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Chapter 2944: Its Really the God of Creation, Huang Long!

The crowd stirred after seeing Huang Xiaolong feed Long Jianfei, Duan Feng, and Duan Zheng with blue lotus nectar.

“It seems the rumors are true, Huang Xiaolong obtained quite a lot of blue lotus nectar from the Blue Lotus Pond! At the Monarch Yu Sacred Land, he admitted to Xuanyuan Potian that he has over two thousand drops of blue lotus nectar! Everyone present heard it that time!”

“Over two thousand drops of blue lotus nectar… How did Huang Xiaolong find so many”

While the crowd was astonished by Huang Xiaolongs stock of blue lotus nectar, suddenly, lights flickered as a group of people emerged before everyone.

When they appeared, the noisy crowd below quieted immediately.

They were none other than Huang Shuai, Bi Cheng, Li Xue, Divination Creed Patriarch Wu Kun, Red Fox Creed Patriarch Hu Qing, and the rest.

Though Bi Cheng, and the rest had converged their auras, their presence still gave others a suffocating pressure, as if something was pressing down on their chests.

Standing in high air, Huang Shuao peered condescendingly at Huang Xiaolong.

Killing intent burst out from his eyes when he caught sight of Liu Xinxins dao soul that was screaming in excruciation while she was being roasted by nirvana flames.

Li Xue took action, and with a snap of her fingers, she caught her beloved disciple Liu Xinxins dao soul to her side.

However, when she used her cosmos energy to extinguish the nirvana flames, to her shock, not only she couldnt extinguish the nirvana flames, but the flames actually started spreading towards her.

Li Xue was taken aback.

Even Bi Cheng, Red Fox Patriarch, Wu Kun, and others who were watching were astonished.

Upon seeing the nirvana flames still coming at her, Li Xue harrumphed coldly, and layers of protective icy light barriers were erected around her.

Under the hindrance of these icy lights, the nirvana flames were blocked from Li Xue.

Li Xues icy lights gradually suppressed the nirvana flames, and successfully snubbed out the nirvana flames enveloping Liu Xins dao soul.

Li Xue finally breathed out in relief.

“Your Highness Huang Shuai, Lord Patriarch, and Master, Huang Xiaolong destroyed my dao physique, and humiliated me time and again.

You must uphold justice for me, and kill Huang Xiaolong!”

Liu Xinxins dao soul knelt on her knees, sobbing woefully, while pointing at Huang Xiaolong with surging hatred.

“Rest assured,” Huang Shuai comforted, “I have already said that I will take his dog-life with my hands!”

With that said, he walked towards Huang Xiaolong unhurriedly in the air, his hands clasped behind him.

Huang Shuai exuded no awe-inspiring aura, however, his entire being seemed to be a part of heaven and earth.

The energy all around seemed to be at his beck and call with a slight move of his hand.

“This is one with heaven and earth! His Highness Huang Shuai has reached the realm of becoming one with heaven and earth!” a creed patriarch in the crowd exclaimed.

“Indeed it is! His Highness Huang Shuais talent is really amazing, many Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable experts cant achieve this state!”

Excitement and sounds of worship and admiration sounded from the crowd.

Huang Xiaolong was indifferently calm looking at Huang Shuai, though there was a faint sneer at the corners of his mouth.

One with heaven and earth

He could already be one with heaven and earth in the Primal Ancestor Realm.

Not to mention, he could see Huang Shuais one with heaven and earth state had only achieved a small success.

It hadnt been long since Huang Shuai had stepped across the threshold.

Amidst talks and exclamations, Huang Shuai was meters from Huang Xiaolong, looking at Huang Xiaolong in the same condescending manner.

He shook his head as he said, “Huang Xiaolong, given the fact it is not easy to integrate with eleven high-order Saint Fates, I appreciated your talent and gave you a chance to submit to me.

Unfortunately, you didnt cherish that chance.

Do you realize that because of your stupidity, not only you will have to die, but everyone connected to you will have to die too!”

“Long Jianfei has to die, his Long Family would be razed to the ground.

Duan Feng has to die, as well as the Duan Family! Also, the few creeds that sheltered Long Jianfei, Duan Feng, and the others would be annihilated as well!”

Huang Shuai spoke in an inviolable tone, as if whoever he wanted dead would have to die, and whichever family, or creed he wanted annihilated, it would be done!

His words seemed to be an irresistible dao edict!

Huang Xiaolong mocked, “Is that so”

Huang Xiaolongs gaze on Huang Shuai turned to one of pity, “I dont know if Long Jianfei and the others will die or not, but I know for certain, your end will be very, very tragic today.

