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Chapter 2963: Getting Increasingly Frightening

But, before he began refining the Fruit of Beginning, Huang Xiaolong spent a little time to control the several Frost Eye Races Dao Venerable experts with the creation mark.

He learned from these peoples memories that he had gotten the current location of the Frost Eye Race.

“Ancestor Xuan, Bing Jun.” Huang Xiaolong sneered as he was certainly going to make a trip to the Frost Eye Race and burst their bodies on the spot! And it wasnt long until that day came!

If the Frost Eye Race refused to submit at that time, he would annihilate the entire Frost Eye Race!

It would be considered as giving the creeds in the Divine Tuo Holy World a warning and also a reminder call, and letting those old monsters know that he, the Son of Creation, could destroy them all without borrowing others strength!

In this uninhabited land, Huang Xiaolong opened an independent space with cosmos energy.

Inside the space, he took out the Sun Moon Furnace and entered the furnaces inner space and went to the center region where he had replanted the Tree of Beginning.

Looking at the glistening and scrumptious looking Fruits of Beginning hanging on the Tree of Beginning, Huang Xiaolong was filled with joy.

Anyone, seeing the Tree of Beginning couldnt help but feel euphoric, no matter how many times one looked at it.

A while later, Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged under the Tree of Beginning.

He raised his hand and picked one of the Fruits of Beginning.

He swallowed the fruit whole and quickly circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium to refine the fruits energy.

The moment the Fruit of Beginning entered his mouth, it turned into a rich beginning energy, potent and seemingly endless energy like a great sea, much more vigorous than the thirty sources of beginning qi he had refined previously.

When Huang Xiaolong was refining the Fruit of Beginning, the several Frost Eye Races experts sat in a circle around the Sun Moon Furnace, continuously sending cosmos energy from their small worlds into the Sun Moon Furnace.

The Sun Moon Furnaces grand array came to life, while the sun and moon rose into the air, piercing through layers of space, into Huang Xiaolongs body.

Time flowed by, and decades passed by in the blink of an eye.

In these decades, Huang Xiaolong put all his time and effort in cultivating inside the Sun Moon Furnace while refining Fruits of Beginning, comprehending the beginning laws contained inside the Fruit of Beginning and the power of beginning.

The law of beginning was the one of the most powerful laws when heaven and earth came to be.

Huang Xiaolong finally broke through to peak late-Third Esteem Dao Venerable realm after refining more than a dozen Fruits of Beginning, and touched the threshold to enter the Fourth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm.

Huang Xiaolong was enshrouded by various manifestations due to the cosmos energy of his three small worlds, from scenes of world creation, sometimes it was a kingdom of dragons, to bursting rays of auspicious lights, to projection of Dao Venerables formed from various grand dao laws, to a fleeing flicker of the God of Creations image.

The immediate space around Huang Xiaolong gradually became warped and disconcerted due to the pressure from his body.

This was Sun Moon Furnaces inner space.

A cosmos artifacts inner space that almost reached peak-level Dao Venerable Cosmos Artifact like the Sun Moon Furnace, was extremely stable, and unshakeable even when facing full force attacks from Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables, but now, the inner space was now wrinkled and distorted.

Another several years went by.

On this day, high above the Sun Moon Furnace, something seemed to be brewing as bolts of lightning flashed, thunder rumbled, and suddenly there was a sea of burning flames, rising and falling, lighting up thesky.

Huang Xiaolongs fourth tribulation was here!

White Incineration Lightning dominated the sky, as the sea of Origin Flame threatened to burn everything, and the Light of Creation reached every corner of space.

Compared to the third tribulation, the destructive force of this fourth tribulation had risen by several fold.

Regardless of cultivation realm, the fourth order was an important ceiling to break in order to go higher.

Once he successfully stepped into the fourth esteem, his strength would soar to another level; his dao souls, inextinguishable dao heart, to his dao physique, and the small worlds inside his body would have heaven-shaking changes.

Although several decades had passed, the old monsters outside were still fervently searching for Huang Xiaolong.

None of them thought of giving up.

In fact, their actions had grown increasingly frenzied over the years, and more than a few were exerting force on the Traversing Wind Creed, wanting Feng Yue to spill out Huang Xiaolongs whereabouts.

The Traversing Wind was one of Divine Tuo Holy Worlds top-tier creeds, and coupled with Feng Yues influence that could gather many experts in a single summon, these old monsters were quite powerless as long as she did not take a step out of the Traversing Wind Creed.

As Huang Xiaolong was about to face his fourth tribulation, news from an unknown source was spreading across the Divine Tuo Holy World that Huang Xiaolong came from the Saint Devil Heavenly Land under the Blue Heaven Heavenly Creed.

More importantly, the latter part of the news mentioned that the Cangqiong Sacred Lands patriarch, Cangqiong Old Man was Huang Xiaolongs master.

The news sent a tsunami through the Divine Tuo Holy World, and in an instant, numerous forces and even more experts rushed towards the Saint Devil Heavenly Cave.

But the Dragon Fish Creed, Divination Creed, Red Fox Creed, and other seven creeds experts arrived in time and rescued Cangqiong Old Man and Fei Yanzi.

Although Cangqiong Old Man and Fen Yanzi were saved, countless Cangqiong Sacred Lands experts and disciples were killed, many of them were reduced to meals in old monsters mouths, including the Otherworldly Mansion Master Mo Zhi, Deputy Mansion Master Long Shengtian, as well as the Purple Spider Races Patriarch Zi Dongping.

All of them fell in the battle.

Naturally, Huang Xiaolong who was cultivating inside the Sun Moon Furnace did not know any of these things.

Huang Xiaolong was facing his fourth tribulations White Incineration Lightning, Origin Flame, and Light of Creation.

It didnt take long for the Divine Tuo Holy Worlds top experts to notice that the entire worlds grand daos were stimulated, just like a hundred years ago.

An ominous feeling shrouded many peoples hearts.

This couldnt be captured by Primal Ancestors, but clearly felt by all Dao Venerable experts.

The Dragon Fish Creed Patriarch Bi Chengs face looked very solemn, “Is there a world-shocking treasure undergoing transformation that causes these changes to heaven and earth!”

“What is it exactly!” The Red Fox Creed Patriarch Hu Qingye seemed agitated, “Moreover, this is not the first time, in the last several hundred years, a similar phenomenon has occurred several times! Moreover, it grows increasingly terrifying each time, and if this thing continues to grow, who could suppress it when it runs out to cause havoc”

Similar to Bi Cheng and Hu Qingye, other Dao Venerables were also guessing, feeling apprehensive.

This phenomenon lasted several years long, and finally calmed down thereafter.

But this calm did not last long.

A few decades later, there were changes to heaven and earth again, and the inexplicable pressure pressing down on various experts chest also grew stronger, and even high-level Dao Venerables felt uncomfortable, filled with a sense of foreboding.

While the experts outside felt strongly apprehensive, inside the Sun Moon Furnace, lightning streaks were raging, destroying everything, and everything transformed to origin energy, then restored back to their original state and form.


On this day, an uninhabited land somewhere in the Dragon Fish Heavenly Creed suddenly shook.

Cracks and deep fissures opened and ran across the land as an overwhelming energy rushed out to the surface from deep underground like an invincible beast was breaking out.


The entire land shook for a moment, and a thunderous explosion blew the land into the air.

Moments later, a figure slowly emerged from deep underground, and who could it be but Huang Xiaolong who had been in seclusion for several decades, refining the Fruits of Beginning.

Huang Xiaolong stood above ground, looking at the sky.

The suns just right, warm and comfortable.

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