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Chapter 3026: Call Me Lord!

When Peng Fei and Jia Zhen heard the accusation, they were shocked.

They might not have known Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yus identities, but they knew that the patriarch was extremely concerned about them! They received orders from the patriarch to bring them around, and they didnt understand why two people at their level would pretend to be members of the Leiyu Creed!

Chen Shuanghes eyes turned cold as soon as he got the confirmation.

Turning around, he ordered the members of the enforcement hall, “Take them down.”

“Hold it!” Peng Fei and Jia Zhen yelled.

They rushed over to Chen Shuanghe and explained, “Lord Shuanghe, there has to be a mistake.”

“Mistake” Chen Shuanghe sneered, “Peng Fei, Jia Zhen, dont think that Im afraid to capture the two of you because of your identities.

The two of them pretended to be members of our Leiyu Creed, and you should know their crimes!”

Peng Fei and Jia Zhen were stunned.

“Lord Shuanghe, the two lords wouldnt do that!” Peng Fei explained, “I am willing to vouch for them with my life on the line! There has to be some sort of misunderstanding here!”

Lords! Chen Shuanghe turned to stare at Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu.

A frown formed on his face as Lin Baoyuan and the others were equally as shocked.

However, Lei Yus voice rang through the air as soon as Peng Fei spoke.

“Theres no misunderstanding here.

I did say that I was part of the Leiyu Creed!”

Peng Fei and Jia Zhen were shocked.

Chen Shuanghe felt a sense of joy emerging in his heart.

Since they admitted it, he could deal with them openly.

A sneer formed on his face and he snorted, “Peng Fei, Jia Zhen, you heard him.”

A sinister smile formed on Lei Yus face all of a sudden.

“Little doll, I said that I am from the Leiyu Creed, but I didnt say that I impersonated one of you.

Are you senile or are you deaf Maybe you were dropped as a child”

Little doll!

The expressions of everyone present turned extremely colorful when they heard how Lei Yu addressed Chen Shuanghe.

Chen Shuanghes expression sank instantly, and he glared at Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu, “Ive already checked.

None of you are disciples of my Leiyu Creed, and we have no records of you anywhere.

How dare you deny it”

Huang Xiaolong, who had been silent all this while, finally spoke up, “Even if we did, what can you do about it”

Chen Shuanghe was taken aback by his suddenconfession.

However, a chilly light shot out from his eyes the next instant.

“You impersonated a disciple of my Creed, and you killed members of the Scarlet Blood Clan.

Whatever the case, I sentence you to death!”

Lei Yu couldnt contain his laughter anymore, and he roared with laughter.

He couldnt understand where Chen Shuanghe was getting his confidence from.

It was as though an ant was waving its feelers in the air, threatening to kill a heavenly dragon.

Everyone turned to look at him, and Lei Yu started to speak.

“Little doll, the number of people who dare to threaten me in the Origin Holy World can be counted on both hands, maybe a little more! Are you sure a Seventh Resurrection Primal Ancestor like yourself can do as you say”

Everyone was stunned speechless.

It was especially so for Chen Shuanghe.

He couldnt understand how the other party saw through his cultivation realm so easily.

“Preposterous!” A snort filled the air and a grey-haired expert walked out from the void.

“Eminent Elder Lu Linfeng!” Chen Shuanghe felt a giant weight lifted off his chest when he saw the arrival of the doyen.

He went up to pay his respects, and the disciples of the Leiyu Creed fell to their knees.

The members of the Scarlet Blood Clan prostrated themselves while Peng Fei and Jia Zhen got to their knees.

Allowing Chen Shuanghe and the others to get to their feet, he glared at Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu.

“Eminent Elder Lu Linfeng, the two of them impersonated disciples of our Creed and they…”

“I heard everything they said.” Lu Linfeng interrupted Chen Shuanghe.

Initially, he wasnt planning on showing himself.

After all, it was merely a small matter for them to clash with disciples of other factions.

However, he couldnt sit still when he heard that they were pretending to be members of the Leiyu Creed.

Moreover, the way Lei Yu spoke got on his nerves.

When Lei Yu had left the Creed in the past, Lu Linfeng hadnt joined the ranks of the Eminent Elders.

He couldnt recognize the founder himself, and it was especially so after Lei Yu hid his aura.

No one could tell who he was, and there were probably only four people in the Leiyu Creed who would be able to recognize him.

“Not many people in the Origin Holy World can sentence you to death Dont tell me youre an expert who comprehended the peak powers of the world and youre ranked on the World Extermination List.”

There was a list that ranked the top hundred experts of the Origin Holy World, and they were recognized by everyone.

It was clear Lei Yu wasnt part of them.

Since the time he had left, the list undergone a lot of reshuffling.

It would refresh itself every one hundred million years, and his name was no longer on it.

Whatever the case, Lei Yu wasnt one to endure insults from a weakling.

As soon as Lu Linfeng completed his sentence, he pointed a single finger at the man.

A ray of light emerged, and Lu Linfeng was sent flying.

The blast rang through the skies, and everyone who witnessed the scene couldnt help but stare at Lei Yu with a bewildered expression.

“Even if Im not on the list, I can deal with a tiny ant-like that with a single finger.” Lei Yu muttered placidly.

“Who dares to act insolently in the Leiyu Creed!” Several dozen figures soared into the skies in an instant.

All of them were Dao Venerable Realm experts from the Leiyu Creed, and they noticed Lei Yus power the moment he acted against Lu Linfeng.

Huang Xiaolong stared at them calmly, and before Lei Yu could smash them all down into the ground, a roar rang through the skies.

“Hold it right there!”

Zhou Hong was the one who spoke, and he rushed over with anger boiling in his heart.

By the time he arrived before Lei Yu and Huang Xiaolong, Lei Yus claw came down hard on his head just as he was about to bow.

“Who the f*ck are you referring to!”

“Mas…” Holding his head, a pained smile formed on Zhou Hongs face as he wanted to greet Lei Yu.

Before he was done, another smack hit him on the head.

“Call me Lord!”

With his head ringing in pain, tears nearly streamed down his face as he quickly greeted Lei Yu.


The experts from the Leiyu Creed were shocked when they saw what happened.

It was especially so for the Dao Venerables who arrived.

They couldnt believe that their patriarch was getting slapped on the head by some beast!

“Were leaving,” Huang Xiaolong ordered all of a sudden.

Grabbing Zhou Hongs face, Lei Yu growled, “Just do what you have to.

If you have to kill them, go ahead!”

Zhou Hong felt all the anger in his heart fading all of a sudden.

So many years had passed, and his masters habit was still the same.

In the past, Lei Yu would smack all of them before he allowed them to leave his presence.

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