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Chapter 2999: The Challenge

The cry of the phoenix rang through the skies of the Holy Dragon World, and even experts situated in cities far away from the Holy Dragon City heard the cry.

“A member of the Heavenly Phoenix Race was defeated! I wonder who it is!”

Countless experts turned to stare in the direction of the Holy Dragon City.

“It sounds like Feng Nana of the Heavenly Phoenix Race! Im pretty sure I saw the Nine-Tailed Phoenix in the skies above the city.

Other than the patriarch himself, only Feng Nana has the ability to summon the Nine-Tailed Phoenix!”

“Theres no way! Unless she went over to spar with Ao He of the Holy Dragon Race… Why would they go so far during a sparring session Arent they going to get together soon”

As the discussions became even more intense, the situation over at the entrance of the battlefield was depressing.

The faces of those from the Holy Dragon Race and Heavenly Phoenix Race changed.

“Young patriarch!” The experts of the Heavenly Phoenix Race screamed.

They were in a state of disbelief, and rage filled their hearts.

“DIE!!!” Feng Chengtai screamed as killing intent poured out from his body.

He lunged at Huang Xiaolong with his cosmos energy gushing out of his body.

“Kill him!” The experts of the Heavenly Phoenix Race didnt hold back as they charged at Huang Xiaolong in unison.

The heavens seemed to split apart as the space around them shattered like glass.

Flames covered the land as it threatened to incinerate the Holy Dragon City.

Those in the city saw nothing else other than endless flames filling the skies.

The combined might of the Dao Venerables of the Heavenly Phoenix Race was terrifying, and it wasnt something anyone could go up against.

However, Huang Xiaolong merely snorted in response.

Instead of commanding the Tortoise Ancestor to stop their attacks, he casually grabbed the air before him.

In that instant, everyone felt the space around their bodies shrinking as the power of space condensed in Huang Xiaolongs hand.

Everyone present felt a bomb going off in their heads.

“Dao Body of Heaven and Earth!”

They finally realized that something was wrong when Huang Xiaolong controlled the power of space to seal them in.

After all, the Dao Body of Heaven and Earth was the only dao physique that allowed one to control space as they pleased.


Punching with both his fists, a world-ending power swept through the lands.

The heavens trembled, and the earth shook under the power contained in his fists.

The heavenly phoenix flames everyone believed to be invincible, the cosmos energy possessed by the three Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables that were unfathomably powerful, and even the peerless grand dao art unleashed by the members of the Heavenly Phoenix Race… Everything failed to stand up to a single punch from Huang Xiaolong.


Every single expert from the Heavenly Phoenix Race shot through the air, and other than the three Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables, everyone else exploded in mid-air.

Their limbs were the first to pop, followed by their faces, painting a gruesome sight.

The three Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables from the Heavenly Phoenix Race didnt die, but they failed to remain unharmed.

They slammed into the headquarters of the Holy Dragon Race, and the shockwaves formed when they fell smashed the various structures around them.

Everything turned into grey powder under the impact.

The members of the Holy Dragon Race stared at Huang Xiaolong and gasped in shock, “You… Youre the Son of Creation!”

Huang Xiaolongs possession of the Dao Body of Heaven and Earth was no secret in the Divine Tuo Holy World.

Many experts from the Holy Dragon World had learned of it through the reports from their disciples roaming the world.

Ao He, who wanted nothing more than to tear Huang Xiaolong limb from limb after he killed Feng Nana, simmered down in an instant.

His face turned pale, and fear clouded his eyes.

He was the Son of Creation!

The brat, which he had threatened at the gates of the Holy Dragon Race, was the f*cking Son of Creation himself! If anyone asked him if he was afraid of anyone in the younger generation of the Divine Tuo Holy World, Huang Xiaolong would be the only name to leave his lips! He wasnt afraid of anyone else, but Huang Xiaolong was an existence he couldnt dream of matching up to!

During the Creation Ceremony hosted by the Dragon Fish Creed, Huang Xiaolong had defeated Huang Shuai, and the details of the battle had reached him through the reports of his subordinates.

He was shocked by Huang Xiaolongs combat prowess, but he wasnt too afraid of the power Huang Xiaolong possessed.

After all, they were merely early-level Dao Venerables then! When Huang Xiaolong had defeated the Heart Devourer Twin Devils who possessed the Eternal Devil Heart, he had finally felt fearful of the man himself.

One had to know that ordinary peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables wouldnt be able to defeat the Heart Devourer Twin Devils!

Yet, Huang Xiaolong had managed to do exactly that!

The only more terrifying fact was the progression of Huang Xiaolongs strength.

In several hundred short years, Huang Xiaolong had grown to a level no one could comprehend! He had sent three late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerables from the Heavenly Phoenix Race flying with a single punch, and he killed every other Dao Venerable the same way! One had to know that those Dao Venerables werent weaklings! They were all high-level Dao Venerables of the Heavenly Phoenix Race!

A hundred years ago, everyone knew that Huang Xiaolong was at the peak of the Fifth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm when he had defeated the Heart Devourer Twin Devils.

In a hundred short years, he had entered the Sixth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm!

Huang Xiaolong ignored Feng Chengtai and the others as his gaze landed on Ao Xin and the rest of the grand ancestors from the Holy Dragon Race.

“You can make your move now.”

None of them dared to move as they stared at Huang Xiaolong with a face full of fear and shock.

Taking a step towards them, everyone from the Holy Dragon Race took a step back.

“Since youre unwilling to make your move, Ill do it for you,” Huang Xiaolong spoke and waved his hand.

The instant he moved, Ao He and the others felt their hearts trembling in fear as the blood drained from their faces.


The power originating from the Huang Long World condensed, and the world around them shook.

A look of fear could be seen on the faces of those from the Holy Dragon Race, and they knew that there was no running away.

They only realized how terrifying the attack was when they were facing it, and they knew why no one from the Heavenly Phoenix Race had managed to defend themselves previously.

“Kill him!” Ao Xin screamed when he realized there was nowhere to run.

Right before he risked it all to fight with Huang Xiaolong, two massive dragon claws appeared above them to welcome Huang Xiaolongs fists.


With Huang Xiaolong as the center of the impact, every single structure around them turned into dust.

Swathes of land crumbled as mountain peaks fell.

The sudden impact caused Huang Xiaolong to take several steps back, and he only stopped when he arrived at the end of where the street once stood.

Of course, there was no longer a street left under his feet, and endless rubble filled the land.

In the space above the Holy Dragon Race, a figure started to condense.

Like a ruler who owned the world, the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor made his appearance.

His eyes seemed to be able to peer through the river of time, and his arms contained the power to mold the world.

He stood straight in the sky, and he looked like a pillar strong enough to support the heavens.

A shocking pressure descended and swallowed Huang Xiaolong and everyone else in the area.

Ao He and the others were overjoyed.

“Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor!”

The number one expert in the Divine Tuo Holy World, the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor, had appeared!

“Ancestor, we…” Ao Xin wanted to speak, but he was interrupted before the words could leave his lips.

“I know what happened.”

As the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestors gaze landed on Huang Xiaolong, a deep voice rang through the skies.

“Ive long since heard of Your Highness shocking talent.

Indeed, you proved that you deserve all the glory surrounding your name.

If Your Highness is willing to accept my challenge, why dont we settle everything with a single battle If you win, Ill hand the Blood Dragon Stele over to you.

If you lose…” A crafty light flashed in his eyes, “Youll open the stele and hand over everything sealed in the space within.

What do you think”

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