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Chapter 3028: Exterminate Them

As one of the largest regions in the Origin Holy World, the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave housed thirty-eight creeds! The Leiyu Creed was only ranked eighteen among the thirty-eight!

As for the Nine Vision Creed and the Devil Curse Creed, they were existences that far surpassed the Leiyu Creed.

One of them was ranked tenth, and the other was ranked ninth!

One could only imagine how powerful they were!

“Whats the deal with the two of them” Lei Yi frowned when he heard Sui Hengyis tone when he spoke of the other two creeds.

He had returned for quite some time, but Zhou Hong hant mentioned anything about them!

Tan Hua and Sui Hengyi felt Lei Yus gaze on them and they quickly lowered their heads.

Sui Hengyi eventually gathered his courage to explain everything to Lei Yu.

“Master, in your absence, there were several other powers that rose to prominence in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave.

The Nine Vision Creed and the Devil Curse Creed appeared in the past several hundred million years.

They might be new powers, but they expanded rapidly.

Their patriarchs are experts with unfathomable strength! They are ranked ninth and tenth in the region, and they arent existences we can defeat!”

“Get to the point!” Lei Yu interrupted him all of a sudden.

Glancing at Lei Yu, Sui Hengyi muttered, “They have expanded rapidly in the past few years, and they started fighting with us for resources.

They even grabbed talented disciples from right under our noses, and after Eldest Senior Brother went missing, their attitudes towards us changed drastically.”

A frosty light flashed through Lei Yus eyes.

“However, the Region Lord of the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave remembers masters grace! The two creeds dont dare to go too far, and we managed to keep whatever we have left.

Otherwise, we would have long been destroyed!” Sui Hengyi hastily continued when he felt the killing intent rolling off Lei Yus body.

Lei Yu might have left for many years, but his disciples were still extremely fearful of him.

“Golden Fox didnt care about their actions” a snort left Lei Yus lips.

Looking at each other, his disciples didnt dare to speak.

Zhou Hong finally broke the silence after a long time.

“The Golden Fox Dao Venerable sent several men to warn them in the past…”

A sneer left Lei Yus lips.

From what Zhou Hong said, he understood everything that had happened.

The Golden Fox Dao Venerable hadnt appeared personally to deal with the matter!

Bitter smiles formed on his disciples faces.

“Master, youve been gone for too long.

The Golden Fox Dao Venerables gratitude has long since faded.

Its good enough that he sent several men over to warn them.”

Sui Hengyi seemed to have thought of something, and he sighed.

“The two of them never showed any respect to the Golden Fox Dao Venerable.

However, the patriarchs of the two creeds personally appeared during the ceremony hosted by the Golden Fox Dao Venerable, and they offered a genesis level pill as tribute.

“After the Golden Fox Dao Venerable received their gift, he roared with laughter.

He personally invited them to the front of the ceremony! We could only sit at the seats near the exit!” A trace of rage emerged in Sui Hengyis heart.

“Master, you might not know this, but Eldest Senior Brothers disappearance definitely had something to do with the Nine Vision Dao Venerable! The branch master of the Mystical Pavilion invited so many experts to go on an expedition, but the branch master and the Nine Vision Dao Venerable were the only two to return!”

Huang Xiaolong, who had remained silent all this while, spoke up, “After the auction ends, exterminate the Nine Vision Creed and the Devil Curse Creed.”

Tan Hua, Sui Hengyi, and Zhou Heng were shocked.

Lei Yu was the only one who chuckled in excitement, “Your Highness, were of the same mind!”

Hesitating for a moment, Zhou Heng turned to Lei Yu and asked, “Master, if you exterminate their factions, the Golden Fox Dao Venerable might be unable to sit still.”


Why would I need his permission to exterminate two puny creeds If he dares to stop me, Ill crush his Golden Fox Creed!”

An awkward smile formed on his disciples faces.

“Master, you might be unbeatable, but the Golden Fox Dao Venerable isnt one to be trifled with! He has improved a lot since you left, and he entered the ranks of the Extermination List! He also formed some sort of relationship with the Wind Cloud Chamber of Commerce, and the number of experts he can command are as numerous as the clouds in the sky! He has more than thirty Ninth Creation Dao Venerables at his beck and call!”

Lei Yu sneered.

“Thats just thirty of them.

Theres nothing for you to worry about.

Even if Im unable to take them all on, His Highness will be backing me up!”


Tan Hua and the others turned to look at Huang Xiaolong.

“This is our first meeting, and theres nothing much I can give you.

You can have a pill each.” A jade bottle appeared in their hands as soon as the words left Huang Xiaolongs lips.

“This… This… Genesis level pills!” The three of them didnt think much of the gift, but when they noticed the lightning qi contained in the bottle, they couldnt help but exclaim in joy.

The three of them might not have known what the pills were, but they knew that the pills were definitely at the genesis level.

Moreover, they werent some knockoff low-grade genesis pills! They were definitely high-grade ones, and the pills given to the Golden Fox Dao Venerable by the patriarchs of the two creeds during the ceremony weren\'t even close in quality!

The pills Huang Xiaolong gave out were precisely the Purple Lightning Sun and Moon Pills he had refined previously.

When Lei Yu saw the look of shock on their faces, he couldnt help but chuckle, “His Highness has tons of these! As long as you three brats do your best, His Highness will never treat you badly! His Highness abilities are something you can never fathom!” As if he was afraid they were still questioning Huang Xiaolongs powers, he added, “In the future, His Highness will definitely rule over the Origin Holy World!”

“Conquering the Origin Holy World!” The three of them stared at Huang Xiaolong in disbelief.

They had no idea who Huang Xiaolong was previously, but they never expected he would be someone capable of taking over the Origin World! If he really did it, he would become the world master of the Origin Holy World!

The world master they knew was an existence whose status stood above the rest!

Even though the Leiyu Creed was no pushover, they were only ranked eighteenth in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave! If they compared themselves to those in the Origin Holy World, they would be ranked near the bottom!

As such, the world master of the Origin Holy World was an invincible existence!

The looks in the eyes of the trio changed instantly.

They looked at Huang Xiaolong like they were looking at a god.

They never doubted the words of their master, and since Lei Yu could say that Huang Xiaolong would conquer the Origin Holy World in the future, they were sure he was capable of doing it!

Seeing the gazes in their eyes, Lei Yu chuckled softly.

The Origin Holy World was merely the start.

As the Son of Creation, the Huang Long World belonged to him!

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