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Chapter 2980: In A While, Dont Even Think of Escaping

After revealing himself, the Black Shadow Devil looked at Huang Xiaolong and said, “Huang Xiaolong, give me ten Fruits of Beginning, and I wont interfere in the matter between you and the Poison Valley, Supreme Sword Palace, and World Tree!”

This proposal clapped like a thunderbolt in the other\'s head.

Poison Bodach, Sword Venerable, and the Nine-headed Tree Demon looked like they were close to vomiting blood.

Before anyone could react, Old Monster Flame spoke, “I am on the same page with Black Shadow Devil.

Give us ten Fruits of Beginning, and well leave right after that!”

Poison Bodach, Sword Venerable, and the Nine-headed Tree Demons faces looked even uglier.

“Black Shadow Devil, Old Monster Flame, what is the meaning of this!” Poison Bodach glared fiercely at them, “Do you think Huang Xiaolong would spare you in the future if you leave now”

Black Shadow Devil chuckled coldly, “I am different from you all as I have no grudge or feud with Huang Xiaolong.

You guys are the ones who razed Cangqiong Sacred Land to the ground, and Huang Xiaolongs bound to annihilate all of you!”

“I only want the Fruit of Beginning, so, Huang Xiaolong, whats your answer” he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

“Although you have the Huang Long Armor, it consumes a lot of cosmos energy every time you use it.

No matter how abundant your cosmos energy is, its only a matter of time before it will get depleted.”

Huang Xiaolongs tepid gaze swept over Old Monster Flame and those peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables who had appeared later.

“In short, all of you want ten Fruits of Beginning”

One of the old monsters flashed a big grin, “We are not so strict, and were not that greedy.

Just give each of us eight!”

Just eight!

These old monsters had already reached an agreement.

“According to the Eye Frost Races Ancestor Xuan, the Tree of Beginning bore more than two hundred fruits each time.

So, even if you give each of us ten fruits, you still have a hundred or so.” the Black Shadow Devil negotiated, “Moreover, you still own the Tree of Beginning, so you practically didnt lose anything, and taking our suggestion is only good for you.”

Old Monster Flame nodded in agreement, “Exactly what Brother Black Shadow Devil said.

Huang Xiaolong, the Tree of Beginning isnt yours to begin with, and its something that belonged to the Eye Frost Race.

Now, not only youve got the Tree of Beginning, but also more than a hundred Fruits of Beginning, so you should be content with that.

A person should know how to be content!”

Didnt lose anything One should know how to be content Listening to these two peoples words from a moral high ground, Huang Xiaolong let out a mocking snicker, “Are you saying that you guys are not interested in the Huang Long Armor!” He paused briefly before continuing, “Oh right, during this time in this Blue Lotus Pond, I found more than two hundred stalks of seven-seeded blue lotuses, do you want those as well”

Brilliant azure rays flickered as more than two hundred stalks of seven-seeded blue lotuses suspended in the air around Huang Xiaolong.

Though Huang Xiaolong had refined the eight-seeded, nine-seeded, and the only ten-seeded blue lotuses, he had kept the seven-seeded blue lotuses.

These seven-seeded blue lotuses didn\'t have much use for him anymore, hence, he had kept them for Long Jianfei, Duan Feng, his master Cangqiong Old Man, and Fei Yanzi to refine.

“What! More than two hundred seven-seeded blue lotuses!”

Whether it was Black Shadow Devil, Old Monster Flame, Poison Bodach, Sword Venerable, or the Nine-headed Tree Demon, their eyes bulged in disbelief staring at the two hundred-plus stalks of seven-seeded blue lotuses around Huang Xiaolong.


Seven-seeded blue lotus! Over two hundred of them!

In the past, the Mystical Pavilion Master and Red Fox Creed Patriarch Hu Qingye had entered the Blue Lotus Pond twice, but each of them had once obtained a seven-seeded blue lotus, and that had shaken the Divine Tuo Holy World.

The rarer something was, the more precious it was, and the seven-seeded blue lotus had become one of the Mystical Pavilions ultimate treasures!

Now, there were over two hundred stalks of seven-seeded blue lotuses in front of them!

