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Chapter 3023: Tree of Origin

“What the f*ck are you talking about!” Lei Yu smacked Zhou Hongs head and roared, “His Highness is naturally someone more important than me!”

Since Lei Yu wasnt going soft on Zhou Hong, he used his regular strength as a Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable.

Zhou Hong snapped back to attention immediately, and he hastily went over to greet Huang Xiaolong.

Not daring to be disrespectful in the slightest, he greeted Huang Xiaolong like how he greeted Lei Yu.

Of course, he was grumbling in his heart.

How could my master agree to follow the youngster before me!

He was extremely clear about his masters strength! When he had left the Origin Holy World in the past, Lei Yu already commanded three different types of energies! His power to wield absolute lightning had already reached the major completion stage!

Seeing the doubt in Zhou Hongs heart, Huang Xiaolong chuckled and allowed him to get up.

“Where are your senior brothers” Lei Yu asked.

Zhou Hong was his youngest disciple, and he couldnt find traces of the other three anywhere.

“Master… The young lady of the Golden Fox Creed entered the Dao Venerable Realm, and my Second and Third Senior Brother went over to congratulate her.

As for Eldest Senior Brother...

Lei Yu smacked his head once again.

“What are you mumbling about! Wheres your Eldest Senior Brother!”

“Several tens of thousands of years ago, Eldest Senior Brother received an invitation from the branch master of the Mystical Pavilion situated in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave.

He went to look for an ancient treasure along with some other experts.

They entered a forbidden space and went missing,” Zhou Hong explained.

“The three of us are left in the Leiyu Creed, trying to support it ourselves!”

When Lei Yu had left, he had passed the position to his oldest disciple.

Now, there was no formal leader in the creed!

“Did the branch master mention the type of treasure they were looking for” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“We asked, but he was unwilling to reveal anything to us.”

Lei Yu narrowed his eyes and chilly killing intent emerged from them.

“What f*cking bullsh*t! The branch master is definitely hiding something! They were definitely plotting against your Eldest Senior Brother!”

A bitter expression formed on Zhou Hongs face.

He had long since thought of the possibility, but the branch master of the Mystical Pavilion wasnt someone he could offend as he pleased.

In the Origin Holy World, the World Master was the only person who could speak to the Mystical Pavilion on equal footing.

Anyone else would be crushed if they dared to go against the behemoth that was the Mystical Pavilion!

“Where is the branch located” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Without hesitation, Zhou Hong told Huang Xiaolong everything he knew.

However, he paused for a second before he continued, “Your Highness, the Mystical Pavilion is exceptionally powerful, we…”

Before he could finish, Lei Yus palm landed on his head.

“His Highness doesnt need you to teach him what to do! Go away you spineless brat!”

Chuckling bitterly, Zhou Hong retreated to the side.

He didnt dare to say another word as a buzzing sound filled his ears.

His vision started to spin after the repeated blows from Lei Yu, and he felt as though his brain was displaced from its original position.

Huang Xiaolong thought about something before asking Zhou Hong several other questions.

He asked about Huang Shuai and the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor, but because the Origin Holy World was several times larger than the Divine Tuo Holy World, Zhou Hong had no idea who he was talking about.

It didnt take long for Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu to make themselves at home in the Leiyu Creed.

Initially, they wanted to barge into the Mystical Pavilion branch in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave.

However, they learned that the various experts had gone over to celebrate the young ladys ascension and there wasnt anyone to answer their questions.

Since that was the case, they couldnt possibly take down the branch master in public and question him before the entire Origin Holy World, right

The ceremony would only take a month or two, and they were more than willing to wait for such a short amount of time.

Lei Yu knew that Huang Xiaolong was unwilling to reveal his identity, and he told Zhou Hong to block off the news of his return.

As night fell, Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu stopped their battle.

“Ive heard from the Dark Lightning Holy Dragon Ancestor that theres a Tree of Origin in the Origin Holy World…”

Nodding his head solemnly, Lei Yu explained, “Your Highness, youre right.

Origin qi is the rarest of all energies in all the world.

However, the Origin Holy World is able to possess a never ending supply as they have the Tree of Origin.

Strands of origin qi would be auctioned off occasionally, but every single strand costs a fortune.

The bidding usually starts at ten billion dao coins, but the price will reach an astronomical number by the time the auction ends.” Lei Yu paused for a second and shook his head, “As for the Tree of Origin, no one has ever seen it before.”

Huang Xiaolong sighed.

The main reason Huang Xiaolong came to the Origin Holy World was because of the Tree of Origin.

Even though he had the Parasol Tree, Tree of Beginning, and several other treasures, all of them combined wouldnt be able to match the value of the Tree of Origin! Legends had it that anyone who would obtain the Tree of Origin would be able to comprehend the origin of the Huang Long World.

They could increase their chances of reaching the creation realm, and they could deepen their understanding of all thirteen elements!

Among the thirteen elements, the power of time and space were the hardest to comprehend! If Huang Xiaolong wanted to comprehend the two different types of powers, he would have to obtain the Tree of Origin!

“Get some disciples to find out more about the origin qi and Tree of Origin.

Get them to look for Phoenix Fire Crystals too.” Huang Xiaolong muttered.

“Just get the top grade ones.”

Top-grade Phoenix Fire Crystals would only form after a phoenix undergoes rebirth.

It would be extremely useful for Huang Xiaolong to comprehend the power of nirvana.

He only needed a little nudge to reach the grand completion realm in the power of nirvana, and since he would definitely be clashing with the Main Pavilion Master of the Mystical Pavilion, the power of nirvana would prove to be invaluable!

“Yes, Your Highness.” Lei Yu hastily passed down the order to Zhou Hong.

A month passed in the blink of an eye, and Huang Xiaolong didnt remain idle.

In the night, he would sit under the Tree of Beginning and Parasol Tree in cultivation, and he would refine the spiritual stones he obtained from the Demon Buddha.

They assisted in his understanding of the powers of darkness and radiance.

In the day, he would spar with Lei Yu to increase his ability to use the different energies in battle.

As for the genesis level pills he obtained, he planned to refine them after entering seclusion.

In the past few years, he only managed to refine forty Purple Lightning Sun and Moon Pills.

There were still more than two hundred of them, and he even had genesis level pills he gathered from those in the Outer World.

If he refined them all, he would easily enter the peak of the late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable Realm.

However, there were things he needed to do and there was no rush to increase his cultivation level.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong felt that his foundations werent as solid as he would like.

He broke through too quickly, and he planned to temper himself before increasing his cultivation realm once again.

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