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Chapter 3062: Ive Finally Found You!

Cold gleams shone in the depths of Huang Xiaolongs pupils as his gaze locked onto the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor.

Ive finally found you!

From the Divine Tuo Holy World, Huang Xiaolong had traversed through the four black regions to reach the Origin Holy World, it could be said that he had gone through a lot of troubles.

The moment Huang Xiaolong, Lei Yu, and the rest of the group arrived at the underground space, the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor and Prince of Origins group looked in their direction almost at the same time in surprise.

Clearly, neither party had expected to see others finding this underground space.

They themselves had only found this place after obtaining Immortal Nine Flames treasure map.

As Huang Xiaolong had altered his physical features, the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor did not recognize him.

The main Mystical Pavilions experts and World Manors experts exchanged a tacit glance.

The World Manors Xuankong ordered his personal disciple beside him, Wang Chuan, “Kill them!”

He had three personal disciples.

The one guarding the entrance outside, Yang Ben, was his second disciple, whereas Wang Chuan, was his eldest disciple.

Xuankong knew Huang Xiaolongs group was not to be underestimated since they had enough strength and ability to reach the underground space, but he had great confidence in his eldest disciple, Wang Chuan.

Wang Chuan had inherited the essence of his teaching, and was more than a few notches stronger than his second disciple Yang Ben.

Even if Wang Chuan wasnt listed on the Extermination List, he was capable of holding his own and exchanging a few moves against experts on the list.

Being able to escape from the hands of an expert on the Extermination List was an amazing feat in itself.

After Xuankong said that, the two groups turned back and continued attacking the restrictions over the palace.

The restrictions were close to breaking point under their combined attacks.

Receiving Xuankongs order, Wang Chuan complied respectfully, and then leaped into the air and flew towards Huang Xiaolongs group as a long spear appeared in his hand.

Xuankong was the most skilled in using the spear as a weapon, and his three personal disciples were also cultivators that used spear as their weapon of choice.

Wang Chuan reached Huang Xiaolongs group in the blink of an eye, and without a word of nonsense, the spear in his hand thrust out.

Spear rays whistled across space, like a catastrophic meteor shower smashing down on Huang Xiaolongs group.

Each meteor fell with world-destroying might, and each meteor could easily smash a hole through a small-scale sacred land.

Huang Xiaolong ignored those spear rays falling down.

He and Lei Yu continued forward, and the person who parried Wang Chuans attack was Old Monster Flame.

From the moment Wang Chuan launched his attack, Old Monster Flame took a step forward, and arrived in front of Wang Chuan almost instantaneously.

His palm struck forward without any momentum, but the power of absolute blaze condensed into two fiery beams of light that shot at Wang Chuan.

Looking at the two beams of light shooting out from Old Monster Flames palms, Wang Chuan, who was full of a murderous aura, was startled.

Just as Wang Chuan thought of retreating, it was already too late.

The two beams of light pierced through his chest as expected.

Wang Chuans body smashed into the midst of World Manors experts in the distance, with blood gurgling from his mouth.

The armor on him had been incinerated, exposing two glaring and burning red palm prints on his chest.

Moments after Xuankong, Prince of Origin, and others turned their backs towards Huang Xiaolong to continue breaking the restrictions, all of them once again turned around in shock, especially after seeing Wang Chuans condition.

All eyes zoomed towards Old Monster Flame, including the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestors.

“Peak major completion absolute blaze power!”

Frosty light burst out from Xuankongs eyes.

This thin, crimson-haired old man is actually an Extermination List expert!

With the old mans peak major completion absolute blaze power, this level of strength was more than enough to enter into the top fifty.

But Xuankong was doubtful because there was no such thin, crimson-haired old man on the Extermination List.

So where did this thin, old man crawl out from

Xuankong wasnt the only one.

The Prince of Origin Xiao Yuncheng, Devil Essence Holy Dragon, and the others were just as curious about Old Monster Flames identity.