Bi Cheng and the others wont be able to protect you!”

“Huang Xiaolong, youre too insolent!” Upon hearing Huang Xiaolong call their Patriarch by his name, Zhu Hui and other present Dragon Fish Creeds experts roared at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Shuai laughed heartily instead, “My end will be tragic and miserable Even Patriarch Bi Cheng and the others wont be able to save me Huang Xiaolong, youre already at deaths door, yet you never stop bluffing! Do you think youre a Creation God!”

Those watching from below also mocked Huang Xiaolong, clamoring that Huang Xiaolong was too brazen.

Huang Xiaolong ignored those mocking noises around him and said indifferently to Huang Shuai, “Make your move, Ill give you a handicap.

I only need one hand to destroy you!” He moved his left hand back, leaving only his right hand.

Another uproar swept the crowd.

Bi Cheng, Li Xue, Wu Kun, and the others were somehow frowning.

Huang Shuai laughed out of anger, “Youre giving me a handicap Huang Xiaolong, I can destroy you within ten moves, why would I need an ant of a Primal Ancestor like you to give me a one-hand handicap.”

He fully released his aura, and ten high-order Saint Fates flew out, with a giant golden dragon hovering vertically behind him.

The moment the giant golden dragon appeared, heavens might spread out.

“Its really the Creation Huang Long!”

“The Son of Creation, His Highness Huang Shuai, is mighty and invincible!”

After seeing Huang Shuais Creation Huang Long, numerous creeds experts and disciples knelt on the ground, looking excited and in awe as they prostrated in worship.

By pushing the power of his bloodline to the extreme and summoning the dragon of creation out, Huang Shuai then circulated his peak late-First Esteem Dao Venerable Realms cosmos energy to the limit.

Hence, everyone saw thousands of sky dragons, blood dragons, buddha dragons, black dragons, azure dragons, and white dragons flowing out of his body.

“Its the Dragon Fish Creeds Dragon Fantasies Grand Dao Art!” A Dao Venerable expert exclaimed, “This is the Dragon Fish Creeds most powerful grand dao art, and it is said that with every divine dragon the cultivator condensed, the attack power would increase by one point!”

His Highness Huang Shuai has condensed over four thousand divine dragons, and his attack power is probably ten times higher!”

The crowd was awestruck.

Huang Shuai also has ten high-order Saint Fates, and Huang Long Bloodline.

His combat prowess was originally amazing, and now that his attack power had multiplied by ten times, how terrifying would that be!

While everyone was in shock, Huang Shuais palm suddenly struck out at Huang Xiaolong as he bellowed, “Huang Xiaolong, kneel and accept your death before the God of Creation!”

Under the force of Huang Shuais palm, roars of divine dragons shook the world and heavens might howled like a world-destroying tempest, all targeting Huang Xiaolong.

The surrounding energy was attracted by Huang Shuais palm force, and it contributed to suppress Huang Xiaolong.

Before Huang Shuais attack arrived, the land under Huang Xiaolong had been reduced to dust, frightening the experts like the peak late-Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm Hou Tingwei, and many others.

They were aware that they wouldnt survive Huang Shuais attack unscathed.

In fact, they highly suspected their bodies would be flattened to meat paste if they were hit by Huang Shuais attack.

Bi Cheng, Wu Kun, and the others nodded their heads appreciatively at the force of Huang Shuais palm strike.

Bi Cheng smiled, “His Highness is able to reach this state in the short time he used for cultivating the Dragon Fantasies Grand Dao Art, and he has exceeded my expectation.

I deem that only the Dao Venerables at the Seventh Esteem and above would be able to take on this attack!”

“His Highness Huang Shuai carries the Huang Long Bloodline, so naturally, his talent would be amazing!” Wu Kun chuckled, “His Highness combat prowess is much higher than I had estimated, and it seems like we were worried in vain earlier.”

Initially, they were worried that Huang Shuai was no match against Huang Xiaolong, but now, witnessing Huang Shuais strength, their worries disappeared.

Before many shocked gazes, Huang Shuais palm was close to striking Huang Xiaolongs head.

It was at this moment when Huang Xiaolong finally made a move, punching out with his right fist.

The world swayed with his movement!

Not merely the Dragon Fish Creed, but the entire Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave swayed and shook, as if every last shred of energy had been sucked away.

Bi Cheng, Wu Kun, Hu Qingyue, Li Xue, and other experts immediately sensed the abnormality, and all of them looked at Huang Xiaolong as the same thought came to their minds.

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