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Chapter 3063: Senior Xuankong, You Recognize that Three-Headed Beast

While Xuankong stared fixedly at Lei Yu, trying to determine his identity, the Mystical Pavilions Three Blades Yang stepped forward, one foot in front of another, at a slow pace, as he strode towards Huang Xiaolongs group.

With each step, the blade qi surging from Three Blades Yangs body increased a notch, and soon it filled every corner of the underground space.

Three Blades Yangs blade qi was ten thousand times stronger than Xue Yong, who was left to guard the entrance!

The two people were entirely on different levels.

Xue Yongs blade qi gave the impression of being sharp as if, in a single thought, his blade qi could cut the enemy into countless pieces.

On the other hand, Three Blades Yangs blade qi was essentially different.

Despite the entire underground space being filled with his blade qi, one could not feel any sharpness or lethality.

In fact, one almost could not feel the existence of his blade qi!

This was the terrifying point!

Three Blades Yangs blade qi had completely integrated with the underground space, becoming one entity, it was as if his blade qi was air in this underground space, invisible and formless, and most of the time, ignored.

Yet his blade qi entered another persons body quietly like the air, and reached their dao soul directly!

Xue Yongs blade dao had merely reached minor completion.

Whereas, Three Blades Yangs blade dao had entered perfection.

Then again, that wasnt all there was to Three Blades Yangs blade dao.

“Make your move.Im giving you all a chance to attack before I unsheathe my blade!” Three Blades Yang looked at Huang Xiaolong, Lei Yu, and O,d Monster Flame with a deadpan face.

“Once I unsheathe my blade, you wont have a chance to make a move!”

Even though Old Monster Flames absolute blaze power had reached the peak of major completion, Three Blades Yang had full confidence to defeat Old Monster Flame.

Lei Yu looked at Three Blades Yang without any expression, and then seriously erupted in laughter, “Brat, youd better draw your blade because Im afraid when an old man like me makes a move, you wouldnt even have the chance to draw your sword!”

The Origin World Manors experts and Mystical Pavilions experts were stunned.

Three Blades Yang let out a hearty laughter, “Fine, as you wish old man.

Open your eyes and look carefully!”

The instant he stopped speaking, the blade in his hands had already been unsheathed!

Almost no one saw how Three Blades Yang unsheathed his blade, but the moment his blade was unsheathed, the world lit up for a second because of the blades metallic glint.

All other lights in the underground space were eclipsed, and the unassuming blade qi that had integrated with the underground space roared to life the instant the blade left its sheath!

Yes, the blade qi came to life.

Looking at Three Blades Yangs blade qi rays as his blade left the sheath gave everyone the illusion that their heads had fallen to the ground, and their dao souls and inextinguishable dao heart had been split into pieces by these blade qi.

Fast, extremely fast, in the split second that everyone was caught in the sense of illusion, the Three Blades Yangs blade slash had arrived at Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yus throat, less than an arms length away!

Three Blades Yang intended to behead Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu at the same time.

In his opinion, Old Monster Flame and the others took Huang Xiaolong as the master, so if Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yu were both killed, Old Monster Flame and the rest could only withdraw from the underground space.

He was very confident in his blade.

He believed that Old Monster Flame and the others could probably dodge or block this attack, but they definitely wouldnt be able to rescue Huang Xiaolong or Lei Yu.

But when his blade was about to slash through Huang Xiaolong and Lei Yus throat, Lei Yu raised his front leg, and sharp lights flickered from his claws, stopping Three Blades Yangs blade half a meter away from them.

All rays of blade qi dissipated.

Time seemed to stand still.

All eyes stared dumbly at the Three Blades Yangs blade that was stopped in midair.

Three Blades Yang was just dumbfounded, and his eyes widened in disbelief as he looked at Lei Yu.

The moment Lei Yu blocked Three Blades Yangs blade, Xuankongs face stiffened, and he trembled, “Its, its him.

Its definitely him!”

Xiao Yuncheng was taken aback by Xuankongs abnormal reaction.

Thus, he asked, “Senior Xuankong, you, are you alright”

Xuankong came to his senses, and noticing everyone was looking strangely at him, he understood that he had gaffed.

He took a deep breath and answered, “Im fine.”

“Senior Xuankong, you recognize that three-headed beast” Xiao Yuncheng asked.

Xuankong was about to speak when waves of energy fluctuated as Lei Yus lethal claws and pushed forward, knocking Three Blades Yang staggering back repeatedly.

He failed to steady himself the moment his feet landed, and there were deep and chaotic footprints on the ground.

Everyone on the opposite side was stupefied and astounded.

This time, even the Devil Essence Holy Dragon Old Ancestor, Purple Giant, and Special Envoy Hailan looked solemn.

Although Three Blades Yang had not used his full force in that attack, someone that could block Three Blades Yangs attack and force him back, was certainly as stronger as Three Blades Yang, if not stronger.

“Who are you!” The Devil Essence Holy Dragon Ancestor scrutinized Lei Yu in a new light.

Lei Yu ignored him and said to Three Blades Yang, “You have two more blade strikes.”

Three Blades Yangs eyes narrowed.

He suppressed his rioting blowflow and his blade qi boiled.

Thats right! There was an impression that his blade qi was boiling, just like his desire for battle in his eyes.

Then, Three Blades Yang made his move.

No one saw how Three Blades Yang slashed out with his blade this time as well, and his speed was faster than before.

Three Blades Yang had completely disappeared from sight, as if he had turned into one of his blade qi.

At the bursting point of this blade slash, a small dot of a golden light appeared.

Golden dot of light!

This golden dot seemingly could pierce through anything and everything, giving others an impression that it was the hardest weapon.

Absolute metal power!

And it was the peak major completion absolute metal power!

Peak major completion absolute metal power coupled with perfection blade dao gave Three Blades Yangs second blade attack a world-splitting momentum, and it was unstoppable.

But, Three Blades Yangs second slash was similarly stopped half a meter from the target by Lei Yu!

Rays gleamed the moment Lei Yus claws unfurled, and it was so pure that it could drive away all darkness and frigid coldness.

“Absolute power of light!” A Mystical Pavilions expert exclaimed.

While the others were still in shock, the blade in Three Blades Yangs hand swerved with a turn of his wrist, circled around Lei Yus paw and went straight to Lei Yus throat, faster and stronger than the first slash!

Glaring golden rays burst out from his blade as if his blade was forged of golden liquid, as his peak major completion absolute metal was spurred to the limit.

In less than half a meter distance, with Three Blades Yangs blade speed, even if Lei Yu wanted to stop it, it was already too late.

But just as Three Blades Yangs blade was close to slashing Lei Yus throat, crackling lightning power spewed from Lei Yus body, robustly and endlessly.

Purple lightning formed a sea of lightning in an instant, submerging Three Blades Yangs blade and Three Blades Yang himself!

Thick bolts of lightning whipped on Three Blades Yang, reeling him into the air, and smashed to the ground.

There were burnt marks on various parts of him, and tiny streaks of lightning were crackling all over.

“Perfection level absolute lightning power!” Three Blades Yang looked fearfully at Lei Yu, and he coughed up golden blood the moment he spoke.

The World Manor and Mystical Pavilions experts heads buzzed.

Perfection absolute lightning power and major completion absolute lightning power, this strength could be one of the supreme existences on the Extermination Lists top twenty!

Yet such a supreme existence was actually a mount for someone!

Ridden by Huang Xiaolong!

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