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Chapter 3036: Stone Ancestor

His gaze lingered on Lei Yu for a moment and a frown formed on his face as he tried to recall where he had seen the beast before.

“Young Patriarch Fan Luo of the Concealing Heaven Creed has arrived!” Another announcement rang through the skies, but the welcome was much louder than when the Dragon Venerable Jian Huang had arrived.

Applause and greetings rang through the hall as everyone got to their feet.

Almost everyone stared at the entrance with a gaze of reverence, and it wasnt something that Jin Xiaoxiao could receive.

Everyone looked at her with respect because of her father, but they were truly respectful of Fan Luo from the bottom of their hearts.

A handsome young man entered the venue, and his robes were anything but ordinary.

It was as though his robes were made of starlight itself, and he wore a hair crown that resembled a nebula.

He held a jade fan in his hand, and he looked like an ordinary prince from the mortal world.

He was the young patriarch of the Concealing Heaven Creed, the second-ranked power in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave!

He was the strongest genius who had appeared in the Golden Fox Dao Heavenly Cave, and he possessed unfathomable strength.

Even though he had cultivated for less than a million years, his strength was comparable to his father, the Concealing Heaven Dao Venerable! As the patriarch of the second strongest faction in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave, the Concealing Heaven Dao Venerable was ranked in the top three in terms of strength in the region! One could only imagine how strong Fan Luo was if he was comparable to his father.

It wasnt an exaggeration to say that Fan Luo was the strongest, and most talented individual in the younger generation of the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave! His status was even higher than doyens in other creeds! The only person who commanded more respect would be the Golden Fox Dao Venerable.

As soon as Fan Luo entered the venue, he swept his gaze across Huang Xiaolong, Jin Xiaoxiao, and the Dragon Venerable Jian Huang.

With his gaze lingering a little longer on Jin Xiaoxiao, he greeted, “Princess Jin.”

A warm smile appeared on her usually cold face and a gentle voice left her lips, “Big Brother Fan Luo.”

Even though she sounded different from how she usually was, no one felt that it was strange.

After all, the two of them have known each other since they were kids.

Many people knew about Jin Xiaoxiaos affection for Fan Luo.

Smiling at her, Fan Luo entered the third private in the pavilion.

“Dao Jianchou has arrived!” The announcement caused the faces of many people to change.

It was evident that Dao Jianchou was a fearsome being.

“Dao Jianchou really came!”

As the crowd broke into commotion, a middle-aged man who sported an untidy beard sauntered through the entrance with a massive blade in hand.

His clothes were so loosely done that it revealed his chest, and everyone could see that he was comparable to a barbarian who hailed from ancient times.

The vibes he gave were completely opposite to the Dragon Venerable Jian Huang, who exuded a refined air.

No one knew where he came from, and he was a wandering expert in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave.

His combat abilities were extremely strong, and he was someone who lived to fight.

He was a massive headache for many patriarchs in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave.

“Hehe, sissy dragon, seems like you came early.” Dao Jianchou stared at the Dragon Venerable Jian Huang and roared with laughter the moment he arrived.

His voice was so jarring that many people felt their ears ringing.

Those who could remain unaffected shook their heads and laughed after they heard what he said.

They were arch enemies, and everyone knew that they hated each other.

Every time they met, Dao Jianchou would draw his weapon and challenge the sword emperor to a duel.

None of them gained the upper hand over the other, and their battles always ended in a draw.

Turning to look at the others in the pavilion, Dao Jianchous gaze stopped on Huang Xiaolong.

Raising his blade, he pointed it at Huang Xiaolong and roared, “When the auction ends, well have a good fight! One on one, like a real man!” The desire for battle burned in his eyes.

The experts sitting around started to chuckle in their hearts.

The matter in the Heaven Seizing Inn was known by all, and everyone was speculating about Huang Xiaolongs true strength and identity.

Some people felt that Huang Xiaolong was stronger than the Old Monster Flame, but there were others who said that the Old Monster Flame was only there to protect Huang Xiaolong.

No one could come to a conclusion.

However, they could be certain of one thing.

Dao Jianchou was intrigued by Huang Xiaolongs strength, and that was the reason behind his challenge.

Jin Xiaoxiao celebrated silently when she saw that Dao Jianchou had turned his blade towards Huang Xiaolong.

Of course, she remained calm on the outside as she didnt want to blemish her status as one who reveled in other peoples misfortune.

Everyone looked at Huang Xiaolong, curious as to how he would respond.

Fan Luo was also interested to see if Huang Xiaolong would accept.

Glancing at Dao Jianchou, Huang Xiaolong muttered, “If you beat my subordinate, Ill allow you to challenge me.” He pointed at the Old Monster Flame soon after.

Dao Jianchou might have been a peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable, but he had only comprehended his blade dao to the small completion stage.

He was far from being able to enter the Extermination List, and the Old Monster Flame was someone who could easily gain a rank on the list.

There was no suspense if they fought, Dao Jianchou would lose, and he would lose terribly.

With his ability to wield absolute flame at the grand completion stage, the Old Monster Flame would be ranked in the top half of the list.

However, Dao Jianchou seemed to have accepted the challenge, and he roared with laughter, “Alright, wait till the auction ends! Ill kill your subordinate before defeating you!” He invited himself into one of the private rooms after he spoke.

When Li Dongjun of the Nine Vision Creed heard the exchange, he scoffed, “Hes really daring.

Hahaha, what a joke.

He knows that hes no match for Dao Jianchou, and he immediately chose to sacrifice his subordinate.

Seems like hes a real coward!”

Yu Dong of the Devil Curse Creed sneered, “Dao Jianchou is a peak late-Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable.

Moreover, his blade dao is at the small completion stage.

Not many people can take on his blade qi without getting injured, and its nothing for the kid to avoid the challenge.

However, Dao Jianchou will definitely do as he said.

Once he kills the skinny old man behind the kid, there would no longer be an excuse.

They have to fight.”

Fan Luo revealed a disappointed expression in the third room.

He was expecting more from Huang Xiaolong, but his expectations were dashed when Huang Xiaolong turned the attention to the skinny old man behind him.

Several other experts entered the hall after Dao Jianchou, and the patriarchs of several creeds arrived.

Seeing as the auction was about to start, another announcement rang through the air.

“Lord Stone Ancestor has arrived.”

After a short moment of silence, the entire venue erupted.

An expert with a head full of silver hair made his entrance, and everyone got to their feet.

He was well built, but he had a ruddy face not befitting someone of his build.

Everyone looked at him with respect, and even members in the private rooms got to their feet.

That included Fan Luo, Jin Xiaoxiao, Dao Jianchou, and the Dragon Venerable Jian Huang.

The Stone Ancestor was the ancestor of a Race of Creation, and he was ranked ninety-ninth on the Extermination List! Even though he ranked near the last position, he was a near-invincible existence in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave!

“We greet Lord Stone Ancestor!

Many experts got to their knees, and even the patriarchs bowed.

The only people who remained seated were Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu, and he didnt bother looking at the man.

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