All of them were old monsters that had lived for a long time, and their frame of mind had long been stolid like stagnant water, but now, none of them could maintain a stolid composure.

Their hearts were racing, threatening to jump out from their chests.

Old Monster Flame smacked his lips, as crimson flames burned in his eyes, “Huang Xiaolong, its no secret that youre very confident in your strength, but do you really think we are afraid to deal with you”

The Black Shadow Devil kept silent this time, and no one knew what he was thinking.

Each of the present old monsters had their own selfish thoughts.

The two hundred-plus seven-seeded blue lotuses vanished from sight with a wave of Huang Xiaolongs hand, and he continued, “Whoever defeats me, these two hundred-plus seven-seeded blue lotuses are his, including the Tree of Beginning.”

“WHAT!” The present old monsters exclaimed with shining eyes.

“Huang Xialong, are your words for real” The Black Shadow Devil asked.

“Of course,” Huang Xiaolong nodded as if to emphasize his truthfulness, “Also, during battle, I wont use the Huang Long Armor.” With that said, Huang Xiaolong recalled the Huang Long Armor back into his body.

Eyes burned brighter with desire, seeing this.

If Huang Xiaolong were to use the Huang Long Armor to protect himself, it was almost impossible to defeat him, but now that Huang Xiaolong had promised not to use the armor, it was a different game altogether.

No matter how strong Huang Xiaolongs Dao Body of Heaven and Earth was, he wouldnt be able to take on a combined attack from them!

The moment the Huang Long Armor completely sunk back into Huang Xiaolongs body, Black Shadow Devil made his move.

The black shadow disappeared from the spot and reappeared above Huang Xiaolongs head, with both palms striking down simultaneously.

Overwhelming force crushed down on Huang Xiaolong like ten thousand ancient chaos mountains.

This was space gravity!

With the power of absolute space, one could control space and spatial gravity, and crush an entire sacred land into dust by merely amplifying spatial gravity with ease.

The instant the spatial gravity targeted Huang Xiaolong, the others felt like the whole Blue Lotus Pond sank into the ground like an abyss, and it would cease to exist after that day!

The Black Shadow Devil was a peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable, and the absolute space power ranked second among the thirteen kinds of absolute powers, so one could not begin to imagine how powerful this attack was!

Almost in the same instant the Black Shadow Devil attacked, Old Monster Flame also moved.

Blazing flames from his body soared sky high, and returned like a waterfall of fire, closing all paths of retreat around Huang Xiaolong.

Other old monsters wasted no time in attacking as well.

“Kill!” Seizing the chance, Poison Bodach bellowed, while feeling inwardly delighted.

The terrifying peak major completion power of absolute poison turned into a boundless sea of poison, its waves roaring towards Huang Xiaolong.

Poison Bodach had pushed his power of absolute poison to the limit when attacking.

This sea of poison could corrode a whole sacred land, and wherever the waves of poison passed, even the sun and moon would turn black.

Everything in its path would be corroded.

Ten thousand rays of sword light exploded from Sword Venerables body, and every ray of sword light could pierce through a sacred land.

At the same time, the Nine-headed Tree Demons body turned into a behemoth tree in the air, and its trunk was miles and miles tall that those outside the Blue Lotus Pond could see it.


The Nine-headed Tree Demons millions of branches whipped towards Huang Xiaolong, and each branch was as big as a mountain.

Others also attacked with their most powerful attacks.

In a split second, Huang Xiaolongs surroundings space was shattered, as if he was thrown into a violent and chaotic space.

Even a place like the Blue Lotus Pond that had existed since the creation era, its multitude spaces and countless restrictions were broken under so many peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables attacks, it was as if the Blue Lotus Pond was going to explode.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt the slightest bit flustered watching Black Shadow Devil, Old Monster Flame, and the others world-destroying attacks.

Instead, a cold sneer curved up the corners of his lips.

This was what he wanted.

All of these peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables attacking.

If someone had held back and chosen to leave instead, he didn\'t have the means to chase after these people one by one, but even Black Shadow Devil and Old Monster Flame were attacking!

In a while, not one of these people would be able to run!

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