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Chapter 2992: Who the Hell are You!

Looking at how Feng Xue was as dead as she could be, the experts of the Coiled Dragon Race sucked in a cold breath.

Feng Xue might not have been a Fourth Esteem Dao Venerable, but she was a disciple of the Heavenly Phoenix Race who could summon a seven-tailed phoenix! She had tempered her body with the Heavenly Phoenix Flame, and her body was considerably stronger than ordinary Fourth Esteem Dao Venerables.

However, she was crushed into a pile of meat with a single palm from a random nobody!

With a wave of his hand, Huang Xiaolong dragged Feng Xues holy soul out of the hole in the ground.

As soon as her holy soul materialized, she glared at Huang Xiaolong with killing intent leaking out from her eyes, “Who the hell are you!”

“Theres no need for you to learn of my identity,” Huang Xiaolong replied placidly.

“Wait here if you have the guts! The experts of my Heavenly Phoenix Race are rushing here as we speak!” Feng Xue growled, “You will experience a fate worse than death!”

With a slight snort, Huang Xiaolong decided to deal with her.

“Is that so I guess Ill have to wait and see…” After he spoke, he threw her into the formation in the Sun Moon Furnace to live with the Poison Bodach and the others.

As soon as she appeared, she saw the dao souls of the Poison Bodach and the others.

Staring at them in shock, she found them slightly familiar, but she couldnt recall who they were.

When she finally laid eyes on the Nine-Headed Tree Demon, her heart nearly stopped beating.

“You… You… Are you Lord World Tree!”

“Who are you” The Nine-Headed Tree Demon was taken aback by her sudden appearance.

“Are you the little lady they call Feng Xue from the Heavenly Phoenix Race”

“Yes, thats me! Lord World Tree, why are you…” She didnt dare to believe that she was looking at the dao soul of the Nine-Headed Tree Demon.

After all, the other party was a peak late-Ninth Estee Dao Venerable, and he wielded the power of absolute wood that was at the large mastery realm! Even if he fought against the patriarch of the Heavenly Phoenix Race, he would be able to hold his own! How could he be trapped in the artifact of some random kid

Could it be!

“Its a long story…” The Nine-Headed Tree Demon sighed, but he started to introduce the others to her.

“This is Lord Poison Bodach of the Poison Valley, and this is the Sword Venerable from the Supreme Sword Palace.

That person over there is the patriarch of the Stonemen Race, and thats the leader of the Inferno Race.”

He pointed to everyone as he introduced them to her one by one.

When Feng Xue stared at the dao souls of all the supreme experts in the Divine Tuo Holy World, she felt the world spinning around her.

By the time he reached the final few guys, she had no idea who the Nine-Headed Tree Demon was talking about.

“You… You… Why are all of you here” Feng Xue couldnt believe her eyes.

In the outside world…

Turning to look at Ao Dong, Huang Xiaolong muttered, “Its not too late to kneel and beg for your life.”

Ao Dongs expression flickered, and he felt his body alternating between hot and cold.

“I… I… I am the second young master of the Coiled Dragon Race!” It seemed as though Ao Dong had his mind made up as he snapped.

Huang Xiaolong didnt hesitate, and he pressed downwards once again.

As a massive palm print descended from the skies, a horrifying aura descended on the members of the Coiled Dragon Race.

The blood drained from their faces, and they decided to escape, but it was too late.

The space around them turned solid, and they couldnt move a single muscle on their bodies.

They could only watch as the giant palm descended from the skies.

Their visions turned dark as a massive blast rang through the skies.

After casually retrieving their souls, Huang Xiaolong threw them into the Sun Moon Furnace with practiced ease.

As he swept his gaze across the others present, they felt their knees going weak.

“Go guard the area.

If anyone else tries to interrupt me, kill them regardless of their identities.” Huang Xiaolong turned to speak to the Tortoise Ancestor.

Nodding in acknowledgment, the Tortoise Ancestor left the formation and stood in the skies above the Soaring Dragon Terrace.

Huang Xiaolong closed his eyes and continued to meditate.

Even though he was interrupted before, he had managed to enter a state of enlightenment in an instant.

Light surrounded him as those standing around trembled in fear.

“Something big happened! Ao Dong, and more than thirty core disciples of the Coiled Dragon Race perished at the Soaring Dragon Terrace!”

“What! Who dares to lay a hand on the second young master! Could it be the young patriarch of the Holy Dragon Race!”

“No! Its some youngster riding on a black tortoise! As for a reason, it was because Second Young Master Ao Dong interrupted him when he was cultivating in the first formation of the Soaring Dragon Terrace! Second Young Master Ao Dong wanted to allow Feng Xue of the Heavenly Phoenix Race to enter the first formation to meditate in peace, and he ordered the eviction of the young man! Who would have thought that the young man would move against Ao Dong and Feng Xue after he was interrupted He killed every single one of them without the slightest hesitation!”

“Theres no way he killed the both of them because of a slight disagreement… Who is he Hes in deep trouble now.

The Coiled Dragon Race and the Radiant Winged Dragon Race have always been working with each other.

The Radiant Winged Dragon Race will definitely back them up in a fight! Not to mention the fact that Second Young Master Ao Dong had an arranged marriage with the Sixth Young Lady of the Radiant Winged Dragon Rage… There is even less of a need to mention the Heavenly Phoenix Race! Aren\'t Feng Xue and Feng Nana sword sisters”

“What! Feng Nana!”

There might be disciples in the Holy Dragon World who didnt know Feng Xue, but there wasn\'t a single soul who didnt know who Feng Nana was! She was the strongest genius in the Divine Tuo Holy World, and no one would dare to slight her!

“That youngster returned to the first formation to cultivate after killing them all… He must be crazy!”

The Holy Dragon World erupted the instant the news got out.

In the Apsara Dragon Country, Chen Qiaoer heard the news, and she was stunned for half a day.

She didnt know if the person they were talking about was Huang Xiaolong, but when she heard that the youngster who killed the experts of both races rode on a black tortoise, she knew that it was him!

Of course, the disciples of the Apsara Dragon Country also heard the news, and they felt their hearts stop beating for a second.

“No! I have to go to the Soaring Dragon Terrace!” Chen Qiaoer panicked.

“Hold it right there!” Chen Cheng yelled at her, and he continued, “The experts of the Coiled Dragon Race are rushing there as we speak! When the time comes, the experts from the Radiant Winged Dragon Race will arrive, and so will those from the Heavenly Phoenix Race! Their exchange alone will be enough to kill Primal Ancestors a million times over, not to mention a mere True Saint like you! This has nothing to do with you! Do not jeopardize the safety of my kingdom in a moment of folly!”

“Men, bring the fourth princess back to her quarters! Without my order, she isnt allowed to take a single step out!”

Countless days passed, and the experts from the Coiled Dragon Race quickly gathered towards the Soaring Dragon Mountain Range, or whatever was left of it.

However, the strongest among them was only at the Third Esteem Dao Venerable Realm.

No one dared to make a move as they surrounded the area cautiously.

They were waiting for stronger experts to show up.

Ao Dongs death caused the entire Coiled Dragon Race to tremble, and practically all the high-level Dao Venerables were alerted.

They might be rushing over, but they needed several days to arrive.

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