blue Lotus Creeds space sent many Dao Venerables into a series of wild guesses.

The quaking continued for several days before stopping completely.

During this time, Dao Venerable experts each used their own grand dao art as they tried to find the source of the quakes.

Several years passed.

Somewhere in the Blue Lotus Creed…

An exquisite beauty, clad in a silver cloak, stared silently at the water surface, still as a rock.

One could only wonder what she was thinking about.

“Young Lady, it has been more than a decade.

That young man must have left the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave long ago.

Why dont we return to the Silver Shadow Creed” behind her, a pretty female disciple persuaded.

More than a decade had passed since they had rushed to the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave from the Silver Shadow Heavenly Cave.

That young man, who had destroyed Yu Zhou and Chen Dingtians dao physiques, had not appeared once, as if he had completely disappeared from the world.

This had prompted many forces to think that the young man had left the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave.

The silver-cloaked young lady shook her head in refusal and said, “I have a feeling that he has not left the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave, and hes somewhere here, right in Blue Lotus Creed.”

“Thats impossible, right In this past decade, the Blue Lotus Creed Patriarch and all the experts have practically flipped the Blue Lotus Creed upside down several times.

If he was still here, wouldnt they have found him by now,” said the female disciple.

Yet the silver-cloaked young lady shook her head, saying nothing.

“Young Lady, the Ten Swords Creeds Young Lord Yong Luosheng is outside seeking an audience, do you think…” the female disciple then said.

“I dont want to see him,” the silver-cloaked young lady refused.

The pretty female disciple sighed inwardly.

In these ten years, countless genius disciples had come to see the young lady, but her young lady had refused to see all of them.

“Then, Ill decline him,” the female disciple complied.

The silver-cloaked young lady nodded, and her eyes returned to the horizon as she muttered under her breath, “Where are you”

In truth, she wanted to meet that young man not only because of the vow she made.

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