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Chapter 2993: Old Ancestor of the Coiled Dragon Race!

As the experts of the Coiled Dragon Race poured into the remains of the Soaring Dragon Mountain Range, the attention of the Holy Dragon World seemed to have focused on the Six Vision Sacred Land as Dao Venerables swarmed to the area.

Despite their appearance, Huang Xiaolong didnt bother looking at them as he continued to meditate.

It seemed as though he didnt care about those who came.

“Who is that kid! He killed the second young master of the Coiled Dragon Race, and Feng Xue of the Heavenly Phoenix Race… He didnt leave the area immediately, and he continued to cultivate on the Soaring Dragon Terrace! Hes blatantly insulting the prestige of both races!” A Third Esteem Dao Venerable from the White Dragon Race frowned.

The White Dragon Race was also one of the strongest acquired dragon races in the Holy Dragon World, and they were comparable to the Coiled Dragon Race.

“He shouldnt be from our Holy Dragon World…” One of the Seventh Esteem Dao Venerables from the Blood Dragon Race stared at Huang Xiaolong as a bloody light flashed deep in his eyes.

“Hes a Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable!”

The Blood Dragon Race was a race on equal footing with the Coiled Dragon Race and the White Dragon Race.

The three races lacked any Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables, and cultivators at the Seventh Esteem Dao Venerable Realm were considered exalted existences in their races.

The person who spoke was the old ancestor of the Blood Dragon Race, Ao Bi.

Those standing around him gasped in shock when they heard what he said.

“What! The kid is at the Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm! Its no wonder he could kill Feng Xue with a simple wave of his hand!”

“What about the black tortoise! It shouldnt be an ordinary pet, right!”

When they turned to stare at the Tortoise Ancestor, it was hovering in the air, motionless.

As it took deep breaths, the lines on its shell shone with a weird light.

The old ancestor of the Blood Dragon Race turned to stare at him and a weird light flashed in his eyes.

“Its definitely not a black tortoise beast! His strength might be at the Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm too…”

A ripple swept through the crowd when they heard his evaluation of the Tortoise Ancestor.

The experts of the Coiled Dragon Race panicked, and they hastily reported whatever the old ancestor said to the high-level Dao Venerables of the Coiled Dragon Race.

Those who were rushing there quickly received the report.

“Early-Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm!” Old Ancestor Ao Shiming of the Coiled Dragon Race snorted, “How dare a mere Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable destroy our second young masters dao physique! Ill take him down and make him regret being born in this world!”

Another old ancestor of the Coiled Dragon Race, Ao Jie, fell into contemplation.

“He should have escaped the Holy Dragon World after killing the second young master.

However, he dared to continue his cultivation… He clearly doesnt care about our Coiled Dragon Race.

We need to be careful when dealing with him…” A frown formed on his face, and he continued, “Isnt there also a beast that looks like a black tortoise with him!”

Ao Shiming nodded, but he snorted with confidence, “Theres nothing for you to worry about.

Hes a mere Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable.

How strong can his mount be! Its definitely still a Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable, and even Ao Bi said that its probably only at that level!”

Ao Jie frowned slightly in response, “Theres something off about this… What happened to our investigations Have we found out his true identity yet”

“We only know that hes not from our Holy Dragon World.” Ao Shiming muttered, “Ive already sent out disciples to the Divine Tuo Holy World to look for traces of him.

If we really plan to investigate his past, well need half a month! Let me say this again.

Theres nothing for you to worry about.

Even if hes the strongest Dao Venerable in the Divine Tuo Holy World, we have the backing of the Radiant Winged Dragon Race! The Heavenly Phoenix Race is also planning to kill him, and theyll be the ones leading the charge!”

“Whatever the case, we should be careful after entering the Soaring Dragon Mountain Range.

We should take him down and investigate his identity before killing him.

It wont be too late to torture him for the rest of eternity then!”

The other old ancestors nodded to agree with him.

Four days later…

“The old ancestors of the Coiled Dragon Race are here! They are finally here!” The experts of the Dragon Race pointed towards the horizon and yelled.

A massive dragon shot towards the Soaring Dragon Mountain Range, and it was precisely the flying ship of the Coiled Dragon Race.

In the Holy Dragon World, the patriarchs of the strongest races had forged a flying ship with their cosmos energy.

The Coiled Dragon Race might not have been stronger than the Radiant Winged Dragon Race, but after countless years of refinement, it had already reached the level of a high-grade cosmos artifact.

It possessed terrifying combat and defensive abilities, and ordinary Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables could forget about breaking through its defenses.

When the experts of the Coiled Dragon Race around the Soaring Dragon Mountain Range saw that their old ancestors were here, they ran up in haste to welcome them.

Nine old ancestors disembarked from the ship, and there were more than twenty mid-level Dao Venerables following closely behind them!

When the members of the other races saw such an extravagant lineup, they sucked in a cold breath in shock.

Nine old ancestors of the Coiled Dragon Race came at once, and they only had twenty old ancestors in the race!

One could easily see how seriously they took the killing of their second young master.

Moreover, there were more than twenty mid-level Dao Venerables following behind them!

“Theyre really going all out for this…” An expert of the Lightning Dragon Race gasped in shock.

“They even brought the Coiled Dragon Flying Ship with them!”

“The Coiled Dragon Race might be taking this opportunity to warn the other powers in the Holy Dragon World! Anyone who touches their disciples in the future will definitely face serious consequences!” A light flashed in the eyes of one of the Giant Dragon Races members.

“The youngster who killed Ao Dong, will definitely die a terrible death!”

“That might not be the case… The man dares to remain on the Soaring Dragon Terrace, and he might not care about offending the Coiled Dragon Race!”

“Even if hes special, how can a mere early-Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable stop nine old ancestors from the Coiled Dragon Race! They even brought the Coiled Dragon Flying Ship with them! Its impossible for him to run away!”

Discussions broke out in the crowd, but Huang Xiaolong couldnt be bothered with them.

Light swirled around his body, and if any expert who was adept in the powers of space was present, they would be able to realize that the light around him was expanding into the void around the Holy Dragon World!

When they finally reached their peak, the light surrounding Huang Xiaolong covered one tenths of the space containing the Holy Dragon World!

The area contained in the light could be felt clearly by Huang Xiaolong, and every single blade of grass, and every single person contained within the area couldnt escape from him.

That was a terrifying power.

Even the strongest expert of the Divine Tuo Holy World, the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor couldnt envelop one tenths of the Holy Dragon World with his will! The Holy Dragon World was a hundred times larger than the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave, and if one managed to cover one tenths of the Holy Dragon World, they would be able to cover the area occupied by ten Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave!

At the very least, no one in the Divine Tuo Holy World could do anything like that!

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