Old Monster Flame retreated behind Huang Xiaolong and stood in a respectful manner after sending Wang Chuan flying with one strike.

Seeing this, the gazes once again fell onto Huang Xiaolong, with obvious astonishment in their eyes.

“Who might you be” the Prince of Origin Xiao Yuncheng questioned.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the fire crystal palace on top of the volcano and stated matter-of-factly, “Ill take Immortal Nine Flames cultivation cave and treasury!”

Whether it was the Prince of Origin, or Xuankong, or the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor, and everyone elses faces sank.

A burly middle-aged man holding a great blade in his hand, standing beside Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor, sneered, “What a big tone youve got.

Do you think youre the owner of the Immortal Nine Flames”

Huang Xiaolong took a quick glance at that person and knew that he was the Mystical Pavilions Three Blades Yang.

Three Blades Yang, an expert ranked forty-sixth on the Extermination List.

There were many legends about this Three Blades Yang, the most prominent one was that Three Blades Yang never made more than three slashes with his blade because no one survived more than three slashes from him.

That was also the origin of his title.

“Your Highness, that is the Lei Yu Creeds patriarch.” Suddenly, a World Manors experts pointed out Chen Ming to the Prince of Origin, Xiao Yuncheng.

“Lei Yu Creed” The name did not ring any bell in Xiao Yuncheng or Xuankongs memories.

Like Xue Yong, neither of them had any impression of Lei Yu Creed.

The same World Manors expert explained, “Its a small creed in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave, ranked eighteenth.”

Xiao Yuncheng, Xuankong, Three Blades Yang, and the others were slightly dumbfounded by the information.

A creed ranked eighteenth in the Golden Fox Heavenly Cave Suddenly, a thought flashed in Xuankongs head as he remembered some things from the past.

His face tightened as his gaze fell on Lei Yu, but he frowned suspiciously in the next second.

“Senior Xuankong, whats the matter” Xiao Yuncheng asked when he noticed Xuankongs expression.

Xuankong shook his head and said, “Its nothing, maybe Im mistaken.”

How could the three-headed beast in front of him be that cruel ferocious beast

So, Xiao Yuncheng turned his attention back to Huang Xiaolong and said, “I dont care who you are.

I advise you to withdraw from this place right now.

If you do that, I can ensure that you and your subordinates will leave safely.”

The Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor and Three Blades Yang were frowning slightly at Xiao Yunchengs promise, but neither objected.

They acquiesced to let Huang Xiaolongs group leave.

Even though there were people amongst them who were stronger than that thin, crimson-haired old man, defeating the old man wasnt easy, and capturing him would be difficult.

Not to mention, the energy fluctuations from battle would draw even more people over, and that meant more troubles.

“However, before you leave, you must swear not to leak a word about this place,” Xiao Yuncheng added a condition.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt angered by Xiao Yunchengs words at all, and he merely smiled.

It seemed like Xiao Yuncheng didnt hear what he had said.

Lei Yu looked at Xiao Yuncheng and flashed his white fangs at Xiao Yuncheng, “Brat, it seems you didnt hear what His Highness said just now.

His Highness will be taking this Immortal Nine Flames cultivation cave!”

“You might make it if you leave now.” Lei Yus fangs sparkled as he went on, “Or it would be too late if His Highness changes his mind.”

Then, his gaze fell on Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor, “All of you can leave except for Devil Essence Holy Dragon old man.

He has to stay.”

Xiao Yuncheng, Xuankong, Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor, Three Blades Yang, Purple Giant, Special Envoy Hailan, and the rest of the present experts were all flabbergasted.

Xiao Yuncheng looked strangely at Lei Yu, and Xuankong had an astonished expression on his face again.

In the past, before he had got his name on the Extermination List, that ferocious person was already ranked on the Extermination List.

He had once seen that person from far, far away, but this manner of speaking was simply too similar!

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