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Chapter 3024: A Drop in the Ocean

One fine day, as the streams of beginning qi entered Huang Xiaolongs body, layers upon layers of light started to emerge.

The space in the Sun Moon Furnace was flooded with brilliant light.

Huang Xiaolongs body disappeared from view.

It didnt take long before a ray of light containing the power of radiance to emerge from his body.

The power of radiance was like a ray that had the ability to pierce through all darkness.

The space in the Sun Moon Furnace was lit up instantly.

Several moments later, the pillar of light retreated into his body.

The fluctuations in space returned to normal, and Huang Xiaolong heaved a sigh of relief.

When Huang Xiaolong was still in the Holy Dragon World, he already started to comprehend the power of radiance.

Now, he finally understood the laws of radiance.

Perhaps it was more appropriate to say that he barely understood the power of radiance.

At his current level, he couldnt even be considered to have reached the small completion stage! However, taking the first step was better than not taking a step at all!

He had the Demon Buddha Pills, and there were a lot of radiance attributed treasures in the Demon Buddha Treasury.

If he counted all the powers he could wield, there would be a total of seven of them.

Absolute frost, absolute blaze, nirvana, poison, lightning, darkness, and the power of radiance.

If they only counted the number of peak level energies one could use, Huang Xiaolong would most certainly sit on the top spot in the Origin Holy World.

Even the Main Pavilion Master of the Mystical Pavilion was inferior in that aspect.

As for the World Master of the Origin Holy World, he could only use four different types of energies.

Of course, the power of wood wasnt as easy to comprehend as he thought.

Huang Xiaolong obtained tons of treasures from the World Tree, but he still failed to understand anything!

The power of wood would be enough to stump him for a long amount of time.

Staring at the space around him, Huang Xiaolong discovered that the Sun Moon Furnace was a lot stronger than it once was.

After the tempering of more than a thousand high-level Dao Venerables, the space was as sturdy as could be! If this carried on, the Sun Moon Furnace would be able to evolve in the next ten years!

Even though Huang Xiaolong wasnt lacking in top-grade cosmos artifacts, it was true that he wasnt in possession of a top-grade cosmos artifact level furnace.

In the Origin Holy World, the number of top-grade cosmos artifact level furnaces was countable on one hand!

Emerging from the Sun Moon Furnace, Huang Xiaolong stared at Lei Yu who was waiting outside and laughed, “Lets go take a stroll.”

Now that he had comprehended the power of radiance, Huang Xiaolong was in a great mood.

He planned to stroll around the city for fun.

After getting on Lei Yus back, they left the courtyard and ran into Zhou Hong who was running towards them.

Zhou Hong nearly fainted from fear when he saw that his master was a mere mount for Huang Xiaolong.

One had to know that his master was…

That was the first time Zhou Hong had seen Huang Xiaolong riding on Lei Yus back, and it brought about a rude awakening.

“What the f*ck are you stunned for! What do you want!” Lei Yu snapped when he saw Zhou Hong standing there staring at them with his mouth open.

Snapping back to attention, Zhou Hong reported, “Master, Second and Third Senior Brother should be returning soon.

They will be back in half a month!”

“Is that it” Lei Yu glared at Zhou Hong as he growled.

Beads of cold sweat started dripping from Zhou Hongs forehead and he lowered his head in fear.

“No! No! Theres more! We managed to locate the peak-grade Phoenix Fire Crystals!”

“Oh” Huang Xiaolongs eyes lit up.

Lei Yu burst out laughing in the next instant.

“Thats fast! Youre pretty good! Tell us about it! How did you manage to learn about the crystals”

Zhou Hong heard his masters praise, and excitement filled his heart.

He didnt dare to dally as he spoke quickly, “Second and Third Senior Brother found it! The Cloud Wind Dao Venerable gave the Golden Fox Creed a single peak-grade Phoenix Fire Crystal!”

Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu were stunned.

“The Cloud Wind Dao Venerable from the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce” Lei Yu frowned.

“It seems like that old man is pretty rich! He is willing to part with a single peak-grade Phoenix Fire Crystal so easily!”

One had to know that the crystal was worth several billion dao coins! Even Lei Yu wouldnt be willing to give something so expensive away!

Zhou Hong chuckled, “Master, you might not know about this, but the Cloud Wind Dao Venerable took the young lady of the Golden Fox Creed as his goddaughter.”

“Its no wonder hes so generous.” Lei Yu nodded as he started to explain the situation about the chamber to Huang Xiaolong.

The Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce was one of the largest chambers in the Origin Holy World, and the Cloud Wind Dao Venerable was its founder!

“Hes pretty strong.

His power of wind is at perfection level, and he comprehended the power of earth to the major completion level!” Lei Yu explained.

“Master, he reached perfection level in the power of earth…” Zhou Hong interrupted.

Lei Yu was stunned by the sudden discovery.

However, he soon recalled that a long time had passed since he left.

He reached the perfection level in the power of lightning, and it wasnt strange for others to improve too.

After all, the other party was the head of the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce.

He had tons of resources to practice with.

“How strong is the Cloud Wind Dao Venerable” Huang Xiaolong frowned.

“On the World Extermination List, hes ranked twentieth!” Zhou Hong replied.

Twentieth was pretty good.

Even though the other party reached perfection level in both the powers of wind and earth, Lei Yu was confident he could suppress the other party.

Zhou Hong then told Huang Xiaolong about how the young lady of the Golden Fox Creed, Jin Xiaoxiao, planned to put up the crystal for auction in the Mystical Pavilions branch three months later.

Huang Xiaolong smiled.

If that was the case, he could save himself a lot of trouble.

“However, there will definitely be a lot of people bidding for the crystal! The price will definitely reach an ungodly amount…” Zhou Hong hesitated for a moment and continued, “The Leiyu Creeds treasury only has three billion dao coins left.”

Lei Yu chuckled softly when he heard what Zhou Hong said.

“Theres no need for you to worry about money.

His Highness has more than enough to buy a mere crystal.

Theres no need to talk about several billions.

His Highness can bring out several tens of billions without batting an eyelid! Billions of dao coins are nothing more than a drop in the ocean!”

Lei Yu wasnt exaggerating.

Huang Xiaolong plundered too many treasuries along the way.

When he swept through the Outer World, he grabbed the treasuries of the four largest regions! Even Huang Xiaolong himself had no idea how much money he had! All he knew was that he definitely had several trillions of them!

That was several trillions he was talking about!

Zhou Hong was stunned speechless.

“Wouldnt that make HIs Highness richer than the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce!”

Huang Xiaolong revealed a crafty smile on his face and so did Lei Yu.

“Theres no need to mention the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce.

Even if all the chambers of commerce pooled their wealth, they wouldnt be able to rival His Highness! Alright.

Enough of this.

His Highness plans to go out for a walk.

Arrange for two disciples to bring us around.”

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